National Employee Appreciations Day

Launched in the year 1995 by the Workman Publishing, this National Employee Appreciations Day, every March 3 is reminding managers that the strong employer and employee relations had been the core of a really successful business. Having the best relationship with your employee is a significant aspect of being the head and appreciate the efforts will surely go a long means towards making the employees feel valued. Have some time during the National Employee Appreciations Day to bond with your employee, offer authentic praises, and listen to the experiences they have. If you can provide your employees a part of their off and treat them to some or a special lunch.


As the origin of the capitalists’ economic system, the wage labor will be both a beneficial relationship between an employee and the employer. But, too often, the employee feel underpaid, exploited, and not just appreciated by the bosses or the managers. Trusting and strong employer-employee relationship will surely go a longer way towards making that the long-term success of the company and retaining the dedicated and satisfied workforces.

The American labor movements have the origins during the earliest era of the republic during the time that the artisans banded together in maintaining the wage levels. The initial strike in the United States takes place during 1768 when the New York tailors situated their ground against the wage reductions. Right after that, the American craftsmen began organizing unions and guilds to shield the benefits and the wages for their respective trade. The American trade unionism had been born.

Now, most American workers are enjoying the basic labor protections, such as the 8-hour workday, overtime protections and the minimum wage laws. Many employers now understand the significance of maintaining a good relationship with their employee and the positive force of a happy work area, but the labor unions continued to fight for those workers who are still experiencing exploitation and abuse. Workers employed in factory farming, agriculture, garment work and some other low-wage businesses all facing poverty wages, exploitative practices and high injury rates.

The Employee Appreciations Day is taking strength in the United States and some other states, with many businesses using the day for showing appreciation to the employees by some day off, a little token of gratitude, and a special event. Especially, employers may celebrate the Employee Appreciations Day all time long through instituting fair policies and living wages. Employee appreciation may boost the retention rate of the company and the workers’ satisfaction, increasing the profitability and productivity of the business and making the happier and a more pleasant working environment for everyone.


1896 – The Minimum Wage Was Introduced

The idea of the minimum wage initial take place in Victoria, Australia, during the time that the authorities established wage boards assigned with determining the minimum wage.

1911 -Triangle Shirtwaist Fires

In one of those worst industrial disasters of the country and the wake-up call to labor movement of America, a fire at the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory killed 146 young ladies locked in the workplace by the owners of the factory.

1913 – U.S. Labor Division Created

President Taft makes the Department of Labor in the U.S. with the goal to promote the welfare of retirees, workers, and job seekers, improving working conditions, advancing opportunities for the employment and protecting worker benefits.

1935 – Social Security Does the Safety Net

The SSA or Social Security Act instituted advantages for the unemployed, elderly, and disabled through payroll taxes, and creating the social safety net for those who are unable to work.


How to celebrate Employee Appreciations Day?

Demonstrate your gratitude by treating the entire office for an exclusive day. You do not have to use much, but engage in the fun group movement will contribute to team, union and let your employees know you notice the hard work they are giving.

Why is this employee satisfaction essential?

Research showed that when an employee felt appreciated, engaged, and valued, they perform better, have increased loyalty to their employers and are staying at their works longer.

When did the 8-hour working day begun in the US?

One of the supports of the current labor rights, the 8-hour workday happened to be the federal government mandate during year 1866 and thanks to the National Labor Union efforts.


Do something really nice for your staffs

You do not need to spend lots to make your staffs feel appreciated. Just take the time now and every day — in allowing them to know that their hard work does not go unnoticed.

Appreciate the co-workers

If you are not the boss, you can show the people that you are working with that someone really cares and noticed their hard work! Have some time to encourage your co-employee and bring that smile to them.

Support the good labor practices

The employee appreciation begins with the fair labor practices and policies. Educate yourself regarding labor rights in the state so you are aware if the employer ever violated them.

Gift the coworker with that sense of delight and playfulness, and your generosity then will shine. You will then say a lot by using a thank-you present without the need to open your mouth.


About half of the turnover is because of job stress: More than 40% of the workers said that they left their work because of stress, so keeping your employees happy is a very important way to keep them and decrease the turnover.

Tuesdays are the most productive: Maybe it is because we are motivated to have the job work done to have a week go by faster and because this is the day that had the least absenteeism; however Tuesdays are considered as the most productive of any day in a week for the American workers.

The office chairs travelled far: The standard office chair rolled about 8 miles yearly.

Job hoppers: The normal American holds 10 works before they age 40 — with this informal- and gig market gaining strength, it will likely only progress in the year to come.

Always the final place to look: The standard office worker uses 50 minutes of a day looking for the lost files or items.

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