The 10 Best Chefs of the World

To be asked who you considered are the best chefs of the world is really a tough question to answer because you are not only answering from a particular state but from the world’s best of the bests. With no approved world ranking and there are so many versatile sorting like the TV chefs, plus, pastry chefs, and different cuisine chefs, it is not an easy task.

Now here are 10 most famous chefs of the world and let you alone judge our choices:

Wolfgang Puck

He is an Austrian-American chef, the actor Wolfgang Puck has been a restaurateur and has been forced to be imagined with. He had more than 30 restaurants or eating places under his belt, Puck has been known for the modern French cooking that is in American kitchens. Puck famously catered for the wedding of Kim Kardashian to Chris Humphries way back in 2011. He is also a normal guest judge of the MasterChef and Hell Kitchen. He was starred in the CSI, Las Vegas, The Muse and The Simpsons. He wrote 6 books for cooking in different years.

Jamie Oliver

The British restaurateur and chef Jamie Oliver has been considered as one of the most loved chefs in the world. Not only because he makes and craft tasty, simple recipes, but he is a dynamic campaigner for needy youth, he had 35 personal TV shows, a father to his five children and he had advertise 26 cookbooks. His top-selling cookbook, the 30 Minute Meals break the records in 2010 that sells over 735,000 numbers of copies in just 10 weeks and becoming the fastest-selling true life volume of all time in Britain. He had restaurant chain that went into administration just last May 2019.

Heston Blumenthal

He is the chef you will not forget because of his signature black edges to his unique and innovative dishes. He is considered as one of the most famous chefs in the world. He is one big believer in applying scientific methods has been in his cooking, which leads to his awarding of honorary degrees coming from Reading, London and Bristol universities. This British chef owns 4 restaurants and a regular guest also on MasterChef and with some other TV series. Heston Blumenthal also wrote 8 cook books in different years for your adventure to a perfect cuisine.

Ferran Adria

The list of the best chefs in the world will not be complete without this Spanish chef, Chef Ferran Adria. Chef Adria was named as one of the greatest chefs in the world for so many times together with his bistro elBulli been named 5 times as the greatest restaurant in the world. He decided to close his 3 Michelin star restaurant during 2011 to concentrate on writing culinary encyclopedias and has also been credited with making the “culinary foam” that has been by the chefs from around the world. He already wrote 11 cook books in different years and some of those books were of the same title of the first one being published.

Marco Pierre White

Hail as the first ever celebrity chef, television personality, restaurateur, and British chef, Marco Pierre White has been considered as one of the most celebrated chefs in the world. At age 32, he turned to be the primary British chef and the youngest chef of all to have been rewarded with three Michelin stars. Marco Pierre White has also guided some of the greatest chefs in the world such as Curtis Stone, Shannon Bennett and Gordon Ramsay. He had around 9 total restaurants and had written 6 cookbooks in all.

Gordon Ramsay

He is affectionately named as one of the fieriest chefs in the world. Gordon Ramsay’s temper had to where his fame is in now. He is no novice if it deals with the big screen starring such as in Hell’s Kitchen, Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares, The F Word, and in the American series like MasterChef, Hotel Hell, MasterChef Junior, and this American version of the Hell’s Kitchen and the Kitchen Nightmares. He had a total of 10 restaurants and had written so many manuscripts or as many as 26 cook books in all, which only tells that he does really love cooking and writing at the same time, and just love to share it to anyone that inspires him to write.

Shannon Bennett

He is well known with his French-inspired cooking, Shannon Bennett is one Australian chef that has made quite the name for him both in national and global. He is the usual guest on the series Masterchef Australia and he is the Audi ambassador who is the recognized for his artistic menus as the Head Chef in Melbourne eating place, the Vue de monde, a fine dining restaurant in Australia. He had his 6 other restaurants also and had written 8 cookbooks in all.

Thomas Keller

He is the first ever American chef that is included on this list. Chef Thomas Keller has been a drive to be considered with. He has been also the recipient in 1997 as America’s Best Chef and has been the perennial winner during the yearly Top 50 Restaurants in the World. He presently holds 7 Michelin stars to sum it all. He had also the credits of catering for Vanity Fair Oscars After Party last 2018. He had the total of 6 restaurants with 5 total cook books that he wrote.

Curtis Stone

Curtis Stone has been considered as one of the most celebrated chefs in Australia. He had rise to fame right after his appearance on a series of The Celebrity Apprentice. He started his cooking in as early as age 4 under the guidance and help of his grandmother. Stone career had seen him to transfer to Los Angeles. He appeared on Surfing the Menu, Saturday Kitchen, Good Food Live, and Dinner in the Box TV shows. Not only that, he became also the host in the first ever season of the game series My Kitchen Rule in Australia and has been now the look of Coles Supermarkets. He had 2 restaurants and had published 6 cookbooks of different years.

Emeril Lagasse

He is considered as the father of the “New New Orleans” design. Emeril Lagasse is also considered as one of the greatest chefs in the world. It is predicted that his media portfolio, restaurants and products generates higher each year. He had been also the recipient of this National Best Recipe reward winner for the ‘Turkey & Hot Sausage Chili’, a recipe in the year 2003. In 2002, he established a foundation, Emeril Lagasse Foundation, which makes educational opportunities for the disadvantaged children. He wrote 10 cook books in all.

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