The 10 top tourists destinations of the world

The 10 top tourists destinations of the world

What are top tourists destinations you should know?

The world is filled with various destinations that are just waiting for them to be discovered. But with many options available, it will be very hard to list down your bucket. But there are resources that will help and guide you decide which destinations qualified for the World’s Top Places for your next visit. In this top ten, you will discover, if you still haven’t known, the top pleasing islands, mountain towns and the superb nature wonders that for sure will motivate and inspired every traveler, they will now save, to take pleasure of the many wonders and adventures that are waiting for all.


This home to a crowd of superlatives, with their tallest building at 2,717 feet, Burj Khalifa is considered as the tallest in the world, with the largest indoor theme park in the world, the IMG Worlds of Adventure. You can also find here the largest shopping malls in the world with multiple public beaches that have their handful man-made islands. It also has the world’s largest man created marina and the first rotating skyscraper of the world that is now set to introduce to the public in 2020.

Dubai Tourists destinations

Barcelona, Spain

This is the cities distinguished and diverse architecture which differentiates Barcelona from the other part of the European destinations. The power of Antoni Gaudí may be seen observed throughout the city places like La Sagrada Familia, Güell Park, and Casa Batlló. Some of the other spectacular buildings include the Cathedral of Santa Eulalia, Palace of Catalan Music, and Barri Gótic neighborhood. Another significant building to Barcelona people, the Camp Nou Stadium, this is the dwelling place of one of the top famous soccer teams of the world, the fútbol, FC Barcelona.

Barcelona Spain tourist destination


If you want your time to step back, take a visit at Czech Republic capital up to Gothic structures where you will stretch to Prague Castle starting from an Old Town Square and you will feel that as if you are in a fairy tale, (since Prague Castle is the world’s massive coherent castle complex). You may also want to stroll across Charles Bridge (while at the same time rubbing the 30 statues of Saints for good luck) and have some time to marvel with the Prague Astronomical timepiece.

Prague Tourists destinations

Florence, Italy

With an ancestry that is dated back to 59 B.C. The ancient city is the home of a total of attractions with its oldest building and structure in the city, known as the Battistero. Way back during the 11th century and a skyline were dominated by Duomo ever since the 14th century. Having a visit here is not about taking a tour of the historical sites, but you can also save time to wander the numerous piazze or plazas and sampling the enjoyable regional fare.

Florence Italy tourist destination

New York City

From the music of Frank Sinatra up to Jay Z, there had been countless musicians that have tried to portray the essence of the New York City in a song, but to take an actual impression of a concrete jungle you have to experience it yourself. You may want to cross the landmarks like this Statue of Liberty and their Empire State Building, but there are also cultural pastimes that you find exciting. Take in the Broadway show, shop on the Fifth Avenue or watch people in the Central Park. There are really lots of options here and you will need more than a day trip to witness it all.

New york tourist destination


There is a popular poet in Paris, which says “You cannot escape the Paris past, and that’s what was so amazing about it is their present and past intermingled intangibly that it does not appear to burden” by Allen Ginsberg. The first-time travelers may spend their days immersing up historical sites, like the Château de Versailles, the Arc de Triomphe, and the famous Eiffel Tower. You also need to take pleasure of the city’s chic Arrondissements in the districts, the famous cuisine and the memorable atmosphere of the world.

Paris tourist desination


The slogan says “Keep Calm & Carry On” was made as the drive booster in 1939 for the City, it include the way of life of London. The silly array of sounds, sights, and smells blends with the aged and the current of London. Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey will entrance, visitors who were intrigued by this royal family, while the modern highlights, like Portobello Road Market and the West Ending Theatre District, will plea to the culture hounds. Despite any side of London will capture your heart, the decorum and culture of these different cities are timeless.

London tourist destination

Porto, Portugal

Portuguese City Coastal had all the world-class elements to have a travel destination: the charming architecture, the historical sites, the striking shoreline, and a one of the kind export of port wine. It is called a City of Bridge, this Porto is the home to many iron bridges like the Bridge of Dom Luís I styled by the student of Gustave Eiffel, the Eiffel Tower mastermind. When not appreciating the adorable structures, visitors may relax with the intimate beaches or the sample port wine at the historical cellars like the Sandeman or the Offley.

Porto, Portugal tourists destinations


There is more to the Australian City than their iconic attractions just like the Opera House of Sydney and the Harbour Bridge. Part cultural retreat, part laid-side beach town, and part sprawling metropolis, Sydney had so much facets that pleases a diversity of travelers. Landlubbers and surfers may play along the Bondi Beach, the amateur picture takers may snap photos of the harbor coming from the history buffs and Mrs. Macquarie’s Chair which may get lost in the Museum of Hyde Park Barracks. No matter what is your interest, you are sure to depart from the place, having unique memories that you can only experience in Sydney.

sydney tourists destinations


Rome is considered as the top place to visit in 2017 up to 2018. Although the mystic roots were debated by the historians, the visitors agreed that there is something really mysterious regarding the Eternal City, be it is the ghosts of a Colosseum or a ruin of Roman Forum. Ever since those days of Roman Empire, the capital city of Italy has influenced art, architecture and government. Today it is a cosmopolitan, modern city where business, award-winning cuisine and fashion, complemented the ancient historical sites the city was popular of.

Colosseum in Rome

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