10 Explanations Why TikTok Is Good

People usually paint TikTok within a bad light; however, overlooking the positive aspects and it’s really unique in some ways. If you look for the great free apps on iOS or Android, you’ll find TikTok listed in the top 5. The platform is reaching new heights every day. If you are not aware about TikTok, it’s the social media platform wherein people are making different types of short-forms of videos, mainly for entertainment reasons.

The fame of TikTok is a proof that it’s doing something right. Here are some of the different causes that make TikTok famous, so good and in a really fantastic platform

1. A Unique Algorithm Takes Forth A Relevant Video


TikTok has this unique algorithm which is unlike from their counterparts. The app is using a machine learning to illustrate to you a modified feed called as For You that’s different for each user. TikTok had the user-centric style and concentrate on what you love and dislike. After viewing these factors, TikTok suggests relevant videos that had been normally pretty on point.

Example, when you watch an educational video about health, you’ll find similar videos flashing on your feed. Its likeness will not be in a category level only—video content will be the same also. Based on a research about the TikTok application of Jiang Xiao Yu, “The channel distribution and content production depends on the large data mining technology, the suggested algorithm of (AI) or artificial intelligence that pushed precise data and give customized services to a user.”

2. Content By Familiar Folk for the Familiar Folk

One more thing that is setting TikTok apart from the other applications is that a common citizen makes most of its content and then watched it. And the amateur content makers become celebrities eventually because of their fame among the familiar folk. The platform is reign the internet because of this relatable feature. There are lots of samples where normal people became the internet sensations eventually because of the features of their videos, and not because of the previous fan following.

Like Khabane Lame who’s an ordinary individual with a usual background. He has a huge number of followers on TikTok from around the world. It’s because he handles to attract ordinary individual to his plain Mr. Bean-like comic content that have that universal appeal into it.

3. User-friendly

There’s no doubt about TikTok is a user-friendly. The border used by this app is exceptionally easy. It has the eye-catchy theme, and it features some simple components like inbox, home, feed, search, and personal profile. TikTok does not have much components or features that may not be needed or make this app tricky to use. It maintains simple things that even the young one can navigate it.

4. Follow the Hottest Trends

TikTok community is really a trendsetter. If a TikTok video went viral, video makers from over the internet will follow the concept. TikTokers uses this platform to make unique challenges, such as dance challenges that usually become the worldwide trends. People are taking inspiration from their most favorite TikTokers and began dressing and behaving the same with them. So, TikTok influences individual everywhere and it plays an important role in setting-up the newest trends.

5. Feeling of Being a Part of the Community

When using TikTok, you will feel like you are a part of the community whether you have your own followers or you’re following a TikToker. It’s because a platform promotes contacts among people, helping to make a bond—a society. The bond is further fortified when TikTok influencers make the physical events wherein people are gathering and interacting. In this manner, TikTok helps make a big happy kin that you can be a part of it and enjoy.

In year 2020, many personalities joined this community and it is because they felt that they need to act together with their fans during those COVID times.

6. Offers Lots of Tools for Creativeness

TikTok is the all-in-one policy where you may find videos connected to almost anything. The app will give you many ideas to let your creativity to flow. When you’re a dance fanatic, you may find huge sets of dance videos over the platform. Whatever you are fan of doing you will see tons of content connected to your TikTok interests. The videos representing life hacks are gaining much popularity also on the platform many of the hacks really work and make them effective for the audience.

7. One of the Great Sources for Funny Contents and Memes

Everybody loves some comedy and good humor now and again. And that is the specialty of TikTok since it has the best funny memes and videos. People with artistic minds are making unique content over TikTok that is for sure to make you enjoy. Many people seemed to use TikTok right after a tiring, busy and long day to refresh and rejuvenate their minds and bodies and to have their everyday dose of humor.

8. It Has Content for Every Age Groups

The contents on TikTok have a global appeal to it. Also, the platform show-off much relatable contents that cater with almost any age brackets. There are children that are making videos over TikTok for their fellows of the same age. Similarly, adults may also find so many contents connected to their interests.

Base on Wallaroomedia, “About 80 million is the monthly active users of TikTok in the US. 40% are male, 60% are female. 60% from these users are from ages 16-24, while 80% are from ages 16-34.”

9. Learn About New Cultures and Places

TikTok have tons of contents to discover about new cultures and places. It is because people now from around the world have connected with TikTok, and you will get to be aware of them and the culture they have with their food, language, lifestyle, and more.

10. A Platform to Show Talent and Catch the Masses

TikTok provides a brilliant platform to showcase one’s talent. When you have an exceptional talent and you want the entire world to witness it, you can simply make a TikTok account and start posting the videos.

TikTok gives you the tools you will need to make solid content that will highlight your talents. This will present you also with the chance to reach a global mass audience. And so, sky’s the limit here.

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