Top 10 Tourist Spots in Nashville, Tennessee

The capital city of Tennessee is Nashville and it is located centrally in the state next to the Cumberland River. Nashville starts building its reputation for being the center of the country music for 100 years past in the making of the radio place dedicated to Grand Ole Opry. This city is now the home to Country’s Music Hall of Fame & the Music Row. It is one of the top and the famous music-themed walks which is Music City Walk of Fame that can be found on Nashville “Music Mile.”

The city is your jumping-off point, so you can explore the other parts of Tennessee. There are lots of historical attractions, with the Civil War sites and the old plantations that are no more over a half-hour of driving. There are lots of hiking trails all around Nashville that offer the chance to become active.

Here are the 10 tourist destinations that you can check out in Nashville:

1. Grand Ole Opry


Grand Ole Opry had been the longest-operating radio series in the US. Since its initial broadcast in 1925, this Opry has presented over 5,000 shows. It keeps on contributing to the identity of Nashville as the Music City.

In the year 1974, the place for the show transferred from Ryman Auditorium to their Grand Ole Opry 4,000-seat House northeast of the downtown. Throughout the history, performers had been entertaining fans of the country, old-time music, bluegrass, and gospel along with the famous music and comedy.

2. Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum

This Country Music Hall of Fame & Museum can be found at the heart of the downtown. The high windows of the striking building cleverly similar to the keys of the piano and the museum present the multimedia display of the historical performances, costumes, and memorabilia, instruments, gold and records. Some other highlights may include the Cadillac that personally belonged to Elvis Presley, a massive forty-foot guitar, a recording booth and a tour bus. Guided tours of their nearby historical RCA Studio B will be available too.

Tour yourself by the museum and improve your experiences with an audio backup of celebrities like Dolly Parton. Visit a tour bus replica to record your specific country music song. Look for that gold record of the favorite bestselling state music album from a thousand on display along with the many walls.

3. Downtown Nashville

At the core of every city, there are places that had been a destination and Music City has the Downtown Nashville. Lots of go-to music lures in the city were located in the Downtown Nashville. These museums are giving honor to the best-known music performers of the country like Johnny Cash and their Country Music Hall of Fame & Museum. Broadway is a hub for an evening in this neon-lighted district, where the live country music waft is out in the street. While wandering by the Downtown Nashville and encountering its contemporary visitor attractions, you’re chasing in the footsteps about the past of the city. Evidence of the primitive settlers can be discovered along the Cumberland River shores at the Fort Nashborough, which gives self-guided tours. Downtown Nashville views will feature landmarks that you’ll see from John Seigenthaler Pedestrians Bridge.

4. Johnny Cash Museum

Johnny Cash also known as “Man in Black,” has a hardscrabble life which he surmounted in winning 13 times of the Grammy award, and becoming one of its most beloved country music stars. Among their exhibits, the museum presents handwritten lyrics for the two of the popular 1,500 songs Cash being recorded.” Johnny Cash’s costumes, artwork, marriage licenses, songs, instruments, and letters are on display. There is a museum store also where you can purchase souvenirs, and the café next door, wherein you can purchase whatever you needed to fuel the added hour of touring a museum.

Also, take a trip upstairs to visit their Patsy Cline Museum. Watch videos, personal items and memorabilia of this gifted and talented country music star. Sad to say, her career of being the music star tragically ended in a plane crash when she was just 30 years old.

5. Gaylord Opryland Resort

Enjoy their most famous asset: collection of 50,000 humid plants and many of them are extraordinary international specimens. Its magnificent exhibition is an olfactory and a visual feast, housed on the 9-acres of indoors space and attended by twenty full-time horticulturalists. About 1/5 of their collection is at the Garden Conservatory, that features banana trees 60 ft. tall and palm trees. The plants were really tall and they had to install in a glass-topped atrium just before its construction.

Delta Atrium is the 3rd largest garden. It will usher you to the subtropical plants zones which you can explore within the delta flatboat. Pass underneath the Wishing Banyan trees and make your wish. Admire the exotic black olive trees, mahoganies dripping that had Spanish moss of over 100 palm trees, camellias, banana trees, and gardenias. Marvel at the entry of Delta Mansion, glorified through the two 40-feet Southern magnolias.

6. Nashville Zoo

This Nashville Zoo is the best place for visitors with kids. Explore the African plains, delve into the South American rainforests, and discover numerous Asian animals. More than 350 species and 3,000 animals can be viewed, with clouded leopards, Sumatran tigers, Baird’s tapirs, and toucans. The animals here reside in the habitats that represented their natural surroundings.

Lorikeet Landing permits you to come in an aviary and become surrounded by about 85 Australian parrots. You can also ride to the Wilderness Express Train and Wild Animal Carousel. Kids will naturally know what they will do with the large Jungle Gym of the zoo, where they can crawl, explore, slide, swing, and climb. The Soaring-eagle Zip Line will make your visit to the new heights.

7. Cheekwood Estates and Gardens

The Cheekwood Estates and Gardens had been a luxurious 55-acres haven of grace and peace. This elegant park-resemblance setting is the tranquil spot to visit during sunny days. The galleries of the contemporary arts in the historic manor exemplified the Cheekwood’s commitment into the arts and the arts preservation.

Then after your mansion tour and at the indoor collection of Cheekwood, step onto a Sculpture Trail to encounter creatively landscaped installations with “Glass Bridge for the Nashville.” Wonder at the variety of garden influences and designs and the range of shrubs and trees, especially when blossoming season. The historic attractions are hosting regular music performances also like “under the stars” concerts series during summertime.

8. Belmont Mansion

The Belmont Mansion was built in 1850 and it is the biggest antebellum house in Nashville, Tennessee. It is believed as one of its finest mansions of their kind in the US. Many rooms had been preserved with more of the original furnishings and décor. Designed in the fashion of the Italian villa, this mansion presents elaborated gardens with outbuildings. The Belmont has stable art exhibits also.

Entering the Belmont Mansion, a historic splendor of this building is improved by original statues, furniture, and paintings by American artists. Chasing a guided introduction, you’re free to explore this mansion. During the holiday season, one of the peak things to do here is to attend the Christmas Tour. You will witness the mansion clothe in Victorian ornaments and learn also about the 19th-century holiday customs.

9. Lane Motor Museum

The Museum showcases a nigger collection of vehicles and most of which came from Europe, but includes exhibits from the US and Japan also. The collection includes a tiny French-made minicar that has a room for only a person and will require no driver’s license. Amid the vintage cars, there had been streamlined Adler coupes date back to 1930s. The motorcycle compilation includes the folding scooter from 1964.

The museum isn’t just a space to display vehicles. It is a showplace for transportations that had been restored, as direct as possible to its initial condition. The museum placed its engineering expertise also into creating a duplicate of one of its most unusual vehicles ever made–the “1933 Dymaxion”. A brainchild of the Buckminster Fuller, styled the geodesic dome, the streamlined vehicle is not unusual. It appears like it can power an ET. Only three prototypes had been produced. Its museum displays around 150 vehicles from the collection of over 580.

10. General Jackson Showboat

This General Jackson Showboat has been the modern edition of the 1800 classic 4-deck paddle-wheels steamship. The showboat is the best way to get the music fix of the country while cruising over the Cumberland River.

The pleasant outing tenders an exclusive view of its cityscape coming from the water during the evening. A highlight is passing beneath John Seigenthaler Pedestrians Bridge. Everything is included here like southern cooking for a dinner or lunch cruise, unsurpassed view of Nashville, Tennessee, the Cumberland River and the onboard entertainment.

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