Helpful Tips to Communicate With Your Children

Helpful Tips to Communicate With Your Children

How to communicate With Your Children?

We are already raising the 21st-century children. Admit it or not, they are expressive more than you believed. However, they don’t open often about their daily interaction with their so-called second family, which includes the Internet, peer group, and pop culture. What do you as a parent to establish good communication with your kids? How can you them approach appropriately?  Do you need to nag them with their wrongdoings every day?

Here are few recommendations how to make communication be your bridge to build self-esteem and mutual respect among your kids.

Always allot time for your kids

Though you are really working hard for their future, you should still need to make sure that you’re available for them.  Know the time that you both could talk freely such as before bedtime or before dinner.  At this point, show them that you are interested in whatever they say and you are willing to be involved no matter what it is.

Always allot time for your kids

Inform them that you are on their side to listen

Once your children open up a certain concern, stop for a while and then listen. This way, you would allow him/her to express their feelings or anything without hesitation or fear.   You could express your interest here but be careful not be intrusive. They might stop doing it and thus you are just starting to give them a lecture—which is not right. Hear their side though it is really difficult to understand and then after that clarify everything so you could give good pieces of advice on them.

However, never over empathize. There are instances that parents would exaggerate things but most of the time, they do express their fleeting emotions. Once you begin to over-empathize, it could just heighten their feelings and you might end up looking naïve here. So, make sure that you weigh things out properly.

Let them know you’re keeping tabs on them every single time.

This is not to make them feel caged. It is to make them feel that you’re interested on what they are actually doing every day. Got no time since you’re busy as a bee? Family locator GPS apps will come in handy. Parents can use this not only to communicate but as well as track their kid’s activities and safety. 

Don’t forget to give them words of encouragement and positive phrases

Your children do love to feel that they are being appreciated. They need for your positive attention. But unfortunately, many parents find it easier for them to drop negative feedbacks on their children instead of giving them positive feedbacks. Through using and selecting the right word you have to use in particular situation every day, you will be able to build up more active communication between you and your children.

Through talking and listening, you could establish one healthy connection with your kids.  Parenting, one of the most challenging and difficult job in the entire world, is also one of the most satisfying and happiest parts of life. To become a parent is not a job at all, it is a vocation being honed by good communication.

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