Labor Day Philippines

Labor Day Philippines has been yearly celebrated every 1st of May to celebrate the hardworking Filipinos from across the country. For the Filipinos, it is famous called as the “Araw ng Manggagawa”. People in the Philippines spend and relax their day with their friends and especially their families. At Malacanang and in the major cities such as Manila, labor parades and movements are part of the commemorations. These activities draw awareness to the complaints that include the inhumane working conditions, minimum wage, and some other matters that undermine the employee’s rights. Each of the hardworking Filipino is commemorating on this day, whatever their job is.


The Labor Day Philippines had been initially celebrated on the 1st of May of 1903. More than 100,000 staffs were organized by the first labor organization of the country, the UODF or “Union Obrera Democratica de Filipina,” to march from Plaza Moriones of Tondo to Malacanang. These employees demanded and protested for the fair wages and for a better working condition from the former American-led government. This event is being considered as one of the primary protests in the boulevards of Manila.

This U.O.D.F. was initially formed in 1902 of February by “Herminigildo Cruz and Isabelo Delos Reyes” to defend the human rights of the labor class while under the American occupation. In year 1902 of August, the American-led administration arrested Delos Reyes of sedition, rebellion, and of “conspiracy to raise a labor price.” Post his catch, “Dominador Gomez” thrive him. Under the rule of Dominador Gomez, the U.O.D.F. head the march alongside the 100,000 workers, wherein he was arrested also on the similar grounds like Delos Reyes. After five years, on 1908 of April 8, a bill was passed by the Philippine Assembly recognizing Labor Day on May 1. It has been declared as the national holiday.

The primary celebration of Labor Day was held on 1913 of May 1, when Herminigildo Cruz, another U.O.D.F. founder put together Congreso Obrero de Filipinas. This party ordered fair working settings for the labor sectors with an end to any kind of child labor, an 8-hour working day, an equal labor values for the women and the employers’ liability to the employees. Labor Day had been synonymous with rallies and demonstrations organized by a labor sector ever since 1903. To encourage the Philippine administration to raise the rate for minimum wage, abolish the labor contractual base work and to control the market fuel prices, over 40 labor federations have joined forces to make that NAGKAISA coalition in year 2012.


1902 – U.O.D.F. was developed

Herminigildo Cruz and Isabelo delos Reyes together formed the U.O.D.F.

1903 – The March

Over 100,000 Filipino workers marched against that American-led administration to demand fairer worked conditions.

1908 – Declaration of Labor Day

The Philippine Assembly passed the bill to identify Labor Day on May 1st and to declare it as a national holiday.

1913 – First Celebration

Philippines hold the first ever Labor Day celebrations.


1. What is this Labor Day Philippines?

Uncover the record of this Araw ng Paggawa, the day rooted in the Filipino workers’ struggles. May 1 is the Philippines’ Labor Day and it recognizes the immense offerings of the Filipino workers overseas and at home to the economic and social development of the country.

2. What is this R.A. 11058 law in the Philippines?

A present R.A. 11058 law modified the 41-year-old Code of Labor and applied to every establishments, locations, and projects, including the Philippine economic zones, excluding the public sector.

3. Is working 7 days in a week authorized in the Philippines?

There is no employee that can work more than 8 hours in one day, base on the labor code law in the Philippines.

4. Is May 1 a double wage in the Philippines?

Absolutely! The workers who are working on Labor Day will get paid double to their salary base on the labor code law in the Philippines.


1. It gives us that work break we need.

Labor Day gives everybody the break they need from their work. You can celebrate and relax the day with your friends and family. You can spend this day by watching many documentaries movies which are now available online.

2. This day will make sure of the fair rights to all workers.

Philippines Labor Day will make sure fair rights to every worker. Regardless of the sector that you work for, this is the day to make sure you are being fairly treated.

3. It celebrated those who have struggled for the better working conditions.

Having that fair working situations had been the long-drawn battle through the years. This day honors those that have fought for the suitable working environment and those who keep it.


1. Learn about the history of Labor Day.

Celebrate the day through discovering about the Labor Day history of the Philippines. It helps to understand the people who have fought for the rights of the workers.

2. Buy some local products.

Buy Philippine-made products to celebrate this day. It encouraged the Filipino workers and it promotes a production of the more locally-made goods.

3. Watch a documentary.

You can celebrate the day through watching a documentary film. There are many documentaries about the formation of the Philippines Labor Day and child labor globally is now available online and can be an excellent to watch to commemorate this Labor Day. You can choose from fictionalized struggles up to the documented triumphs, and these movies will offer your entire family the relaxing way to give honor to “Araw ng Paggawa.”

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