10 Ideal College Graduation Gifts in 2018

The 10 Ideal College Graduation Gifts in 2018

Every year, lots of college seniors are set to say their farewell wave to their school and say hello to office set-up and be an adult. Even if the graduates have already planned something in their life for their first day, still being a first timer is a totally blank slate. The feelings can either be exciting, scary, sad, happy, and somewhat bittersweet.

If you know somebody that is graduating now and you wanted to help them adjust themselves to the actual world, then why not give gifts that they will surely appreciate and the things that they actually need. Of course, money is always the best gift they would wanted and they can choose to buy what they need, but giving gifts will make a thoughtful addition to them and the best replacement for giving the cash that would be greatly appreciated.

Here are 10 best gift ideas and recommended products for a new colleague after a college life.


Fresh grads are likely to turn to be someone else’s assistant. Giving them gift of their personal (digital) assistant is a modern idea. There are speakers now that have voice inside it and will deliver anything from what the forecast is saying, plus a bonus of music that plays when asked. This is not the only function they can give you, since there are still some smart devices that perform an extended task for you to enjoy.

A nice watch

For some reason, watches symbolize adulthood. The reason for this is that, time does not really matter that much not until you graduated from college and is now starting the actual life. Time becomes so quickly and you will then realize that you need to make things happen as you planned for every second really matters. The graduation watch is a good reminder for them of the sad-but-true realities of life. There are popular watches to choose from and your choice of affordable ones.

A nice watch

A new laptop

After years of being in school, his previous laptop has gone through many memories with him. Because of the weakening amount of pressure put on the laptop during the computer college days, this is the best time to have the latest computer. Help your graduate by giving him a new laptop either it is the most popular or the most recommended one.

Drinking glass jars

That moment you graduated, you are also saying goodbye to that solo wine glass. When you are drinking alcohol with the actual world, you have to upgrade and class it up. Those whiskey drinkers would definitely love a monogrammed, sophisticated decanter. The flask will speak for itself that you are already an adult, but of course the fun should still be in there, as what the motto of all the fresh grads says.

A professional wardrobe

It is likely that you will not go to wear sweatshirts and yoga pants just like your daily outfit before. Daily outfit is a big different with office attire. The wardrobes certainly need an upgrade when you go on being professional from being the college student before, and for fresh grads this can be a bit pricey. Help your graduates with the transition of their wardrobes. You may choose either to take them shop with you so they can choose their style or just simply give them a gift card that they can use to shop their wardrobe.

A nice weekend bag

Whether this fresh grad is moved to his new place or heading back home, they are most likely to be always on-the-go. Whether the activity will be a weekend away with the college friends, a night get-away trip, or a work trip, an overnight convenient bag is very important. Of course, a leather luggage or a fancy suitcase is a great choice, but an affordable, convenient gift will be an option for them to choose when going on a trip.

Business card holder

Whether this fresh grad will have his first personalized business cards or he will soon be gathering business cards from companies and friends, he will surely need a holder to place it all, where it can be clean, safe and easy access. This is where the business card holder will come in. There are so many cheaper options for a business card holder and the perfect gift is a trendy graduation promo from the working world where there will be lots of options to choose from. It can either be the classiest or a cheap one can handle it all.

Camera (that’s not in the Smartphone)

If your fresh grad is looking for some “really serious” stuff where it will capture their entering into the whole new world of adult life, then, a perfect present for creative people is a digital camera. The camera is an instrument that will help them record every moment they wanted to treasure and be back on after centuries of being in the cubicle that they will be entering now. They can also use their camera to upgrade their present photos or this can either be their way to realize that there is a career in it and a new professional photographer is on the way. Nobody knows!

A gym membership

Working out for most college students was a totally free access since it is included in their tuition. The moment they graduated from college, their free fitness gym will be a “pay first before use” policy for them. Free gym stops the moment they stop college and so this stuff become expensive for a newly grad especially if he still don’t have any means to fund it. Giving him a membership card with a year class enrolled in a fitness studio will surely a great blessing for him.

A coffee maker

Coffee now becomes a daily part of his immune system and one of the most essential in getting through his day to work well. Paying a pricey coffee in one of the most popular coffee shops will be expensive for a fresh grad, and so giving a long lasting coffee maker buddy for him will be very helpful to save his money. Remember that you are not only giving gifts here, but you are also helping and teaching him how to save and how to be wise in life while spending. Your gift can be a choice of the most durable coffee maker or an espresso machine to make their personalized finest, strong, creamy latte coffee.

A coffee maker

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