Did you know that it is possible for you to lift two or more heavy objects just like a car and refrigerator at the same time? If not, then this will be the perfect time for you to know this. If you are thinking that the situation presented above is a false statement, then you are ultimately wrong! That thing is actually possible, especially when your brain produces a lot of adrenaline hormone which is responsible for your fight-or-flight response. Basically, this only happens when your senses send an alarm to your brain. On the other hand, after that alarm, your brain also has the capability of balancing that hormone in order to return to its normal state.

Your brain is the most vital organ functioning in your body since it is the one which is responsible for your movements, any kind of emotions, and as well as your intelligence. Because of its roles, it is not new to the many that the brain is widely-known as one of the largest and most complicated organs in the human body. In fact, it is considered as the nervous system’s central organ which implies that this is the reason behind all of your body’s activities, from the very small one up to the complex tasks that your body is doing.

Since your brain plays an important role to each and one of human, you must do an activity to keep it working properly. You can always look for some brain exercises which will help you in enhancing and improving your analytical, critical, and logical thinking. In order for your brain to work sharply, curiosity is the needed fuel. As known by the many, curious people tend to always think about the answer to their questions. Due to this fact, their brains are constantly working which results to a higher intelligence. And if you want to be like them, there are actually lots of brain exercises out there and we presented below the ten best activities for your brain.

Play games- One of the most common brain exercises during this generation is playing any kinds of games. It can be in a form of board games, online games, or application games. If you are playing games, your brain is actually working because you are thinking about the possible techniques that you can do in order to win the game. For example, you are playing sudoku, of course you will need to think analytically since this game involves math and logic. Due to that exercise, your brain will surely improve and it will also enhance your brain’s speed and memory. Try to play these games for about 15-20 minutes per day for best results.

Meditation- One of the best exercises that you can do for your mental health is through meditating. All you need to do is to sit in a quiet place and think deeply about a certain thing. Through this process, you’ll feel relaxed and you can give the greatest workout to your brain. In addition, while doing this activity, your brain will function well by creating different mental state. Not just this, you are also engaging your brain in an interesting way of improving it.

Ingest food for your brain- In order for your brain to function well, you will need to do it a favor. By doing so, it is a necessity for you to eat nutritious foods and fats that can be used by your brain while doing its whole tasks. Avoid eating foods with high transfats because it alters the capability of neurons to send and receive messages which can affect the whole performance of your brain. You should focus on eating less saturated fats and oils from fish in order for your brain to be healthy.

Make a good story- It is known by the many that stories are product of people’s wide imagination. And if you have a wide imagination, you are actually thinking about a certain thing. Because of this, your mind is getting a benefit from this. Aside from enhancing and improving it, you are also training your mind to be creative which results to a beautiful mind. Moreover, your memory is becoming stronger because of this brain exercise.

Exercise your body- Did you know that when you exercise your body, you are exercising your brain too? According to the statement above, the brain is the organ behind your body movements. This basically means that if you run, your mind is working too, since it was the one who send messages to your muscle in order for it to move and function.

Read lots of books- There are a lot of libraries which is filled with many books out there. If you want to train your brain, reading books is what you need. One book contains a lot of facts, information, and any other knowledge that you can learn. Reading books everyday enhance your analytical, critical, and as well as your critical thinking.

Learn new skills- If you want your brain to undergo challenges, try to do something new. If your brain does not have any clue about what you are doing, it will have to work twice as normal for it to learn the new skill that you are trying. Through this, your brain is undergoing an intensive exercise which will be good for its improvement.

Train your brain- During the past few years, the brain training has become a trend. There are many online articles, published books, or any tutorials which discusses about how you can train your brain in order for it to function better and faster. According to some researches, the basic reasons behind the memory training are visualizations and reasoning. If you will train your brain with these things, your brain will always be ready for anything.

Memorization- Memorizing is also one of the great exercises that you can do to enhance your brain’s capability. If you are trying to recall something, your brain is being exercised because of its desire to look for an answer. Thus, it can be a good start for your mental health.

Solving math problems- Math problems typically help our brain to improve our analytical and thinking skills due to the fact that it is quite hard and confusing. If you are solving with the help of paper and ballpen, it is actually good. But if you are doing it through mental calculations, it would be better because your brain is exerting more effort than usual.

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