St. Patrick's Day Activities for 2019

Top 10 St. Patrick’s Day Activities for 2019

March is yet to come! So does the celebration of St. Patrick’s Day or also known as the Feast of Saint Patrick which is being held annually on the 17th day of March. This cultural and religious occasion is being celebrated by the Catholic Church, Anglican Communion, Lutheran Church, and Eastern Orthodox to give honor in accordance with Saint Patrick’s death, Ireland’s foremost patron saint.

Since it is one of the most celebrated festivals around the world, your attendance and cooperation during the event is a must! Do not miss out all the fun and excitement you can have during this time!

Check out all the possible interesting and fun activities you can do throughout the Saint Patrick’s Day by reading the following selections mentioned below.

Knowing the History of St. Patrick’s Day

Since the death of St. Patrick happened more than 1,000 years ago, you need to have your own knowledge regarding this feast. By doing it, you need first to learn the history behind this celebration, especially when you do not have enough background information about this. Do not just go with the flow! Celebrate it based on its true essence, not because you are just going along with the trend. Always remember that you are doing it to recall all the good things that the patron did in the past. And in order for you to make it, you need to know the truth behind St. Patrick’s life and his heroic actions.

Attending Mass

As known by the many, St. Patrick’s Day is an occasion which is highly inclined to religion. In accordance with this, the celebration must start with a mass to thank and praise the Almighty God for letting the event happen and to ask for his guidance. Usually, the church has been filled with the devotees of St. Patrick. There are also times that the people attending mass are more than the church’s space capacity that is why some of them are staying outside the parish just to witness the mass.

Attending Parades

One of the biggest affairs that happened during the festival that you should also consider is attending parade which is being flooded by the devotees. It is already a tradition to participate in the parade during the celebration. In New York City, there are around two million participants and it is the known country that hosts the largest St. Patrick’s Day parade. In the entire event, they are just walking since cars and floats are not allowed.

Attending Parades St Patrick 2019

Wearing Clothes with Shamrocks Design

St. Patrick’s Day is highly associated with the activity of wearing shamrocks. Shamrocks are a young stem with three leaves attached to it. It is said that St. Patrick used this during the time that he was converting the Irish into Christians. There are also beliefs that this three-leaved clover symbolizes the Holy Trinity- the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Wearing Green Colored Shirts

Like the latter one, wearing green is also one of the activities that is involved while celebrating the festival. If you want to stand out, wearing green colored clothes with a popular quote about Irish is the answer!

Eating Traditional Irish Food

The Irish people usually celebrate the feast by eating traditional food. Although the common consumable goods in Ireland are beers and spirits, it does not mean that there is no other great food to be found there. Cabbages, corned beef, pink bacon, and lamb stews partnered with Irish soda bread are also some of the tasty food to eat during this day. You will surely like the savory taste of Irish’ traditional food once you tasted it.

Having a Small Party at Home

If you do not want to go outdoors but still want to celebrate the festival, having a small party is all you need! Invite some of your friends or relatives and have a party with a St. Patrick’s Day theme. Just prepare or order some food to share with them and have a little chit-chat while drinking your favorite Irish beer or whiskey.

Drinking Irish Beer

According to an Irish, they consume more alcoholic drinks in the day of St. Patrick’s celebration than on the other occasions. It is said that almost twenty-four percent of the Irish spend their time drinking beers instead of doing any other activities that are related to this festival.

Drinking Irish Beer St. Patrick's Day

Learning Basic Irish Language

Based from the Irish saying, there are only two kinds of people in the whole world, the first one is the Irish and the second one is someone who wants to be an Irish. If you are one of those who wants to be a citizen of Ireland, learning their basic language is one of your necessities. Once you mastered this, you will definitely look like an original Irish. Not just that! You will also easily adapt their language as well as their accents.

Learning Irish Dances

One of the common and traditional activities during the celebration of the feast is dancing. Everybody must enjoy this event because this happens only once in a year and through dancing, you can actually express all your feelings. It is also a fun and exciting thing to do because it allows you to burn your calories and it helps you increase your flexibility.

Overall, this cultural celebration is something you need to prepare since it is the only way you can show your appreciation and thankfulness with regards to what St. Patrick did when he was still alive. To help you enjoy and have a delighted feeling during the event, you must do some of the activities mentioned above, since it is the most common and popular things that the Irish do in times of celebrating this festival. If you will do that, you are guaranteed that your day will be more worth it than your usual ones. Expect to have a day to remember!


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