Massive Environmental Poisoning

Top 10 Cases of Massive Environmental Poisoning

What are the sources of massive environmental poisoning?

Due to the Industrial Revolution, today’s way of living is absolutely different from the ones in the past. Way back then, there are no such things that can pollute the environment but as time passes by, the pollutants are being produced by means of invention.

It is not undeniable that there are multiple positive things drawn in doing the invention but unfortunately, not all of these outputs are good. In fact, there are lot of negative effects to get while doing this process and the one that suffers the most is the environment as it captures the large scale of pollution caused by industrial goods.

During these days, it is highly noticeable that pollution is at its peak. Despite the fact that there are places where pollution is not observable, it does not necessarily mean that pollution does not exist. We can not change the fact that the land, water, and air are now being damaged by all the toxic substances induced by the world’s modernization.

In response to the slow contamination of the environment, communities around the world made a celebration for the conservation of the environment which was named Earth Day. This event was founded in 1969 and is being held annually on April 22. During the occasion, people in a specific country gather to celebrate the event by means of cleaning and raising up funds for environmental purposes. In U.S.A, several cities plan and do festivities such as museum exhibits, benefit concerts, and lectures about the environmental issues being faced by the world.

To widen your knowledge about the roots for the consequences that the environment is going through right at this moment, here are the top 10 cases of massive environmental poisoning.

Electronic wastes

Through modern technology, multiple gadgets are invented such as cellular phones, iPods, laptops and even computers. Usually, gadget users always make room for a new device that is why the old one ends up being thrown away. Some people also give their old gadgets in the donation centers not knowing that this would create a huge amount of electronic waste. Dumping toxic electronic garbages is illegal as it is indicated in the law but donating these technological devices is legitimate as long as it can be used again and is repairable. However, there are companies that still finds a loophole and defies the rule by sending a large number of electronic wastes in third world countries.

Electronic wastes Massive Environmental Poisoning

Drugs being dumped on sink

One of the dangers found in the sink that pollutes the water is the pharmaceutical drugs in the form of tablet, syrup, and capsule. There are few people who dump this kind of medicine in the sink but the significant amount found in the study said that it came from feces or human waste. According to the beliefs of scientists, this kind of pollutants can bring a lot of negative effects especially the oral contraceptives as it can alter the DNA of marine species. In one of the studies conducted by the scientists, they found out that the cause of the mutation of a certain fish in Potomac is linked to oral contraceptives. They also found out that there is a large number of antidepressants in the water coming from the public water system.

Drugs being dumped on sink

Mercury poisoning

One of the most dangerous chemicals in the world is mercury. Coal power plants which flush the poisonous substance in the bodies of water is the main culprit of the modern mercury contamination. This pollution may increase from time to time and can damage the water and marine species living there.

Mercury poisoning

Lead paints

The main problem is not about the lead paint itself but the lead dust produced when it was chipped. When lead dust flies off and sniffed by the people, especially the younger ones, it can cause harm to their health as they are more sensitive than the older ones. In 1970, lead paint was banned and prevented to use in many aspects but there are stubborn people who still use it for their own purposes. 

Lead paints

Petroleum coke

Recently, there are complaints about a black substance floating from the river of Calumet in Chicago. This substance was said to be petroleum cokes which causes them to cough. The citizens said that this material is greasy and very hard to wash off that is why they were worried about their health.

Petroleum coke


Back then, asbestos was used as a building material because of its unique property. This is the ability of the product to resist fire. But behind its good property, lies the bad effect for the environment as well as the people living on it. Those people who are exposed to this mineral has a high possibility to develop cancer called mesothelioma. Asbestos thus becomes one of the top massive environmental poisoning sources.


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Nuclear waste

If some of you are thinking that nuclear energy will lead everyone away from the pollution that the other energy sources give off, then all of you are ultimately wrong. The dangers from the radioactive compounds present in the nuclear power plants are now contaminating the soil and the drinking water which humans consume. Thus, their health will be at risk.

Nuclear waste Massive Environmental Poisoning


Hydraulic fracturing, or commonly known as fracking is the process of extracting natural gas from the earth’s interior. When doing the process, miners use a combination of chemicals, sand, and water under a high pressure. This is to dig in thousands of feet below the ground. There are countries who are planning to implement this for them. They do not want to depend on other countries in terms of natural gas. Although this process gain popularity, there are still a few problems with regards to this. This problem is not a minor one. There are already multiple cases where fracking has been reported to pollute nearby water sources. One of these cases is when the water burned up due to the high content of methane. Scientists also found nasty things that would destroy bodies of water such as radium and benzene.

Ganges river

Ganges river is considered as a holy river according to the belief of Hindu faith. Being one of the largest rivers in the world, it is also the main source of water to various people. Unfortunately, it became polluted in the past few years. The main reason why it became polluted is that many people use it in an improper way. One example of this is the dumping of ashes coming from the cremation site near the river. There are also toxic compounds found in the river like metallic materials.

Ganges river

Pollution in China

One of the biggest contributors to massive environmental poisoning in the entire world is China for having the biggest population. Air pollution in this country continues to worsen as time passes by. Because of this, the health of every people living there is at risk. There are reported a case that the air quality in Xingtai, one of the cities in China, was so bad. It came to the point that it was declared as an emergency.

Pollution in China Massive Environmental Poisoning

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