Mother’s Day

Motherhood is a job that’s frequently exasperating and ever-changing. Moms do not get days off, do not get generous pensions, nor do they take handsome salaries. Instead, the rewards they receive come in the forms of necklaces made from elbow macaroni, sticky kisses, and the pleasure of seeing their kids grow up to become healthy and happy adults and that is probably not an adequate compensation so then give your Mom a special gift or an extra hug this special Mother’s Day.


The celebrations go back into the ancient times when the Romans and the Greeks held festivity just in honor of those mother goddesses Cybele and Rhea. However, the untimely Christian festival called as “Mothering Sunday remains as the current precursor. This European custom fell on the 4th Sunday in Lent. Lots of people believed the faithful will come back on this moment to the “mother church”— the key church nears the house for that special service. This Mothering Sunday tradition changes over time into the more secular holiday wherein the kids would give flowers to their mothers and some other kind of gifts. This tradition would blend in the American Day for Mother’s in year 1930s and 1940s.

The American poet and author Julia Ward Howe, wrote “The Battle Hymn of Republic,” turned to be the editor of the Woman’s Journal, this magazine is widely-read suffragist in 1872. During this time, she wrote the “Appeal to womanhood all throughout the world,” that would be called as the Proclamation of Mother’s Day. The document asked the women to battle for world peace next both to Franco-Prussian War and Civil War. Howe then launched the failed attempt to begin the “Mother’s Day” commemoration on June 2. After two decades, Howe suggested the celebration of Mother’s Day every July 4. It failed to start also, but set a stage for the future attempt.

Then Anna Jarvis successfully set off Mother’s Day right after her mother known as Ann Reeves Jarvis, passed away in 1905. Jarvis take note that Mother’s Day must have the “solo possessive,” so every family may honor their own mother — as a resist to every mother. Jarvis, who neither had children nor married, organized the first ever official celebration of Mother’s Day in May 1908. The Philadelphia department store landlord known as John Wanamaker lent the financial support to this cause. That similar month thousands of individuals attended the Mother’s Day event in one of the Wanamaker’s stores.

Jarvis then soon lobbied to create the Mother’s Day be included in the national holiday — recommending the prominent Americans to unite the effort. Then in 1912 many churches, states, and towns have adopted the Mother’s Day as a yearly event. Jarvis started also the International Association for Mother’s Day. President Wilson soon established the 2nd Sunday of May as the Mother’s Day celebration in 1914 and Hallmark start selling the Mother’s Day cards during the early 1920.

Jarvis’ love affair in this holiday that she worked really hard to begin did not last, that she finally grew to resent the commercial appeal. As greeting cards and florist companies start to cash in, Jarvis soured on the thought of the national day — urging the people to stop on buying cards, candies and flowers. Jarvis use most of her wealth hiring attorneys in filing lawsuits against those groups using the word “Mother’s Day.” She tried to convince the federal administration to take it out from the calendar.


1868 – Started with a Peacemaker – Toward fostering companionship between mothers during those times of Civil War, Ms. Ann Jarvis starts the day of ‘Mother’s Friendship’ moment.

1908 – Continue the Legacy – The daughter of Ann, Anna Reeves Jarvis established the day of observation to give honor to her mother.

1914 – Making this day Official – Next with the founding of the 2nd Sunday of May as the day for Mother’s by Anna Jarvis, the President Woodrow Wilson passed the law to make this day be included in the national holiday.

2018 – Mom Dearest – About $23 billion had been spent on dinners and gifts on Mother’s Day.


In most countries, the Mother’s Day is the observance taken from the celebration as it has progress in the US, promoted by companies like “Mr. Wife LTD” someone that saw benefit when it became famous. As adopted by some cultures and countries, the holiday has diverse meaning it is associated with the different events like legendary, religious, or historical and is being celebrated on diverse dates also.

In some cases, states already had existing festive honoring motherhood, and the celebrations then adopted some of the external characteristics from US holidays like the giving of carnations and some others are presents to their mothers.

The extent of these celebrations differs greatly. In some states, it is potentially unpleasant to one’s mother to not mark Mother’s Day. While in some others, it is that little-known festive celebrated mainly by the immigrants, or being covered by media as the taste of foreign cultures.


In some habitual branches of Christianity, this holiday is strongly link with revering with the Virgin Mary. While in some Catholic, Anglican and Lutheran homes, families have the exclusive shrine on their house altar devoted with the Virgin Mary, the Blessed Mom. In lots of Eastern Orthodox and Eastern Catholic Churches, an exclusive prayer service is being held to give honor to Theotokos Virgin Mary.

While in Islam, there’s no concept about Mother’s Day, but Quran teaches their kids should give concern to love their mothers over their father.

And in Hindu tradition, the Mother’s Day is being known as “Mother Pilgrimage Fortnight” or “Mata Tirtha Aunshi” and is being celebrated in states with the Hindu population, particularly in Nepal, where the mothers are being honored with a special food. The holiday is then observed during new moon day during the Baisakh month like April or May. This celebration had been based on the religion of Hindu and the pre-dates are the creation of that US-inspired celebration through at least some centuries.

Lastly in Buddhism, the festive of Ullambana had beentaken from the tales of Maudgalyayana and the mother.

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