Valentines gifts for kids 2019

When it is Valentine gifts for your not so little ones that we are talking about, the parents’ ideas can often leave them stumped. Good thing now that we are in the world of computers where everything will be given to you in detailed in just one click.

You can surprise them with the kitschy items, where the whole family will be able to participate. There are cozy items and there is an abundance of items to choose from, which will perfectly fit for this coming Valentine’s Day celebration. These varieties of items will make them feel that they are truly the prince or princess of your lives. Whether your kids are the sentimental type or the so-friendly one that loves to share everything with their playmates, you can find bountiful of choices for your Valentine’s gifts for your kids, and to name some of them, here are:


For your little angel with vivid thoughts, you may want to give her a gorgeous cape and a crown set to fit for a princess or a mini queen. The exterior of the cape has sequined layers of blue, white, and pink, with the sparkly pink ribbon that will tie it shut. This can be a peacock inspired designs with bedazzled fabric and tiara mixes fringe and glittery cherry above. Now, this is really a gift that she would want to wear and crown wherever she go from now on.



If your princess hates wearing her ponytail because it ties her hair that much, this sparkling bow headband accessory will be a good alternative. This thin headband will not either pull or pinch her hair and will just maintain those pretty strands away from her face. This bow headband will jazz up with her school uniform and will also look adorable with her party dresses. This felt-lined band will not slide or slip out, no matter if she runs or jog when she is out there.



These slippers can be made of discarded and recycled materials and it is a delightful bunny slippers that will not only keep the kids’ feet warm, but will also certainly charm everyone that is around it. This sweet slipper is an ideal gift for your angel and for each pair is made by hands with much care, then, you are so sure that the design is a unique one and may vary only in colors and slight difference in appearance.



For centuries now, girls must have dolls to have someone to play with when the playmates are not around, and so this makes the playing dolls fun! But, building your own dollhouse will be taken to an entire new level. These dollhouse kits for kids ages five and above comes with every supply that you need with the clear and step-by-step manual instructions in building this paperboard dollhouse. You can select from the varieties of structures, such as a Victorian, a fanciful English cottage and a contemporary apartment complex. They can be deconstructed to stored flat under the bed if you want to maintain the bedroom clutter-free. If you want to complete the fun and give your kid that blast of joyfulness, you can add the paper dolls with the pets too, but, your cash out will be doubled since these dolls and pets are being sold separately.



When you bought them their pencils, a fuzzy pencil case is the best partner to pair with all those pencils. This pencil case can be cleaned with water and a mild soap only and it is available in colors of turquoise, bold purple and citrus yellow. You can also make your gift sweeter than sweet when you filled it with her favorite sweets. After she finished them all, she can now fill it pencils and enjoy using her soft zippered pencil case.



With these sets of colorful pencils, they will be colorfully reminded of your care and love for them while they are scribbling in their notes, book reports, or designing a project. This Valentine present is bound to draw out a bit while they are performing their most complicated long types of school paper works. This set includes each one with an embossed lettering of either dark red or silver tone.


When you still have that memory of your child about school opening where you are too excited to show and share to your classmates, your new sets of school supplies, then this gift is not only for your angel but for you as well. You can choose to give your kid a very cool pencil case with the some pieces of pencils and a scented eraser. This eraser is the one that will bring this gift a different appeal. We should admit that everything that is scented is not only eye-catching but its aroma is the one that will truly catch his attention! There are assorted scents to choose from that will make your angel grab the eraser and these are the scent of mango, orange, lychee and peach. These scents are made to last the whole school, however, sharing will not make this possible, so be ready to buy some little extras.



These building blocks are different from the wide array of his previously owned blocks.  These sets of building blocks are the light-up version that will bring a totally new playtime dimension. These are interlocking construction blocks that lights up when being placed on a USB-or in the battery-powered base, for that block to make structures that are also glowing in the dark. It has four modes: the always on, flashing, fading and the 15-minute automatic off and it only enhances the options. Most of all, these blocks are made compatible with the other building blocks with similar sizes so that it may be able to mix and match.



Send away the boredom this Valentines’ Day with this extra special gift that is exclusively made for a very adorable kid. This is a customized memory game that features 24 cardboard tiles in one set and it comes neatly packaged inside a square box. The game may compose 12 personalized pictures of your child, or collection of her favorite things or places. To make all of these, just simply drag and then drop the selection of pictures from your computer files of photos, then choose either glossy or matte as your finish choice.



This is a set of three and a kid-friendly nail polish that is offered in an array of pretty colors such as one very exclusive purple glitter shade. Since these are non-toxic polish and are US made, you may be able to paint these on your pinky fingernails and does not need to bother if one certainly makes its way to her mouth. Every bottle has a half – ounce of minimal-odor polish which dries to the durable, glossy finishes—although you may desire to add the top coat to make sure of longevity throughout the busy week of the school. Use the brand that is non-acetone remover when cleaning off the polish while also soothing cuticles with vitamin E and aloe Vera.



For those teens discovering their love for podcasts and music, one good set of unique headphones will truly be a nice Valentines gift. The adjustable headphones are also available in different colors of red, blue, yellow, black, white, green, and orange and it features padded ears that will give extra comfort and better sound for your darling. It also comes with two mini cans of spray paint for own customization style. This headphone also contains adhesive stickers, that will best fit those kids that are between the ages of eight (8) and up. This is also compatible with any kind of device that has the headphone jack standard size of 3.5 mm.



Nowadays, the expressing of one’s feelings will be seen through emojis like emoji of smile, love, shock and a lot more. Because of these emojis, the modern twists of emoji stickers have been invented to go through the fashion and the modernization of time and to get over from the craft supply and classic arts. This Valentine, there are about 300 emoji stickers where the theme goes with the season. It is no doubt that she will be passionately excited and in love with these designs and will grab it immediately to cut it out and hand it over to her classmates. She can write a little note at the back and for sure, these will be full of fun and excitement. She will also be excited to use it over her folders, notebooks, books, binders and in the surface of their study table! Wow! This is something that you have to work on with them… good luck



If the teens seem to own so many devices, there are adorable charger that serves as a really practical Valentine’s Day presents for them. It has a compatible plug for wall outlet, has a larger USB plug for the computer, and charging block that will be able to send power to metal connectors. The one is made for the gadgets that support the lightning cables and the other one are made for devices that have micro USB ports. With this charging cable, they will be able to enjoy your next trip without being anxious about losing power.



When this dark night still allots your little one a fright, give him a Valentine present that will help him tame his fears and, this will also a bonus for you, because those midnight awakening calls will be stopped! There are so many adorable night light plugs up to the standard outlets that are available now and can make that soft glow in the room of your little one. The bonus point is that you can also bring it with you when your family had that overnight trip.



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