Independence Day activities

Top 10 Activities During Independence Day

How do we celebrate Independence Day?

During the early period of time, there are a lot of countries which suffered colonization from the powerful ones. One of these is the United States of America, which was controlled by the Great Britain monarch in the year 1607. Several years after this (1765-1783), the American Patriots made an action in order for them to achieve their county’s freedom. By doing so, they fearlessly fight the British with the help of France, which lead them to a successful result. Independence was then declared to their country.

According to John Adams, a revolutionary leader who successfully gained the freedom of U.S.A. from Great Britain wrote to his wife that Independence Day will be the most unforgettable period of time in the history of America. Moreover, the patriotic heart of every American has woken up due to this historical event.

One of the most awaited events in the United States of America is the celebration of Independence Day which is being held annually every 4th day of July. The main reason behind this occasion is to commemorate the day when the Continental Congress stated that the thirteen American colonies were already free from the hands of the Britain monarch which first happened in July 4, 1776.

In accordance with this holiday, Americans are conducting a celebration by means of participating in various kinds of activities. This includes the following:

Fireworks Display

One of the most fascinating activities during the celebration of Independence Day in U.S.A. is the grand fireworks display which is being shown in public squares. The fireworks come in different colors, particularly the colors that can be seen from the American flag which are red, blue, and white. Did you know that this activity was actually suggested by the leader of an American Revolutionary, John Adams? The evidence was written on the letter that he sent to Abigail, his wife.

Fireworks Display Independence Day

Family Get-Together

Since July 4 is considered as a holiday, it would be a perfect time for you and for your family to have a quality-time. It is a perfect chance to reunite and relax together with your relatives. Furthermore, you can also have a bonding by means of family date, out of town, picnic, or any other kind of bonding.

Family Get-Together Independence Day

Beach or Lake Parties

Independence Day falls off to the month of summer that is why most of the Americans prefer celebrating it at the nearest beach or lake due to the high temperature. Sometimes they are also throwing beach parties or picnic in order to ease the hotness of the summer during the day of Independence.

Beach or Lake Parties in independence day

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Parades in Independence Day

When it comes to festivities, parades should always be on the list. During the celebration of Independence Day, many towns in U.S.A. hosts a parade, which is featured with large fire trucks, a marching band with several members, and community organizations. There is a certain time in which will the band are more likely to start having the parade. If you are located in Stockton, the parade there is being started at exactly 10 a.m. in downtown.

Parades in Independence Day

Lighting Sparklers in Independence Day

One of the traditional ways of celebrating Independence Day is through lighting a sparkler. What do you think is the reason behind this? According to other articles, sparklers burn so bright which produces large amounts of brightness when it was letting up. This brightness symbolized the eternal flame of freedom which U.S.A. has attained way back in 1667.

Lighting Sparklers

Wearing Outfits Which Resembles American Flag

One of the simplest way in participating in Independence Day is through wearing any outfits which resembles the American flag. It can be in a form of dress, t-shirts, jackets, or any other kind of clothes which represents the flag of your own country. Make sure that you will have these three dominant colors which is red, blue, and white. You can also wear accessories with the design of a flag. Some Americans also put make-up on their faces in which they imitate the design of the American flag.

Wearing Outfits Which Resembles American Flag

Preparing American’s Most Iconic Foods

During the event, presenting of the American’s iconic foods such as hot dogs and hamburgers are very common in meals. In fact, you can see a lot of Americans who eats it during the occasion. “Hot Dog Eating Contest.” is a competition being held on some of the restaurants.

Preparing American's Most Iconic Foods

Baking Independence Day Cake

One of the most delicious desserts during any events is the cake. While celebrating Independence Day, cake is also a must! In America, the design of the cake during the Fourth of July usually comes in three dominant colors of the American flag. Moreover, there are also bakeshops that used fruits of different colors which can be seen in the flag. Others simply put the mini toothpick flag at the top of the cake in order to show their participation during the celebration.

Baking Independence Day Cake

Decorating American Flag

American flags are everywhere when the date is on July 4. You can actually see it at every corner of the street during the occasion. This day only represents how Americans are proud and grateful to be free from the hands of the Britain who once colonized their country.

Decorating American Flag

Using a July 4th Dining Ware

If you are planning to throw a party during Independence Day, you should consider this. Use a paper plate and a spoon and fork with the design of the American flag. This will surely complete your Independence celebration together with your family, relatives, or friends.

Using a July 4th Dining Ware

The festivities mentioned above are just few of the many other activities to do during the Independence Day. Since this day is a very special one, do not waste your time missing the day doing nothing. This holiday happens only once in a year. Don’t you dare miss out all the fun and knowledge that you can get from participating in these activities? In addition, your participation is just a simple way to show that you are glad for your county’s independence. Always be grateful that the country you belong in is free and at peace.


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