What are the 10 most costly flowers in the world

What are the 10 most costly flowers in the world?

Flowers are considered the most ideal gifts for any special occasions just like Mother’s Day, weddings, and during Valentine’s Day. There is a phrase that says “say it with a flower” and flowers became popular because of this reason.

The rose is the most common flower being used when there are special gatherings because a rose is a kind of flowering shrub that grows in different colors and it is believed that every rose was initially wild. There are about a hundred diverse species of roses. Most of the garden roses are cultivar that is why it is selected by many people. Roses are widely applied from across the world as a symbol of love, sorrow and sympathy. The rose is also used as a name for a girl.

There are flowers that are just so easy and beautiful on the purse. But with this article, we are going to be introduced to the most expensive and the rarest flowers from around the world.


$10 – $35/bundle

Eustoma, commonly known as a lisianthus or the prairie gentian is a type of small genus in a gentian family. These are native from warmer regions of Mexico, Caribbean, southern United States, and the northern South America. This type of genus is normally located in areas of bothered ground and in the grasslands. It blooms yearly and grows to around five centimeters. It has ruffle, delicate wide petals and can be observed in a variety of hues from lavender, white, blue violet, and in pale purple. This flower is so expensive since it survives only for some week right after it is being cut from their stem.

Lily of the Valley

$15 – $50/bundle

This flower is a sweetly perfumed highly toxic woodland flower whose other names are May bells, Mary’s tears and Our Lady’s tears. The flower sometimes appears in perfume names imitating the scent of the flower. The flower sweet poisonous scent has a delicate and dainty appearance. The flower normally grows during late spring and stays only for weeks. The harvesters that pick this flower needs to take lots of care to lengthen the lifespan of it.

Lily of the Valley



Hydrangea has a common name of Hortensia or hydrangea and a kind of flowering plants that is native to eastern and southern Asia and America. Most were shrubs of 1 to 3 meters in tall, but there are some that are small trees, while the other lianas reached of up to 30 meters by climbing the trees. These can either be evergreen or deciduous, although the commonly cultivated temperate species were all deciduous. These are mostly white color, but there were also violet, pink, light purple, and blue. These flowers easily wilt therefore this must be bought as close possible to the date of the event. These flowers were widely applied on numerous occasions, particularly weddings. It takes enough of hard work to harvest and cultivate these adorable flowers.



$6 – $10/flower

Gloriosa is from the plant family of Colchicaceae which also include the previously known kind as Littonia. They were a native from southern and tropical Africa to Asia, and were naturalized in Australia and also in the Pacific. The English names of this plant that are common to us are flame lily, gloriosa lily, fire lily, glory lily, climbing lily, superb lily, and the creeping lily. These flowers are tender, rooted deciduous perennials, tuberous modified to the summer rainfall with the dormant dry weather. All of the parts of this plant contained colchicine and were related to alkaloids which are therefore severely toxic if accidentally ingested. If accidentally contracted with the leaves and stems will cause you skin irritation, but there are a different preparations of this plant that apply in the usual medicines for different complaints in equally India and Africa. This plant is also expensive as it is so unique and a very rare kind of flower.

Tulip Bulb

$5,700 (during the 17th century)

This is the most common and the simplest tulip that enjoyed a bubble during the 17th century in Holland, during its’ selling price for astronomical value. The Dutch appreciated its deep, lush colors and shape that were dazzling more than any other flowers. The flower price zoomed of up to ($5,700) or 10,000 guilders and the tulip have remained wanted after the status symbol ever since then. It is known as a Viceroy that was displayed during the 1637 Dutch catalog. Its bulb was then offered for sale, but depending on the size. The skilled craft workers were earning about 300 guilders per year.

Tulip Bulb

Saffron Crocus

$1,200 – $1,500/pound

Saffron is a spice taken from a flower of the Crocus sativus that is commonly called as “saffron crocus”. The vivid crimson styles and stigmas, named as threads, were dried and collected to be mainly and popularly used for seasoning and food coloring in many cuisines. Saffron was initially cultured in Greece and among the world’s most expensive spices. It gradually propagated throughout Eurasia and was then brought to some parts of North America, Oceania, and North Africa. The flower has a purple color that has a yellow stamen. The preparation of spice from Saffron is so difficult since you will be 80,000 flowers just to extract only 500 grams of its spice. But, the hard work pays it off since the spices are in great demand. Saffron contains crocin that imparts the golden-yellow, rich hue to the textiles and dishes.

Saffron Crocus

Gold of Kinabalu Orchid


The flower is also known as Rothschild’s slipper orchid that has a huge sized lucid-leafed species of the orchid. It blossoms with the tall inflorescence that is up to six big flowers. The flower is so unique because it holds its petals horizontally, providing the flower with its very unique appearance. The highest flowering period point of this flower is from April up to May. The flower is exceptionally expensive due to its rarity and beauty. It has green petals that are lovely embellished of red dots, and the flower only grown in the National Park of Malaysia’s Kinabalu. It is hard to nurture this flower because it takes so many years for it to appear. The expensiveness and rarity of this flower have earned the name of “Gold of Kinabalu”.

Gold of Kinabalu Orchid

Shenzhen Nongke Orchid


This kind of orchid is a kind of man-made flower with its name that is after a crowd of researchers that originally cultivated it. The researchers took around eight years just to breed this kind of flower. The high price of it is for the rarity, background, beauty, and the difficulty of cultivating it. The orchid takes five years before it bloom which also has a delicate flavor.

Shenzhen Nongke Orchid

Juliet Rose

$15.8 million

The large-headed blossoms of this flower add volume, softness and texture to a wedding day floral preparations. If you are thinking of romantic pastel hues, the diversity of neutrals, wine tones and deeper jewel, you may integrate Juliet roses to your wedding arrangement since these flowers is also available in different colors. The creator of this flower, Mr. David Austin took him 15 years to grow this adorable flower. He displayed it in 2006 at the Chelsea Flower Show so that the world can see it and this rose is worth around £3 million or around $15.8 million.

Sharifa Asma (Ausreef)

Kadupul Flower


The flower is called as the Dutchman’s pipe cactus or named as the queen of the night, but in Sri Lanka it is called as Kadupul Flower. It is a kind of cactus and also one of the most cultured species in its species. The flower also blooms only in the evening and very rarely and the flowers wilt just before dawn. Although it is referred as the night blooming cereus, but it is not related to any of the type of tribe Cereeae, like the Selenicereus, or the commonly known flowers as the night blooming cereus which are all terrestrial plants. This flower is so priceless since it is so rare and should not be harvested. Kadupul is actually a cactus and it emanates the lovely, soothing scent of it. Kadupul will stay alive for about a couple of hours after being picked, but, that is why it is not really possible to vend this very unique and exotic flower.

Kadupul Flower

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