It’s National Barbie Day

Barbie is the fashion doll that was manufactured by the American toy company and designed by a businesswoman Ruth Handler and her creation of this doll is by the use of a German doll named as Bild Lilli as an inspiration.

Barbie has been the figurehead of the brand of the Mattel dolls and its accessories, with the other collectible dolls and family member dolls. Barbie has been a vital part of the market of a toy fashion doll for over decades now and had been the topic of the many lawsuits and numerous controversies, usually involving parodies of this doll and her lifestyles. Mattel had sold more than a billion of Barbie dolls, and make this as the most profitable line and the largest company of dolls.

History of Barbie Day

Barbie has been inspired by Lilli, the German doll that had misogynistic attributed and had the more “adult” charm. From this notion, Mattel toy company co-founder, Ruth Handler was inspired to make the doll that has been the grown woman. In year 1956, while their family was on vacation, Handler first met the Lilli doll where she noticed how charmed Barbara was, her 15 years old daughter. Before the making of Barbie, most dolls were children or babies. Handler’s vision had been to make the doll that had been a grown anatomy of a female. Over the next years, Handler worked in the design of an American, wholesome doll. Named after Barbara, her daughter, Barbie debuted in 1959, in the American Global Toy Fair. There are crowds of people that instantly adored this Barbie doll.

The first ever Barbie doll had been available in a body type. Over 60 years since its commencement to the public, this Barbie doll was a friend and a role model to the adults and the children throughout. Reimagined in lots of ways and challenging the norms of the society, Barbie was really an important part of the transformation, particularly for the girls.

The toy company Mattel had made many changes to the doll’s anatomy throughout the time to counter the critics and the claims that Barbie was a misogynist. In year 1963, Midge had been created as the best friend of Barbie, then, chase by Teresa, Khen, and Christie, to dismiss the claims and broadened the appeal of Barbie as the family-friendly doll.

Compiled random facts you never know about the iconic Barbie doll

  1. Today’s her birthday. This Barbie doll was born on 9th of March in 1959 making her 64-years-old now.
  2. Barbie is just a nickname. Barbara Millicent Roberts is the real name of Barbie, and she was named after Elliot and Ruth Handler’s daughter.
  3. Barbie hailed from the Midwest. Barbie is a Wisconsin girl; who was born and her bread and butter from the fictional inner city of Willows.
  4. Barbie appreciated the slightly younger boy. Ken, who was named after their creators’ son, happened to be 2 years younger than her.
  5. Barbie is from the pretty whopper-sized clan. The name of her siblings is Skipper, Stacie, Chelsea, Todd, Krissy, Kelly, and Tutti.
  6. Barbie assisted to kickstart the career of Mila Kunis. A Ukranian-born actress who started acting in the commercials of Barbie as a child.
  7. Bettina Dorfmann was the biggest Barbie fan in the world. This German lady owns the staggering 15,000 dolls.
  8. The best-selling doll of Barbie was the Totally Hair Barbie in the year 1992. This Barbie has sold over 10 million dolls globally.
  9. Barbie stays as one of the most popular toys in the world. There are three dolls of Barbies that has been every second from around the globe, and when her 50th birthday came, about a billion models of Barbie were sold.
  10. Barbie made her history in 1997. Barbie became the first ever doll to be sold with the wheelchair.
  11. Barbie’s vital statistics were a source of debate for decades now. At 5’ 9”, Barbie weighs at 110 lbs, with the 33 inch hips and 18 inch waist.
  12. A most costly Barbie was ever sold with an auctioned off in the year 2010. This Barbie was made by the jewelry designer, Stefano Canturi, and this is for raising money for the cancer research, a diamond-incrusted Barbie has went for about $302,500.
  13. In year 2003, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia banned the Barbie dolls for being the “symbol of dissolution to the tainted West”. In year 2009, Mattel released the varieties of Barbies are wearing hijabs and burkas.
  14. Barbie has also run for President for 6 times and has travelled into the space in the year 1965.
  15. Barbie Doll is so special. Barbie reflects the humanity’s girls saw around them. Barbie has the ability to grow and to evolve with the time, while staying real to her spirit, has been the core of why Barbie has still been the number 1 fashion doll from around the world.
  16. National Barbie Day is being celebrated. The National Barbie Day is being celebrated for being the number 1 doll of all eras from around the world. Barbie has a contribution to playtime and causes as time went on are being remembered by collectors from around the globe.
  17. There are Vintage Barbie dolls that are on the market starting from 1959 up to the late of 1960, and these babies are especially prized to those who are collecting them or the collectors. Often, these kinds of Barbies had red hair, bendable legs, and these barbies are being considered as the most valuable and the rarest of all. The price of the mint condition Barbie of this time can run close up to $25,000.

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