Jerusalem Day

Jerusalem is the capital at the Southern Levant, at the plateau in Judaean Mountains in between the Dead Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. It is included in one of the oldest world cities, and is being considered holy into the three main Abrahamic religions—Christianity, Islam and Judaism. Both the Palestine and the Israel State claimed Jerusalem as their own capital. Israel maintained their primary governmental institutions, and Palestine ultimately predicts it as the seat of power and neither claim is had been widely recognized internationally.

All throughout the long history, Jerusalem had been destroyed for at least twice, beset 23 times, captured, then recaptured 44 times, then attacked 52 times. Part of Jerusalem named as City of David showed initial signs of settlement during the BCE, 4th millennium, in the form of encampments of the nomadic shepherds.


It is also named as Yom Yerushalayim. This is an Israel National holiday commemorated every 28th day of the Iyar, which is the 8th month based on the Hebrew calendar and this year, it just falls on the 5th day of June. It celebrates Jerusalem reunification and the founding of Israeli control on top of the Old City right after the 6-day war counter with the Jordanian force in 1967. This day is marked of unlike events like the recitations of Hallel prayer at Synagogues, lectures over Jerusalem history, street parades, parties, and memorial services for everyone that died during the 6-day war and also state ceremonies.


Israel declared their independence in 1948 shortly after that, the country was attacked by the Arab countries that resulted in the Israeli-Arab War and lasted for almost 10 months starting from 1948 of May 15, to 1949 of March 10.

The war finished with the Israel victory, Jordanian half-done victory, and the Egyptian and the Palestinian defeats. The aftermath of this war, Jerusalem had been divided as the Israeli forces controlled almost all the city while the Old City and the East Jerusalem were controlled by the Jordanian forces.

This Old City housed many religious monuments and had been the best place strategically. Places like the Church of Holy Sepulchre (Christian), al-Aqsa Mosque and Dome of the Rock (Muslim), the Kotel or Western Wall and the Temple Mount (Jewish) amongst others had been within Old City and the Israel forces sought to recover the place.

The 6-day war between Jordan and Israel started on 1967, of June 6, and Old City had been captured in the following day. The war ended on June 11 because of the cease-fire that resulted in reunification of Jerusalem being part of Israel. On the calendar of Hebrew, this day fall on 28th day of an Iyar month and is now being used to celebrate Jerusalem day.

The following year in 1968 of May, the 28th of the Iyar had been set as the holiday to indicate Jerusalem unification, and then years below the line in year 1998, the Israel government passed this Jerusalem Day Law for officially making the day as a national holiday. This day keep o being celebrated by Jewish community outside and inside Israel. This day is not one public holiday, since businesses here have standard opening hours.


1948 – Israel Independence

Israel declared their independence and the Israeli-Arab war begins.

1949 – Arab-Israeli War Ended

The Arab-Israel war ended with the Israeli victory and then a part of Jordanian victory.

1967 – Six-Day War

This six-day war in between Jordan and Israel starts with Israel having control over Old City.

1968 – Unofficial Holiday

This 28th day during Iyar is set to be a holiday to indicate Jerusalem unification.

1998 – Government Sets the Jerusalem Day

The Israel government passed the Law of Jerusalem Day to officially mark this day their national holiday.


1. Recite the prayer of Hallel

2. Celebrate the day through receeding the prayer of Hallel. It is the prayer that is being recited by the observant Jews during on Jewish holiday as the act of thanksgiving and praise.

3. Prepare an extraordinary meal

4. Visit the Jewish restaurant or prepare the extraordinary Jewish meal to eat a pleasant Jewish meal. In the end, what is a celebration without a feast?

5. Attend the street parade. Attending the street parade to commemorate the day and there are so many street parades, you will just need to pick one then attend and enjoy.


1. What is the major language in Israel? – Israel main language is Hebrew.

2. What is the name in Hebrew for Jerusalem? – A Hebrew name for the word Jerusalem is ‘Yerushalayim.’

3. How strong is the military in Israel? – In year 2022, military strength n Israel is ranked in 18 out of the 142 countries.


1. There is snow in Jerusalem. Israel country is mostly wilderness; however, during an elevation of more than 700 meters over sea level, Jerusalem will tend to remain cool and even encounters snow.

2. The country houses the oldest cemetery in the world. Jerusalem’s Mount of Olives had been known as the oldest active burial spot in the world that houses over 150,000 Jewish graves.

3. This is considered a walled city. Jerusalem walls are around 40 feet tall, 8 feet thick and 2.5 miles long.

4. The structures are look alike. The municipal law makes sure that every structure in the city will be covered in the stone of Jerusalem to preserve its city’s historical look.

5. The fastest-growing high-technology hub in the world. Jerusalem is mostly famous for its historical meaning, but it has been called also as the ‘Hi-Tech Capital’ due to the many technological investments being composed here.


1. It teaches the people about the history. Jerusalem Day guides in teachings regarding how the day approached. People, especially those younger ones, had to understand the history.

2. It commemorates their fallen heroes. This day celebrates those heroes that have fought to take Jerusalem to where they had been now. The fallen heroes should not be forgotten and this Jerusalem Day commemorates them.

3. It preserves their culture. Being aware of Jerusalem history will help the people see the necessity to preserve their cultural values. In the end, some of the cultural values can be lost, but the celebrations like this Jerusalem Day will help them to be check.

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