Natural Healthy Foods for Summer

The Top 10 Natural Healthy Foods for Summer

Summer is nearly approaching and everyone wants to take pleasure of the hot weather. Many people will start traveling and spending more time with the outdoor activities will be rampant. These are the activities we enjoy that will take a real change with our choice of foods, and normally while outside, we settle with fast foods like hamburgers, hot dogs, fries and peach pies and then we will complain now and think of our health after eating. There are so many health problems that we are facing when the summer time came and some of these are sun damage, dehydration and food poisoning. Food acts a significant role during the summer. But with some of the natural, healthy foods for summer, anybody can take pleasure of the summer with no related health problems to think at all.

Below are the ten summer natural foods that you can enjoy this cool summer season, instead of taking what is ready to eat or settling for eating less, why not focus on some of the many nutritious veggies and fruits that are available during the season, with fantastic taste and affordable cost and are enjoyable to have this long summer season.


Buttermilk is just one of the many good choices for this summer. Avoid Tea and Coffee by changing it to buttermilk as a good alternative for your health. It can be easily digested and is cooler for the body. Buttermilk is so rich in Vit. C. It treats indigestions, ulcers, some other related stomach problems and is best to have a healthy skin.

Buttermilk for summer Natural Healthy Foods

Coconut Water

Tender Coconut Water is a very significant summer food. Drinking tender coconut water with an empty stomach from the morning will prevent your eyes, kidney, lungs, and blood circulation from the heat. It contains chlorine, salt and sodium that is ideal for the blood purification. Drinking of tender coconut water creates an energetic and rapid body content because of the magnesium and potassium content it has.

coconut for summer

Dry Fruits

Dry fruits like frozen grapes and dates, balances the required nutrition and prevents from disease distribution. Dates are high in protein, fiber, calcium, iron, and vitamins. It will protect your skin and eyes from the sun damage and it will keep them healthy. It is very good for the total body strength and will keep you healthy and younger looking. For digestive problems, frozen grapes are the best choice. It can also avoid tiredness that is caused by lack of proper nutrition and this food is very important for those playing and for athletes.

Dry Fruits in summer Natural Healthy Foods

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Without any doubt fruits are the most helpful and energy giving foods in the summer. Fruit has the maximum water content to balance the water lacking in your body, and it is in addition to every minerals, vitamins, fatty acids and carbohydrates all the fruit can give you. Fruit requires lesser energy to have a proper digestion when compared to other foods. Eating of fruits as an alternative for heavy dinner is good for the health and will keep the body from too much heat.

Fruits in summer

Grilled Food

Grilled vegetables, fish and chicken are one of the best suitable foods for summer. Grilling makes the foods healthier and you will be giving your family a healthy, tasty lunch. Grilled food is so easy to digest and good for the immune system, that it burns out your calories. Keeping the sauces and rubs will be helpful to make it less spicy and it will make your digestive system really cool.

Grilled Food in summer

Fresh Juice

Some chosen fruits like grapes, pomegranate, lemons and watermelon juices are the best summer food juices. It will make your body cool and will improve the digestive system. This is the best alternative fruit juice instead of taking the canned carbonated juices. These juices will prevent the eyes from distributing diseases and will keep you healthy and really cool. It will also protect your skin from the sun damage, it will they appear shiny and healthy. Remember to make it a real natural by not using sugar and possibly replacing it with honey.

Fresh Juice in summer


Almonds, Pistachios, Walnuts and Cashew nuts are nutritional foods that will protect your body from the spread illnesses. These are appropriate for all types of season, but it is during summer, that it can prevent you from the major illnesses like skin dryness, eye problem, and nervous disorder. Nuts are so important to have a healthy heart, beautiful skin, good vision and for strengthening the nerves.

Nuts in summer

Vegetable Salads

Vegetable salads that contain lots of low calorie, low fat, with high water content veggies like cucumber, carrots, onions, and tomatoes are so simple to make and does not require any cooking. The eating of salad right after lunch or replacing it for lunch meal is really healthy. It has a high source of fiber that is good for the body’s digestion and it also reduces your cholesterol level. Taking of vegetable salads will result with fewer calories consumed and you will feel cool and full.

Vegetable Salads in summer


Soups are high in nutrition and have lower calorie level that makes it an excellent food for the summer. Hot soups will make you sweat, but it will cool down the inner body by counting with their healthy ingredients like the coriander and the mint. A bowl of carrot soup with onions, herbs and beans will make a refreshing summer. These foods can be easily digested and out insides will not be affected by heat.

Soups in summer Natural Healthy Foods


Water is the most important food nutrients during summer season to always be hydrated. There are lots of important minerals that evaporate due to sweating. Drinking plenty of water will replenish your body. Drinking four glasses of water in the early morning is highly recommended. It is beneficial to our body needs in the morning especially during summer. It will improve your energy and will protect your body from being dehydrated, thus, making you healthy. If you are in a hotter workplace, the more that you need to increase your intake of water. It is recommended that you avoid sodas, energy and carbonated drinks and sugary drinks. Switch for more glass of water intake plus match it with regular exercise to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Water in summer
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