Top 10 life insurance companies in the USA

Top 10 life insurance companies in the USA

Do you believe that life insurance is the final message that you can send to your loved ones? We all know that there are a lot of possible things to happen in your life while you are still living. And if your family highly depends on you, one of the most important things that you can rely on is the life insurance.

Insurance allows you to leave benefits to your loved ones after your death. Moreover, it will also secure your family’s future, even if you are already gone as it provides financial protection to your bloodline. And as an answer to the question above, it is indeed the last love letter that you can give to your family.

It is widely known that when you invest in one of the insurance companies, you will get a lot of advantages. These advantages are the following:

  • Life insurance gives additional money that would help your family.
  • Unlike the other monetary contract, life insurance allows you to take pleasure on the favorable tax treatment.
  • There are multiple policies that can be changed accordingly.
  • You can get a higher return by means of long-term investments on a cash value life policy.

Since life insurance is needed by the majority, make sure that you will select the right life insurance company! And to help you with this matter, check out this top 10 best life insurance company in the United States of America.

Haven Life Insurance

The insurance served as the best insurance business organization that you can invest in! For what reason, it is because of their high-quality services and competitive rates. It is also one of the fastest companies that accept applications as well as approvals among all of the other companies.

Moreover, you can apply to this through an online process which is more quick and easy. Medical exams are also not required for every customer and as soon as you obey all the needed requirements, the coverage starts right away. Although they have a lot of benefits to provide, Haven Life is still credited as a competitive term life rate.

In addition, this company has several years of experience in running this kind of business that is why you should consider this as one of the companies that you will invest on.

Haven Life Insurance life insurance companies

Massachusetts Mutual

This business is also known as the MassMutual and was founded in 1851 by George Rice with the help of thirty-one investors. One of the great things about this company is that it still embraces its root. Moreover, this company is owned and being run by the policyholders. It is also known for its financial strength and considered as a financial giant which made it as one of the best life insurance company. In addition, it strongly focuses on monetary planning as well as insurance for businesses, families, and any other things. One more thing is that it has a wide range of products to offer you in order to meet your needs! If I were you, I will invest in this life insurance company because you are guaranteed that it will help you a lot!

Massachusetts Mutual

Banner Life Insurance

Being the top three life insurance company, Banner Life Insurance was originated as Government Employees Life Insurance Company (GELICO) in the year 1949. It had rapid growth over the past three decades and up until now and it continues to grow in the life insurance industry. In addition, one of their major goals is to make their business grow bigger. Another great thing is that it has multiple branches that are located in other countries.

Banner Life Insurance

Protective Life Insurance

One of the best yet affordable life insurance businesses that you can invest in is Protective Life Insurance. Although the brand name is unfamiliar, you can still get an assurance to this company.  Some of the advantages that you can get from this are its universal products as well as its estate planning.

Protective Life Insurance life insurance companies

Prudential Life Insurance

This industry is also a big name in the life insurance industry that is why it became the fifth place among all the companies. It is also successful in life insurance’s smaller areas and it has also a lot of influences that is why it became popular in the industry. Moreover, this would totally earn your trust because this business organization is known as one of the trusted company names.

Prudential Life Insurance

American General

One of the most respected and trusted companies in the life insurance industry is the American General or commonly known as AIG for short. This company is highly active on the market and they offer a variety of universal products that is why they possess strength financially. In addition, they fairly distribute the money to every investor, but it may take a little bit of time before you can receive it.

American General  AIG

Principal Life Insurance

Unlike the other insurance companies, this one is just beginning its popularity. In fact, it started in the mid-1879 and after its first decade, it grew up to $29 million. Another thing, this company has a strong presence in the market and it has a wide range of products to offer.

Principal Life Insurance life insurance companies

Northwestern Mutual

During the past two years, this company was considered as the topmost business organization in the life insurance industry. However, it had a big drop in because of the lack of new ideas and products. Furthermore, Northwestern existed for over a century and it is one of the companies that provided great service to the customers. This company would be the best whole life insurance to invest in.

Northwestern Mutual life insurance companies


Being one of the top 10 companies, Metlife continues to grow up and considered as one of the largest companies in the U.S.A. It started to offer life insurances during the civil war to meet the needs of every investor. However, you might find it hard to be approved in this company because of their strict guidelines, but the ones you are accepted in this company, you will surely get the best of the best products.

Metlife life insurance companies

Transamerica Life Insurance

This business offers a lot of great products to provide the needs of every investor such as accident, universal, and whole life insurances. In addition, it’s also popular to most people because it is an international company. Aside from this, you will also have product options and these products are all affordable.

Transamerica Life Insurance life insurance companies

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