Christmas Jumper Day

The most delightful time every year is taking with it the Christmas Jumper Day and will be celebrated now in the U.K. this 8th of December of this year. From the ugly sweaters to the cozy mock collars, we cannot think of a lot funnier means of getting into the soul of this season than wearing the most favorite Christmas jumper of everyone. Better yet, enjoy the celebration of giving by putting funds for the best reason for the Christmas Jumper Day.


It really is a heartwarming scene to witness everyone from your colleagues to your grandparents to do their favorite and most of the times craziest festive wearing their jumpers during the day for Christmas Jumper Day. Although, it is fun to always see reindeers, famous characters and elves from the pop culture on attires everywhere, the day served as the more essential agenda. The main concentration of this custom is to money and awareness for kids that are really in need.

The Christmas Jumper Day had been initiated by the ‘Save the Children’ – the reputable charity devoted to the privileges of kids on 14th of December, 2012. The fundraiser had been annually hosted by an organization, where in everybody has been encouraged to be involved by wearing their most creative Christmas jumpers. There’s no set date to the holiday but has always been celebrated on the Friday from a couple of days or weeks before the actual day of Christmas.

Through the past years now, the notion for this day had been wholeheartedly embraced by the whole nation, with lots of A-list celebrities that are expressing their support to this cause and there are also some other citizens going to their best lengths to boost the fundraising.

Donations of about a minimum of £1 or £2 for the youngsters and the children had been contributed to this Save the Children group by those people wearing their creative knitwear on a special dedicated day. The total amount is being used to help the children to be healthy, acquire education, to stay nourished with proper food and to change their future!


1950 – Initial Appearance

The ‘Jingle Bell Sweaters’ or the Ugly Christmas sweaters became famous with the wider commercialization of Christmas Day.

2001 – The Rebirth of the Trend

The ‘Ugly’ Christmas wear had been again the mainstream and many thanks to Mr. Colin Firth for wearing one from his film ‘Bridget Jones’ Diary.’

2012 – A Wooly Brilliant!

The primary Christmas Jumper Day has been launched on 14th of December by the ‘Save the Children’ group.

2016 – The New Team Kit

The ‘Arsenal’ team Footballers supported the cause when they wore blue sweaters with the Reindeers on them.


1.How much does the Christmas Jumper Day raised?

So far, there is around 4 million pounds that have been donated into this yearly fete, so it’s absolutely worth taking part and making it their regular feature of the Christmas customs.

2.How to donate to the Christmas Jumper Day?

Anyone can donate to this cause by going straight to this Save the Children site for further data. You can also record for the occasion and be the receiver of the free fundraising package.

3. Can you wear the Christmas jumper during Boxing Day?

Yes of course! There is no reason why you cannot. The Christmas spirits lingers on even right after the celebrations is already over.


1.Take out you most favorite sweater!

You do not necessarily have to get the latest sweater for the season. You can always take or digyou’re your vintage sweaters or you can what your dear grandmother weave for you. You may also try jazzing your attire by putting some adding motifs and sequins for the Christmas season.

2. Participate in the charity events

Christmas takes with it the present of giving. Donate voluntarily or generously in the local events when there are being hosted. The contributions will absolutely make the difference!

3. Host the Christmas Jumper Contest

Show off your best sweater or you can just be at ease with your tackiest and ugliest sweater. Whether you are with your family or your friends, see whoever has the most outstanding knitwear.


1.Oh, Canada!

The place of Vancouver, Canada claimed to be the primary place of the primary ugly sweater party being hosted.

2. Ugly buy.

The ugly Christmas sweater retailed for £450 at Nordstorm.

3. Sweater Weather

The punch song of ‘The Neighborhood’ assisted in boosting the sales of sweaters through the years.

4. It is in the name

This ‘ugly sweater’ term has been coined from the dialogue in a movie entitled ‘National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.’


  1. What is not to adore about the casual comfy knitwear?

In the longest time now, Christmas themed attire has been taken into consideration as tacky and gaudy. It is so glad to witness a revival of this style in the recent years! From the thrift stores to the high-end styler, it is really adorable to have the best Christmas design!

2. Tis’ a season to be grateful and jolly!

While it is certainly the light-hearted celebration, this is a time to also reflect on the blessings we are receiving and also be grateful to all the bad, the good, and most essentially, to the beliefs in miracles and the better things that will come our way.

3. Making this world the best place, a sweater one at a time.

The truth is, it does not take that much to impact a change. Just a simple act of making a donation and wearing a sweater will give smiles upon those children faces and will make their lives even much better. We’re all after for the best cause, particularly when it’s so easy and so much fun to support with!

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