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The Best Free Streaming Sites to Watch Videos

Here are the best latest and 100% free television and movie streaming sites online. We are aware how hard it is to locate for streaming websites that are totally free and that there are signups needed, so here are the reviewed best sites where to look and stream free movies that is just in one page and you can note their changes.

Cosmo Tube

Cosmo Tube is one of the free fastest movie streaming sites that listed the newest movies and permits the users to enjoy any latest online movie. Visit their site; browse a movie that you would want to stream, click it on and then the movie will begin streaming, and that is how it is to watch a movie on Cosmo Tube.

cosmotube stream site

New Movies Online is another movie streaming site that offers the updated movie streaming. It gives top quality films to watch free online. The movies here are not only old and new but you can also watch movies here are presently running in theatres with their best quality still. They are just waiting for you to watch them here through a single click. This is more than just a streaming website, it is also full of entertainment portal that gives TV series, movie related and books that are with an interesting genre like Action, Comedy, Sci-Fi, Adventure, Romance and a lot more!

New Movies Online

123 Movies

123 Movies had kept their reputation to give us movie streaming experiences that are mess-free to their users without paying or giving out anything. The website is not only providing full HD quality movies, but it also gives them very quick release in 2-3 weeks for a movie release. There are also no sign-up or registrations needed to enjoy watching all of their free online movies in HD quality.

123 Movies

C Movies

With the newest database of all the new movies, the is a cool website where you can go directly and start viewing movies in high definition. The website is so simple, starting from their top menu, you may filter movies through their genre, press year or go to the Popular Tag to view the trending movies on their site or if there are any particular movie that you have in mind, you may search it here through the upper search bar and the site, CMovies. cc will automatically open the movie page for you. Every movie listed here gives all the important data like a movie title, star casts, release date, movie plot, ratings, and a lot more. The site is allowing you to mutually watch the movies or download it for free.

C Movies

See HD

SeeHD is a bit slow in giving the latest movies since they wanted to keep up their name. They wanted to be certain that they are giving only HD versions of streaming movies. The SeeHD movie streaming website is a free site that provides 720p/1080p movies that you can watch in different genre and categories. You may watch movies on the site for free and without any completion of registration or any survey form.


Los Movies

Los Movies is just another huge name when we talk of free movies online. Furthermore, the site permits the customers to watch any kind of movies that are clutter-free, like to see fewer ads and there is also no registration needed at all in watching here in full HD. Browse the movies by popularity, subtitles, year, latest 3D movies, genre, actors, and a lot more. Also, if there are movies that you particularly know the name, just search it directly with their search box and the Los Movies will give you the movie link. LosMovies is one of the most visited free movie streaming sites. The site is still getting stronger and massive in video content.

los movies


Vidics are best for those viewers that can’t find the desired movies anywhere over the internet. This website gives online site list of all the free movies with the latest movies, but it will not directly allow you to watch movies through the site, but the website will provide you at least 8-10 links of different free film streaming sites for the desired movie and where you may navigate and watch the movies for free. This site will not ask you anything regarding registration because this is absolutely for free.


Solar Movie

The Solar Movie is a website where you can watch free movies without the need to sign up, register or download the apps or software. This free movie streaming website provides the users to be updated and watch the latest TV shows and movies completely. The website is regularly updated with the latest TV shows and movies. If you also wanted to watch the gold old movies, the site has it covered for you.

solar movies


If you are not bothered about viewing only new movies, then you may choose to watch the amazing films of all time, and SnagFilms are the coolest website that you can count on. This free movie website able to features the top movies of all times. You may browse them through categories or you may choose to search directly through their search box. You can watch full HD movies and without signup or registration.



For those that are exploring for the simplest free movie streaming website with the fastest streaming, this is the best site for, PrimeWire. The site is best in giving free movie streaming sites and because they are old in the business, you will trust them that their movie streaming site will not annoy visitors, place spamming ads or oblige you to sign or register at all. PrimeWire is just one of the best site where you can watch free movies and shows online site.



WowMovie is just a new streaming site, but already shows remarkable movie streaming website that are free and which uploads high-quality movies daily. It allows everyone that is visiting their website to view movies online without signing up any registration. Users can be able to browse movies by genre, title, year, or just type in their search box the title of the movie that you wanted to watch. For each movie, the users can see the plot, release date, star cast, rating and a lot more before watching and during the time viewing, the viewers can choose which type of movie they wanted to stream and just watch.



Fmovies is considered as one of the decent movies streaming website that is absolutely free. The site is included in the classification of Fmovies websites and every website is linked to a centralized server. Wherever you are in any of these sites, there are new movies being uploaded, and it is made accessible to every of the Fmovies site user. In summary, Fmovies gets the frequent updated of the latest TV shows and movies which you may freely. Furthermore, you may choose the alternative servers depending on the location to express stream movies.



Crackle is one more standard site that can provide the users to with movies to watch for free. You can watch TV shows and movies here with or without any registration. It is suggested, but not that necessary to sign-up for the account in Crackle. The moment you logged in, your chances of having full access to more movies and TV shows will be higher, but if you didn’t log in, you can still enjoy watching the most popular movies for free.

crackle logo


TubiTV is an added free and impressive movie streaming site that gives the facilities to watch the hottest TV shows and movies in Desktop, Apple iOS, Android, Apple TV, Xbox, Roku and a lot more services. The service had thousands of the latest movies that are being uploaded to their site and accessible to the users with their full HD and absolutely for free. If you want some flexibility in watching this movie with any kind of devices, the TubiTV is the awesome movie streaming service that is free to consider. But there is a registration form that requires to fill-in, but you may also skip this by login the TubiTV through your Facebook account.


Watch Series

If you are searching for a site to view your most preferred TV shows in full HD that is totally free and without any registration at all, then, Watch Series is your search engine and the best place you can visit. The site permits the users to watch movies and TV shows in the chain and also they are giving schedules on when they are uploading the next episode. There are lots of everyday users of this site who are watching their favorite TV shows and you may also want to be one of them if you try these streaming sites.

watch series

IO movies is providing the latest released films which you may stream for free. The site offers a quality user encounter. If you are a fan of movies online then watch here at least once weekly. Logo


Hulu site is principally US centered. It gives free streaming movies and TV Shows from the US. The site can only be accessed best by the people that reside in the US region.

hulu logo


HugeMoviesDB is the latest movie streaming website. This gathers mirrors for pouring out. You may locate the newest movies on the HugeMoviesDB homepage. HugeMoviesDB have the largest collection of database movies, as the name suggests. You may watch movies here starting from 1940 up to the present day and it gives multiple mirror links for a single movie.

HugeMoviesDB Logo


HouseMovie is one more top site where you can watch movies online with no need to download it. The movie site gives streaming links for reflection. Apart from the normal movies, you can also view TV series and shows in this free online movie site without sign up. The best site for now for the latest movie release that is free.

iMovies Tube gives a free online flooding of movies that are free. There is no need for registration or signing up. It has the best collection of movies. Every movie presented here is in HD format where you can enjoy watching without interruption. logo

If you are from the school of old thought and you want to see again and again old movies then, this site is the best for you. It had the best great collections of movies online that are free. You can select any movie and view it directly without downloading and absolutely free. It gives streaming link for each movie. You take information about a movie right after clicking it. MoviePlanet gets updated daily. So you can see new movies every day and it also gives reporting feature to the users.

movie planet logo


Movie25 stands differs from the other sites in this case of viewing movies online. The site has an exclusive function, wherein most of the best free movie sites for movie streaming sites are unable to tender. Normally, what takes place is that whenever you are in any movie streaming sites that are free, you can see solo link to watch the movies online. The site gives an alternate link to another watching online movie.

Movie25 logo

My Download Tube

MyDownloadTube is another best free site to stream the movies online. You can be confused by the site name, but the website is not for downloading but for watching free movies, although, there is a method to download movies from this site without signing up.

My Download Tube logo


Movie Flixter is the inclusive movie website. You may search for all those related movie information such as the cast, director, and released date in this movie streaming site that is free.  It collects the links from the different places spread from across the internet and gives them freely. But, there is a need for you to a registration form, but this is free and so easy to accomplish.

MovieFlixter logo

Movies Tube Online

Movies Tube Online is one big name that gives quality TV shows and movies. Everything that is on this website are free to stream. For someone that is a fan of the new generation movies, this is the ideal website for you. The quality of each movie provided here is really good. Almost every movie you can see in this movies tube site is in HD form.

Movies Tube Online logo


Popcornflix is another site that is so adored by movie lovers because of its different genres that contain action, adventures, comedy, drama, documentary, horror, short stories and a lot more. One of the benefits of this website is that, is does not need any registration for someone to watch movie online for free.

Popcornflix logo


Putlockers2 is famous for giving good quality movies that are absolutely free. It updates their database regularly and you can watch the movies online through this site. The site is not hosting any movie instead it gives streaming links from the different sites. Also, there is no need for any registration or signing up. The site can also optimize when using mobile phones for a good browsing experience.

Putlockers2 logo


This is a free movie website that is dedicated to giving the latest movie released. So if you are fond of watching and downloading with the latest released movies, this site is the one for you. It also provides reflecting links for streaming. The site does not have any pop up advertisements and is best for your mobile device optimization. Site Closed.

Top Documentary Films

There are people that love documentary and if you are one of them, then this is the best site for you. Most of documentary movies are from the real life stories which gives the viewers an inside story of what is in this world.

Top Documentary Films Logo


Veiwster is popular for handing out unlimited Hollywood and Bollywood films, movies on a solo platform that are absolutely free. You may watch it all on this favorite movie site of yours. It also provides facility to search the movies of their genre. Site Under Maintenance.

Veoh is a really good free movie site that gives online streaming of films that are free. The best thing with this website is that, this has dedicated section that can locate the most famous videos of last week.

Veoh logo


WolowTube is one more big name in the free online streaming website about movies. This is the ideal site where you can watch the movies for free. It has a great interface and arrangement of movies which makes it easy for the viewers to find the streaming link for every movie. You can locate here the latest released movies on the front.

Wolowtube logo


This is one more of the top movie streaming sites to visit for watching full length movies online that are free and in HD form. It has a neat home page that has been cherished by lots of their users. You may browse the popular movie through their genres. Site closed.


Nowadays, there had been too many free streaming websites about movies. This site is the next generation movie flooding website which gives free streaming of movies online. The site is dedicated about bringing the newly published movies the soonest possible time. The site does not host any movie, but it gathers links from different sites. Site Closed.


Watch Movies Free is one more big name in this industry of free movie streaming sites with no sign up. This is evenly good for streaming TV shows and movies. The site has the greatest collection of movies and TV shows that can be streamed for free. The site gives a direct streaming link to the other sites and is not giving multiple links on its server.

WatchMoviesFree logo


Watchonline-movies had been rated among one of the top free websites of movies from around the world. You may simply watch movies online on this site that are totally free. It also gives a good number of shows and TV shows to watch on. There is no registration needed and the site is really good as an overall rate has been given to it. Site Closed.

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