How to Select the Perfect Teddy Bear For You

Have you ever questioned why Mr. Bean couldn’t leave his home without his Teddy? Teddy is Mr. Bean’s teddy bear. His Teddy isn’t just a toy to him, but also a companion. When you give a crying toddler a huggable teddy bear, he will stop crying and will then smile. When you give it to the upset individual, his eyes may light up. The teddy bear possessed the magical power that will make someone smile at every phase of life. It’s a gift that will say “I care”. It brings back those childhood memories, permitting you to become a child once more.

Birth of the first Teddy Bear

It is named after the well-loved president of America Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt. This was born because of the bear hunting trip happening on 1902 of November in Mississippi wherein President Roosevelt rejects to shoot the pitiable American dark bear that has been clubbed and attached to the tree by a president’s man. He stated that shooting one defenseless bear will unsportsmanlike. His act catapulted him to being identified as a sympathetic and principled man, causing the cartoonist to editorial his heroic gesture. Unknown to both and being inspired by this, German Richard Steiff and American Morris Michtom almost simultaneously made, exhibited and marketed their first ever soft toy Teddy bear which gained widespread fame. It became a craze that lots of companies joined in.

Teddy bears are really loved by adults and children alike. This iconic toy had been a collector’s gem. The earlier edition of this capture an actual image of the real bear, but the modern ones had been created to appear adorable and babylike. Teddy bears have been a famous gift that symbolizes love. It is a tangible expression also of felicitations and sympathy.

Teddy bears and its kind

There are so many kinds of soft Teddy bears that you can select on and will differ from species to their materials used and the brand. The showcased bear specie is the first ever American Black bear, Polar bear, Panda and Grizzly bear. All of which had been called as Teddy bears.

And because this soft toy captured the many hearts of adults and children from around the globe, there are lots of companies that bested on each other with a personal brand icon. The one to beat collectibles are the Steiff Harlequin bear, Michtom’s mohair Teddy’s bears, Knickerboxer bear, Hershey’s bear, Teddy Ruxpin & Care Bears, and the Gund & Ty bear. The companies also marketed a bear character icon that has gained a massive following up to now: Winnie the Pooh, Pudsey, Corduroy, Paddington, Rupert, and Sooty.

There are soft Teddy bears known individually by their materials. One will be the Mohair bear. It is made of the combed long goat fur or hair shorn that is dyed, trimmed and woven. The Alpaca bear has been created of an alpaca’s pelt. There had been born that are made of synthetic fur or “plush”, denim, velour, canvas, satin and cotton.

They even called of the Teddy bears as “stuffed plush animals” then get away together with it.

Picking a perfect teddy bear

Since it is nearly teddy bear’s day, let us make your every cent spent to buy bears be worth it! And so, how will you know that you are buying the perfect bear gift?

  • The safest option to give the young kids is a joined teddy bear. This has a lesser risk of being rambled when the kids tried to pull the bear a part.
  • If a bear has a jointed part, you can take an experiment on the form to make it funnier to play with. You’ll be able to make it stand or sit or you can raise their hands. Check that every part will not be easily worn out from the socket after some time of playing.
  • To evade the kids from choking hazards, check the eyes and nose being properly sewn into its cloth. There are soft teddy bears that have eyes and noses simply glued only onto the cloth, which will make it prone to becoming detached if the kids will play with it.
  • The joints should be thin and almost not seen as visible seams aren’t aesthetically pleasing.
  • For the stuffed bears, checking that every part is proportionally stuffed. Every part must be proportional to a bear’s size. Try pressing the parts to be sure that its shape is retained.
  • Consider safety first always! Watch out for those unworn noses and eyes, uneven and thick seams that will be simply pulled out by a bit exploring hands, uneven body parts, carelessly placed or jointed heads, legs, and arms and uneven stuffing. Never compromise on the quality of your teddy bears! Remember to always choose the materials that you will like best.

Long or short pile fur

When selecting your teddy bear for your child, the heap of the fur of the bear should also be considered. The short pile fur has been better suited to little kids and toddlers since the fur seems to come out, particularly when the kid bites the bear. Parents can choose the fabric toys for their babies.

Give someone a bear hug

The bear hug from someone to a friend can transform a gloomy day into a good and bright day until you have the best day. It is what a teddy bear magic is giving when nobody else is around for you to hug you, you can just hug a bear! Truly, it’s a thing of beauty where such a simple toy or a soft teddy bear could unearth within us such a burst of simple joys.

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