Top 14 Best Gifts This Valentine For Your Lady

Top 14 Best Gifts This Valentine 2019 For Your Lady

When you are not the basic guy, then, it only means that whenever February 14 is nearly rolling around the corner, you turn yourself into an ultimate gift-giver. You can choose from these affordable and thoughtful selections, and then pour yourself later one nice glass of wine or whiskey because you are about to pin one romantic thing here! These picks are provided earlier so that you will have enough time to choose for that perfect gift for your loved one, and you will not be in that last-minute gift shopping and will get disappointed with your wrong choice. You don’t have to get stressed when choosing and deciding because you need to impress her, by giving her one of these gifts, you are showing to her that you remember her every time, and remember that whichever you pick will be loved by her because it is still the thought that counts!

Since it is 14th of February, here are the 14 possible gifts for this Valentines season and be ready to feel the love in the air when you handed it to her during your Valentine date!

Box of Candies

If your loved one still has that sweet tooth, give her some cute personalized candy that might remind her of her childhood. There are heart shaped candies now that have cute and adorable little messages like Text Me! or Be Mine! And these are the most recommended designs to give because it already speaks about what you want to say, and for sure she will fall in love with you by that sweet post!

Thick cookbook recipes

Since she loved to cook, and so unwrapping this gift first will make your Valentines date cheaper than you prepared. Although she is all dressed and ready to go, but upon seeing this manual, she will then be very excited to use it, and the best time for that is the present occasion. You will be dating her with her cook foods from the menus that are new to her. It will then be a big help if you will set the table, with all the candles or the lights on outside while she is also busy preparing and cooking the foods that you will both enjoy on your date. Isn’t that unplanned cheap, yummy date, a romantic ringing bell date ever, what do you think?

Thick cookbook recipes

Planter Vase

There are ladies that have an eye for plant collection and a set of brass vessels or ceramic planter vase will be the best gift for her. These ceramic and gold beauties will surely pop even more when she sticks into it her favorite green plants like succulents, cactus or air plants. She will know by now that you notice her love for plants aside of course, her love for you!

planters vase


That’s it! She loved to read. And every time she read, she is being passed on to the place she had never been and giving this as your Valentines gift will make her dreams come true once more! Every book lover will find this gift as precious and at the same time it helps her brain still and vocabularies grow as she mature. But, never tell her that she is aging, just being mature with her books and not with her looks!

book for valentines

Jumbo Wine Glass

She is not alcoholic, but she really loves to drink wine. So for her to enjoy more those times that she is alone, let her have this jumbo wine glass where she will not feel your absence whenever she is with this glass. She will be even happier when you pair it with a whole bottle of her favorite wine, I bet you, she will forget about you, I mean, she will love you even more when she is drunk, no! Just kidding! She will appreciate your support with her whenever she is alone!

Jumbo Wine Glass

A Journal

She loves to write. She wrote even the simplest moments that happened to her and so at times that she will just abruptly thought of something and needed to write it down, this Journal will be her company. She can write here the things that she loved about you, your adventures together, your plans and dreams that are still in work mode, your sweet nothings and inside jokes, and she can also use this as her personal diary. By the way, just asking, are diaries still being used up to now?

a journal

Personalized CD

If your lady is a music lover, collect all her favorite songs and place it all in a personalized CD with a written love message from you! I’m telling you now she will love you over and over again because this compilation is like the bed of clouds where she is being lullaby every time she makes the music play. You two can have a sweet dance with the taste of your love tunes here.

personalized cd

Zodiac Necklace

If every morning she used to look at what the stars are saying about her luck before she starts her day, then this zodiac dainty necklace is the best gift she can receive. She will appreciate your eye for her being so cautious about her stars, but reminds her that she must not depend her day with the stars but rather, she can rely on you even more! For that, you will surely receive your unexpected Valentines gift too… not a hug or a kiss, but she will read you your star for the day and isn’t that sweet of her?

zodiac jewelry

A Bag!

Thousands of ladies are bag lover. Even if they have much in their closet, they still want more, but not use it at all. They are just getting it dusty, old, useless, but meaningful to them. There are some ladies that are putting a fraction of themselves inside their bags by the things they place inside it. The bag collectors want to see their bag collections according to classes, colors, styles or sizes and brands. If you have that enough budget; a branded classy bag will be adored so dearly that she might forget it is

a bag for valentines

Body Care Products

Bath soaps, bubble bath, scented lotion, day and night cream moisturizers, body wash, and so on. The lists never stop for a ladies necessity to stay her beauty and freshness in your eyes. Every woman has their own brand and beauty products that are appropriate for their skin and tone. It will be helpful to her if you will appreciate what she is doing not only for herself but also for you. Know her products and give SOME to her at this special celebration of the Valentines’ day, and who knows you might not only end up celebrating Valentines’ day in a dining hall, but also in a much smelly delicious place…..In one beauty shop store… to complete her packs of beauty products!

Body Care Products


If you wanted to give your lady the present of chic and sumptuousness, then you has chosen the right gift, perfume is the great choice! Everyone has their personal scent, what probably might be fragrant to you might not be with her. Give her the scent that she loves and never try changing it or you will change your planned romantic Valentines date. Although it seems eternal for you, but if it appears elegant to her, then nothing is wrong with her choice of scent! Anyway, it is all in the nose of the one that will sniff it, so go out and check for that most expensive or cheap perfume that she loved and I assure you, she will treasure it more than those other luxurious gifts you have in mind.


Big Teddy Bear

When a lady goes to sleep in the night, she will love to hug you and that one thing is for sure. However, in your absence, she will prefer something that is big, floppy and cute to hug on to. Your pick of big and cutest teddy bear will make this promising, but, don’t go on a trip too often, that she might interchange you with the teddy bear and think of that as his partner and not you at all!

Big Teddy Bear


Diamonds are a girl’s best friend while jewelries are woman’s best buddy. No woman will not appreciate the glitters and stunning appearance of jewelries because every lady’s dream is to become like a real queen. This is not really possible for every average earner, but receiving one set of jewelry is like making a piece of her dream come true, and if she can receive a set of jewelries in every occasion, then her dreams really came true! Imagine receiving a set of jewelry every Valentines, and you are not actually a queen title holder, then you are one lucky lady!

jewelries for valentines

Chocolates, Cakes, Card and Bundle of Red Roses

CHOCOLATES are always a girl or a lady’s favorite sweets together with the CAKES. The CARD is your way of expressing and reminding how you feel for her for the longest time that passed by and a handmade card will be truly appreciated. ROSES are the only honored flower, Valentine’s tradition and there is really no other flower that reminded us of the Valentines’ day. It does not matter if it is a single stem or a dozen one as long as it is a rose, because roses are the ultra-romantic symbol in connection to love.

These four gifts really go together. If you are not prepared to give anything valuable or something for keeps, this four-in-one gift for centuries now, is always the best ever! These four goes hand in hand that symbolizes the observance of the Valentines’ day, aside from the other heart figure stuffs that reminded us of the hearts day celebration. These four are tested, tried, and the true way of showing your woman that she is indeed special, and if you are really that good at remembering your moments together, she might let you enjoy too your gifts to her!

Chocolates, Cakes, Card and Bundle of Red Roses

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