card holders



This vehicle parking pass holder is made from the rigid clear vinyl, which is also created to endure the cold and the heat of the weather.



This is a vertical standard size solo card ID badge holder. It is made of clear acetate with a slot attachment. These heavy-duty materials of acetate holders are styled to display the parking pass or ID cards from the rear view mirror.




2. JAM PLASTICS VEHICLE ID NAME HOLDER – this is a horizontal ID badge holder that is so perfect in displaying

ID cards or the parking pass from a rear view mirror and so it will always be handy. This added tough clear vinyl is the special formulation that is created to last in the sun’s heat. The credit card sizes of ID badge holders with a temperature resistant, tough vinyl that is made to last.





This locking card case can protect expensive proximity cards and ID badges with the finest quality of locking card cases.

1. PERMA-LOCK LOCKING NAME HOLDER – this holder is in a vertical orientation with vertical Perma-lock case.

2. PERMA-LOCK LOCKING NAME HOLDER – this holder is in a horizontal orientation with horizontal Perma-lock case.

– These two kinds of locking badge holder had the rigid front and the back which snaps together enduringly. The only means of removing the card is by breaking the holder, and so tampering is evident. It is made from crystal clear being molded of polystyrene material and can be worn on with any lanyards or strap clips.


– The coil holder is an expandable and flexible wrist coil ID holder that will keep the access card, photo ID badge, or the key handy secured to your wrist.

1. WRIST COIL NAME HOLDER – it has a split key ring

2. WRIST COIL NAME HOLDER – it has vinyl strap clips

– These two kinds of wrist coils have vinyl strap clip-end fittings that are both available in royal blue, red, black, clear and green colors.

3. COIL-A-CARD AND WRIST COIL NAME HOLDER – it has a split key ring with standard PVC coil that extends up to 4 feet and available only in black and royal blue colors. It comes with the plastic swivel lead hook at an end and the split key ring at the other end. Great to use in restaurant micros or in casino slot cards.

– These three kinds of wrist coil name holder permit the user to keep an access control or ID cards at your fingertips. It is so perfect for those that needed instant access to the key rings since they are using card readers frequently. The coil designs are comfortable to wear on the wrist and will keep the keys in your fingertips.


1. LEATHER ID NAME POUCH WITH A BREAKAWAY LANYARD – this ID badge pouch displays your identification throughout the clear window on the front side. It can carry added access cards, currency, loose change, business cards, or keys in the gusseted back pocket pouches with the snap closures. It has a safety breakaway lanyard that is ideal for military, government, airport and security employees.

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