Top 10 unicorn designed products

Top 10 unicorn designed products

The majority of the consumers, especially women, considered unicorns as one of their best-picks when it comes to design. Maybe the reason behind it is that unicorn is strongly associated with femininity. Traditionally speaking, this animal symbolizes innocence, purity, and magic, but in literal, it is known as a mythical animal that looks like a horse with white skin and a single horn in the middle of its head. In fact, it is weighed as the noblest animal among all. Going back to the product’s design, this animal has a stunning feature that is why it is now being applied to several products in the market. It already became a trend in the past years, and up to now, several people still find it fascinating.

As of now, it is being used as a design of certain products, particularly the products that the women and the kids are usually used as it effortlessly catches their attention.

Even though this design is popular and up to beat, there are still limitations in using this because we can’t apply it to all kinds of products.

To all the girls out there who has a hard time finding the best product with an inspired unicorn-designed theme, these top ten items listed below will help you in choosing the right decision.

One Piece Pajamas

If the cold weather is on its way to your country, this product will surely help you to keep your body warm. You will also feel the overwhelming cuteness of yours while it is on your body. You will enjoy its soft and smooth cotton fabric while the weather is still in a cold state. Also, it has a three-dimensional unicorn head with a zipper in front that will surely love by your kids.

One Piece Pajamas Unicorn design


Sleeping is one of the good habits that everybody should do. But what if you are not comfortable enough with your pillows? You will not be able to rest properly. In order for you to have a comfy feeling, a pillowcase with a cotton linen fabric is made. Its special feature comes into the design of a unicorn that comes in different colors. If you would buy this product, it will surely look good to your bed. Moreover, it is better if you will partner this pillowcase with a unicorn-designed bed sheet for uniformity.

Pillowcase unicorn design

Make-up Brushes

At the present time, make-up is on its highest trend because it boosts every girl’s confidence whenever they use it. As a response to this, make-up brushes should also be in its best quality so you can be able to apply it properly to your naked face. This high-class makeup-brush with a unicorn design will surely catch your heart because its bristles are made out of natural materials that would not irritate your skin. If you select this product, it will guarantee you that it will blend better into your skin and will result in a stunning makeover.


Headbands or also known as sweatbands are the small accessory worn around the forehead. Some people find using it as a childish thing. But in reality, it is not. In fact, you can get benefits from wearing it because it has the ability to absorb the sweat running down your head and prevents it to reach your eyes. Just be conscious enough in finding the right design of your accessory.  Recommended for you are the unicorn-designed sweatbands with a highly absorbent fabric.

Headbands unicorn

Unicorn-Themed Cakes

In this generation, every single day is a day to celebrate! Just simple meet-ups, get-togethers, and a plain day is already a valid reason to party. If this is the case, cakes must always be present. Unicorn-Themed Cakes are always on the go if you are going to celebrate anything. You can buy it if there is a birthday party, anniversaries, reunions, or any special occasions. But this is more applicable to the birthday parties of the younger children if you want to make their special day a magical one sense it is also associated with magic.

Unicorn-Themed Cakes

Unicorn T-Shirts

Fashion is a trending matter today. The problem is, the price of the dresses at the present time is already expensive and can only be afforded by the few persons. As a solution to this issue, fancy shirts with unicorn design are made. Its fabric is made out of cotton, linen and has a color of your choice. Just partner it with some of your simple skirts and a pair of stiletto, then ready to slay!

Unicorn T-Shirts


A bathrobe is a dressing gown use for drying purposes. Usually, it is in the form of a towel and the body-cover. There are lots of people who only want a simple towel, but there is also someone who wants to have a colorful and well-designed bathrobe. For those people who are not minimalist, suggested for you are the bathrobe with a unicorn embedded in its water absorbent fabric.

Bathrobes unicorn design


When you are planning to go outdoors, it is a necessity to bring a handkerchief for personal hygiene purposes. You will catch a lot of dirt as you go through your destination because of the pollutions. Because of that, you will surely sweat a lot and this handkerchief will be your best weapon in this kind of situation. Since this thing would be seen by the others, it should look presentable and pleasant to their eyes and one of the best styles of a handkerchief comes with a design of a unicorn blended with different colors.

Handkerchiefs unicorn

Cotton Slippers

Owning this kind of product with a three-dimensional unicorn head design will surely make you love them. Even if you are not fond of using slippers inside your house, you will definitely like it once your feet felt the relaxing feeling of these soft cotton house slippers.

Cotton Slippers unicorn

Coffee Mugs

One of the best things that a coffee lover owns is her specialized coffee mugs. If you are planning to give them a present, the number one product that you should buy is mugs with extra-ordinary designs such as unicorn design with their names printed on it. Believe it or not, you are assured that she will appreciate it.

Coffee Mugs unicorn

Overall, it is proven that unicorn design is still on a trend until now and hopingly, will be a trend in the future because of its special features. It only depicts that buying the products listed above is a worthy thing to do. It only depends on the usefulness of the product that you choose to buy and just a reminder, it is better to be choosy with regards to the design of your stuff because the public is more familiar with the bad designs than with those good ones.


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