10 Christmas recipe treats for your dogs

It is not only humans who should be enjoying home-baked goodies when the holidays are here. Now before you finally rolled up your sleeve and turn on your Christmas carols, bear in mind some of these quick tips.

You can keep the spoiling into a healthy level through ensuring that the treats are being cut into the right sizes for your dogs. Choosing a dog cookie cutter will be the best way to maintain all the Christmas cookies treats of all equal sizes. If you are making these Christmas dog treat recipes as your gifts for your pets, there is a thoughtful and easy way to decorate them by the DIY dog gift tag treats. These are free to print after downloading.

Another cute idea will be to print some recipes when you plan to give it as a gift to your fellow pet parents and so that they can try it too. The homemade dog Christmas treats like these ones below are just a festive and a fun way to spoil your pups during Christmas season.

And so if you are looking for the Christmas recipe treats for your dogs that will blow the minds and taste buds of your pup. Here are the homemade treat recipes for your dogs this Christmas that can fill any pooch’s season stocking with so much cheer.

Christmas pudding cookie treats

Everybody loves a homemade dog cookie, especially the ones that appear like these adorable tiny Christmas pudding. Its preparation time will take only 15 minutes, and so the pup will be chewing down their personal festive delights same time as yours.

Apple mint dog bones

These are low-calorie, low-fat minty cookies for your dogs which you can keep for a couple of months. The added bonus of these apple mint dog bones is that, it can help in the digestion of your dogs while it can also freshens their breath, and this is based on San Francisco Chronicle. You can use spinach powder so you can attain that festive green color of your cookie.

Dog candy canes

This dog candy cane has a lot of working to do, but they are festive and the best way to get the kids involved in some baking activities for their beloved dog’s candy canes. You can freeze these candy canes for up to 6 months, so that you may take a head start over them. According to a blog, dogs adore the peppermint and the chicken flavor. Tie most of them some pretty ribbon and hand them over to all of your puppies in the house.

Gingerbread dog cookies

No anything will say that it is Christmas like when you have gingerbread cookies! The gingerbread dog cookies are simple and its recipe may be tripled or doubled easily, making them the best way to spread the holiday cheer to the local shelter dogs.

Whether it is the molasses or warm spice flavor, these little cute gingerbread shapes will always bring a nostalgic and a festive feel to your furry buddies these coming holidays. These are easy to make, healthy, dog-safe and absolutely scrumptious, the homemade gingerbread cookies are another best way to celebrate this Christmas season with your best furry friend.

PB and Ginger Snaps

The peanut butter dog Christmas treats are hands-down to every puppy. You just need to add a bit of ginger to the mixture and violà – you already have a merry twist on your yummy doggie classic.

Also, are you aware that ginger is one healthy herb for the dogs? It is not just a Christmas dog treat, it is extra yummy and an easy recipe for their daily treat and it has all the health benefits too.

Christmas cookies

The cookies are packed whole ingredients that are healthy with unsweetened applesauce, olive oil and organic honey. The green pumpkin seeds and organic dried cranberries give them the festive look.

These are irresistible cookie dog treats for Christmas that if you are pressured by time, this Christmas cookie dog treats is an easy and quick to make. With just five ingredients to use — flour, baking powder, non-fat plain yogurt, water and peanut butter and it is affordable too. Use a tiny Christmas cookie cutter to come up with a festive factor.

Dog treats with a mix of peanut butter and pumpkin

These dogs’ treat peanut butter and pumpkin is really a breeze to create and will contain only 6 ingredients such as eggs, canned pumpkin, wheat flour, peanut butter, cinnamon and salt. You may use the cookie cutter to make them to funny shapes, whether that is a dog bone or some other festive shapes such as snowmen and Christmas trees.

Nutty bacon dog treat

Someone made this nutty bacon dog treat for her pooches, they went really nutty. That is because the treats had been packed of delicious ingredients that your dogs will surely like the all-natural sun butter or peanut butter, maple syrup and of course, bacon.

Carob molasses dog treat

This carob molasses recipe dog treats are using carob, the chocolate alternative that is safe to use for your dogs since chocolates can be harmful. These are low in purine that makes them the best choice to prevent them from having kidney stones.

Christmas carob minty dog cookies

These carob minty dog cookies for your Christmas fur treat are dipped in a melted carob that gives them that delicious chocolate flavor. They also look great when in the cellophane bag and tied with the Christmas ribbon, so that you can give these to all of your dogs in the house.

You can also combine these carobs with yummy peanut butter, and it will be a delicious homemade treats for your dogs this Christmas season and it will be one tasty gift for them for the present season.

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