4 Photography Tips to Boost Social Media Engagement

4 Photography Tips to Boost Social Media Engagement

Social Media has been a great venue to advertise and engage customers. It is a fast, reliable and inexpensive way to promote products and services.  Every company, large or small can benefit a lot in using social media to reach to their customers. There are even roles that innovated to manage online pages and engage more people, increase audience and followers which help the company’s popularity.

If you are an owner of a start-up business, this is one of your best tools to make your products and services known to the public. You can create articles, surveys, and make an online brochure for all of your products. This is where the most critical decision comes in. Articles and even short post is more effective when paired up with a photograph. Not just an ordinary Photograph but a good one. Photos that can make people stop scrolling down. Something that drives curiosity and interest

Yes, maybe you have got a great camera, a wide and bright space for photo shoot. But you need more than that to produce a great photo that can satisfy people’s eyes. We’re here to help! Try these tips to attract more audience to like your page and read your articles!

Understand your product well

Different products go with different colors, lighting arrangement and positioning. We cannot always get a good shot using flat lay. Taking photos of food for example; getting a picture of it from a high angle is not that enticing especially if we are just featuring one dish. One dish photos is usually better taken sideways and checking the best face of the food. What works for one does not work for all. That is the reason why we need to make sure to take multiple shots in multiple angles. Know what you want your audience to feel after seeing the picture. Should they be hungry and crave for the product? Must they feel excited and in a hurry to purchase? It’s all up to you and your photos.

You should have a story

Have you noticed the recent advertisement that you watched on TV? Or banners posted on the street? Have you noticed something that they have in common? They tell us a story. It can be a little challenge for you to create a concept or a story in one image. You can start with three consecutive pictures that give your audience a story that reflects your products. You have to know your target audience very well to think of ideas that they are most interested in. For example, younger generations are easily captivated of love stories. This is where they can relate the most. At this age is where first love and first heart break usually happens. Be creative in thinking of a picture that gives them the “feels” or emotion.

Photography tips - You should have a story

Polish photos through post-production

Editing photos nowadays has been very easy compared to the process we’re used to in the past. Before, not everyone has the access to editing software as it was expensive and not everyone knows how to use it. Luckily, this generation is full of innovation which allows people, even non- photographer to have an access to these editing tools. Most of it can even be downloaded online. This is very helpful to fix whatever imperfection you can see in the photo. This will also allow you to highlight your product if the shots were not that satisfactory.

Taking Product Photography to the Next Level

Gone are the days of white background and clean sheets backdrop and innovate something to say hello to a new photography trend!

These are years where product photography is possible with just few hours of preparation. You can have access to everything and anything and order all the things that our need online which will be delivered straight to your doorstep. But isn’t it too boring and restricting to follow these rules all the time?

As we bend the rules and create new trend for product photography! Here are some background ideas that you can try to spice up your products and make it attractive!

Use different colors

By this I mean plain colors, start exploring the right color combinations with the color of your product. Dump the white for now and check other colors. If you are too afraid to be bold you can try light pink, blue or green. These colors are soothing to the eye and makes the person looking at it relax. This will lead the consumer look at the picture longer and will see the product presented in front of her eyes.  Your product will be associated to the color of its background. If you want it to be energetic, I suggest you use bright colors like yellow, aqua and lavender, if you want it to appear mysterious, you can use brown, black and gray which also help your product looks elegant.

Photography tips - Use different colors

Show texture

 Looking at a photograph makes us all think that it is just a flat surface and that pictures are just printed on it. That’s true! But imagine showing a picture that makes someone feel what is in it? To feel the water, the rocks, imagine the roughness and the smoothness of the things on that piece of paper. To do this, you need to have a quality camera that can capture even the folds of the leaves. This is perfect for Perfume bottle – on the grass, watches places on top of small rocks, perfectly positioned to showcase its beauty.  You may also have the wine on the seashore, with a perfect shot together with the waves and a lot more. There are different things that you can do even if you DIY your product’s photo.

Use nature

What’s a cheaper and relaxing way to take photos of your product? That’s right, doing it with a beautiful nature. People nowadays spend more time and money to travel. So associating their travel sites would be an easier way to capture their interests. You can take your products photo in a long white beach, one example is Bowmanville beach, you can take a picture with the crystal blue waters that can easily catch people’s attention, you may also drive more than 3 hours to reach Lion’s Head Beach and have the majestic and deep blue water as your back ground. But this is not limited to beaches alone, you may also highlight a product in a dark forest, or overseeing a perfect cone mountain, you and also work your creativity with falls, lakes and rivers.

Photographt tips - Use nature

The list in endless if we let our creativity side think of different backgrounds. You must need to remember that in choosing a background, make sure that it has a connection with your product and that it conveys the message that you want your customers to see. Something enticing that is not only talking to their eyes but also capturing their hearts.

Overall, these are just general tips that you can take note when starting to build your image and brand online. You can also focus on other factors such as backgrounds, lighting and a lot more. Keep on reading and researching especially when you are doing DIY photo shoot.


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