Who are the best male swimmers in the history

Who are the best male swimmers in the history?

Swimming is considered a sport not for rich people but the enthusiasm it creates among sports fans are really astonishing. In swimming, a swimmer will not earn that much dollars like some other sports but when the moment of Olympic came, millions of people were energized about the results of swimming. Swimming gives more gold medals to tender in Olympic series. Now, below is the lists of great male swimmers of all time from the researchers of sports.

Pieter van den Hoogenband

2000, Netherlands

He was a Dutch previous swimmer and an Olympic champion for triple time. After succeeding in 6 gold medals in the 1999 European competition, he became the desired Summer Olympians in year 2000, but his challenger was dreadful. In 200m and 100m freestyle he set the world record in semi-finals and succeeded in his gold medal, and the 100m record stayed until March 21, 2008 and he also gained two more bronze medals, both in 4×200m freestyle relay and 50m freestyle and in which he became the final swimmers. In year 1999 – 2000 and 2004 he became the sportsman of the year, in 2000 the World Swimmer of the Year and in 1999-2000, 2002 and 2004, he was then the European Swimmer of the Year.

Pieter van den Hoogenband best male swimmers

Ian Thorpe

2001-2002, Australia

He was an Australian swimmer who focuses on freestyle, but also battles in individual medley and backstroke. He has won the most medals of an Australian of 5 Olympic gold medal and with 2 silver medals and 3 gold medals. In 2000, he was considered as the most victorious athlete while in 2001, he was the initial person to win 6 gold medals in the World Aquatics competition. To sum it up, he won a total of 11 gold medals in the World Championship. He was the primary swimmer who had been called as the four times Swimming World Swimmer of the Year, and from 1999 to 2003 he was the Australian Swimmer of the Year. His sports achievements completed him one of Australia’s top famous athletes, and he was identified in 2000 as the Young Australian of the Year.

Ian Thorpe best male swimmers

Michael Phelps

2003-2004, 2006-2009, and 2012, United States

He was an American battle swimmer and the most decked out Olympian of all time, with a sum of 22 medals. Phelps takes the all-time reports for Olympic gold medals in personal events, and Olympic medals in one person events for men. In captivating 8 gold medals in Beijing Games in 2008, Phelps take home the record for the first-place stop at one single Olympic Games. In year 2012 in London Summer Olympics, Phelps took 4 gold medals and 2 silver medals, making him the main victorious participant of the Games.

Michael Phelps best male swimmers

Grant Hackett

2005, Australia

He was the most famous Australian swimmer for taking the men’s 1500 meters freestyle competition in Athens in 2004 Summer Olympics and in year 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney. His success has headed him to be considered as one of the utmost reserve swimmers in the record. In Sydney, he also gained a gold medal for swimming in the warmth of 4×200m freestyle pass on. He is well observed for his flexibility, and has held the elongated course world history in 200m, 1500m, and 800m battery. He has conquered the 1500m affair for a decade, being unbeatable in the event in competition from 1996 to 2007 World Aquatics competition. To sum it all, he has won 10 elongated course world challenge gold medals. He was the captain f the swimming team in Australia from the moment the role was set up again in 2005 until his giving up in swimming in 2008.

Grant Hackett best male swimmers

Ryan Lochte

2010-2011, United States

He was an American aggressive swimmer and the 11-time Olympic awardees who won 5 gold, 3 bronze and 3 silver medals. His 7 personal Olympic medals positioned near the top in men’s division. As part of the US team, he takes the world report in the 4×200-meter battery relay in long course. Personally, he presently takes the world history in the 100m and 200m personal medley of short and long courses and the 400m individual medley in short course.

Ryan Lochte best male swimmer

Sun Yang

2013, China

He is a Chinese Olympic and the record-holding distance swimmer in the world. In 2008 Olympics he swam for China while in 2010 Asian Games, he succeeded in 1500m freestyle for the men’s division in an Asian Record. This swim record and his 2 other medals in the Games were quote in the 2010 CCTV Sports Awards in his being called the Rookie of the Year. In 2011 World competition, he smash out the world history in the 1500m freestyle and the greatest held world history in swimming at the moment it was cracked out and he was the only men’s swimming history to not have been packed down during the techsuit time. He succeeded in 1500m and 400m freestyle in the 2012 Summer Olympics, thus, becoming the primary Chinese man ever to succeed in swimming Olympic gold medal. He was also the other male swimmers to succeed in 2 individual titles in 2012 together with Michael Phelps.

Sun Yang best male swimmer

Kosuke Hagino

2014 Japan

He was a Japanese swimmer who focuses in 200 freestyles and the personal medley. He had the finest time in 400m personal medley heats in the 2012 Summer Olympics having a time of 4:10.01, an Asian history. He goes on to gain bronze medal in the closing part, placing 3rd after Ryan Lochte, the gold medalist of US and Brazil Thiago Pereira silver medalist. In 2013 World competition, he placed 2nd in the 400m freestyle having a time of 3.44.82.

Kosuke Hagino best male swimmers

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