National Corn Chips Day

Corn chips are the snack food that was made from the cornmeal baked or fried in oil, normally in the form of small noodle or a scoop. Corn chip is rigid, very crunchy and thick. Corn chip has a strong flavor and aroma of roasted corn, usually heavily seasoned with iodized salt.

The National Corn Chips Day is commemorated every 29th of January yearly. The corn chips are adored by people of any age and race. It is made out from a cornmeal and it is crispy and crunchy. The chips are totally spiced with the salty flavor and placed in a bag for that longer life. Corn chip can either be consumed with the different dips available or it can be taken alone. Corn chips are tasty, yummy, and crunchy. The National Corn Chips Day wouldn’t be complete without enjoying that flavor of corn chips and the strong taste.


Corn chips had been available since 1932. Mr. Charles Elmer Doolin was the man that popularized corn chip. Doolin owned a store of candies, but he had to increase the stocks by including some corn chips. Unfortunately, every fried tortilla that he tried had been growing stale really fast. But as the history goes on, one day Doolin tried out to make a fried corn dough strip sold by the local gas station. Doolin loved it and the moment that he knew the recipe, Doolin developed it and sold many bags of it immediately from his store in 1932. In the year 1945, Doolin had come to with an agreement to Herman Lay (owner of Lay’s potato chip) to distribute the Fritos of Doolin from across the country. In 1950, Fritos have evolved into becoming the bestseller corn chips from across the US. The two companies (Lay and Frito) were incorporated in the year 1959, after the death of Doolin, it is known as the Frito-Lay.

Now, in the USA, Fritos are considered as one of the most recognized and the oldest corn chips. While tortilla chips and corn chips are mutually made of corn, the tortilla corn chips have been subjected to nixtamalization process that resulted in its milder aroma and flavor, and with lesser rigid texture. The tortilla chips seemed to be less fatty, less salty, larger, and thinner than the other corn chips.

Corn chips are normally prepared from the cornmeal and is either baked or fried in oil. Apparently, Fritos or corn chips are usually being confused with a tortilla chip as these two made from cornmeal that is fried in oil and baked also. It usually had the shape of a tiny scoop of pasta with the roasted corn flavor and of strong aroma. The chips had been seasoned with lots of salt, these are thicker, crispier, and are very crunchy. They are perfect and healthy in every season; however, just like anything else, it must be eaten in moderation only.


1930 – Birth of the corn chips. The first corn chips are made.

1945 – First distribution of corn chips. Doolin came to agreement with Mr. Herman Lay (owner of Lay’s potato chips) for the distribution Doolin’s Fritos from across the country.

1950 – Popularity of Fritos. Fritos became the best-selling corn chips in the US.

1959 – Merge of Fritos and Lays. These two companies form a merger, right after the death of Doolin and had been called now as ‘Frito-Lay.’


Are corn chips the best for weight loss?

They are those myths that said that corn chips are fattening, but that is not 100% true. Corn chip can actually become a diet-healthy option when taken moderately.

Are tortilla chips and corn chips the same?

Tortilla chips are from the pieces of a baked tortilla that are being deep-fat-fried. While, the corn chips are from crushed lime-cooked masa which has been formed and then deep-fat-fried.

What are the dips that you can use to eat the corn chips?

These had been lots of the top-rated dips for the corn chips: Spicy Veggie Butternut Queso, Salsa, Creamy Tahini Dip, Roasted Garlic, Pepita Pesto, Salsa Verde, Roasted Red Pepper, Green Pea Guacamole and Red Lentil Hummus.


Make it in your home! If you have some more time with you, you can learn more about the corn chips and also how you can prepare them in the comfort of your own roof.

Hosting the corn chips party! With a thought of mixing up many kinds of chips, you can have different dips too for a little get together. Play games, live, love, laugh, and enjoy some crunchy corn chips.

Eat corn chips

Eating corn chips and having fun making it. With the many selections of corn chips that you can enjoy, you can buy lots of them and mix them. In this way, you will get a special, but similarly delightful savor in every corn chip.


Fritos were the earliest corn chips. The initial corn chip is Fritos Corn Chip that was initially sold in 1930.

Frito Chili Pie. The ‘Frito Chili Pie’ had been the kind of pie that was invented in the 1960s by a cook from Santa Fe, Teresa Hernández.

Fritos had their restaurant in Disneyland. Right after Disneyland was opened in 1955, the Casa de Fritos gladly opened their doors for visitors so they can have the taste of the Mexican specials such as enchiladas and tamales.

Lay popularized Fritos. The Fritos became bigger after merge with Lay’s.

The chip and dip are straight out of a bag. In most areas, pouring the chili in a corn chip bag and eating directly the mixture from a bag is a custom.


Corn chip is healthy. With just the three basic ingredients: salt, veggie oil, and the corn. Corn chip is low in fat than with any other regular chips and will make you this as your healthy option when you eat in moderation.

We get that chance to eat lots of chips. If you are on a strong diet, but badly craving for chips, Corn Chip Day can be your excuse to enjoy as many corn chips as you can, without the need to feel guilty. Did you know that it is low in fat?

It is a day to get together

What will shout “party”? louder other than a bigger bowl of corn chips, especially the assorted chips? It can be sneaked to any kind of party, and then enjoy.

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