The Global Cat Day takes place every 16th of October to remind us that empowering, educating, and engaging people to protect and defend their cats is the absolutely the right thing to achieve. They say that dogs are the man’s best friend. Probably, but it’s seems that cats are tied in the first place for the unscientific and informal “Best Friend” category.


The National Siamese Cats Day

For the cat lovers, 6th of April is the ‘Purrfect’ cat day. It is National Siamese Cats Day. It is the day that we celebrate the most elegant cats’ day. Siamese cats that are also known as the “Meezers,” are considered as one of those famous cat breeds from around the globe. This gorgeous creature is so adorable that many people love them.

Respect Your Cat’s Day

Your kitty buddy had always been there if you’re happy and when you’re sad. Your kitty will always be there to support you. So, every 28th of March, acknowledge all their hard work that puts into being a loyal companion to you.

National Cat’s Health Month

Cats are given the entire 30 days of admiration to get their fitness be checked during February — The Cat Health Month! Let us be certain that your feline friends will have every care they need.


The Global Cat Day confirmed one thing — that we loved cats ever since the time begins. The Ancient Egyptians were those first ever civilization to harness a feline glory. Nearly around 4,000 years past, they domesticated the four-legged friends through keeping them close by the food stores. Cats will quickly earn the reputation as the great hunters, and then later on, the Egyptians worshipped these cats as their gods. Nothing much had changed since those old days.

A support group known as the Alley Cat Allies, together with the millions of supporters who will observe the Global Cat Day and with their commitment to save the cats from being slay.

 “This Global Cats Day Pledge will include the fundamental code that every cat has the privilege to live and it guides all things that people can do to protect them,” says Allies the president and founder of Becky Robinson. “We stay for humanitarian, not deadly programs for the cats, and those that will join will take action in stopping cats from being slain.”

Robinson’s was asking everybody who valued cat’s lives to sign this Allies’ Global Cats Day Pledge online.

 This organization that promotes humane care for every cat, reports that about millions of kittens and cats are in life-hostile dangerous. That is because felines are being over than any other animals in the shelters from across the state.

The Global Cat Day demanded that the community heads will abolish policies that will result in the murdering of cats; equip societies with lifesaving, humane policy like TNR or Trap-Neuter-Return; and change any policy that threatened the cats’ safety and health.

The TNR is a mainstream approach wherein the cats are humanely spayed or neutered, trapped, ear-tipped vaccinated, and goes back to outdoor homes where they’re living and thriving. As it sounds public policy, the TNR decreased the shelter intake, “euthanasia” that called to the animal services that rescued the taxpayer dollars.


5. Maine Coon Cats – this is one of those old natural breeds in the North America, the Maine Coon cats had been famous for their playfulness and intelligence and their size too. One of the biggest domestic cat breeds, they are lovingly called as “gentle giants.”

The Maine Coons are known for their rugged appearance and shaggy coats. The total-grown chap Maine Coons may grow up to 30 lbs., while the females weighing a bit lesser. The gentle giants normally reach the full size through age of 3-5. The Maine Coons are highly-intelligent, people-oriented, and energetic and making them an effortless breed to train. They are famous for their behavior like that of a dog: following the owners from area to area, playing fetch with the owners and coming when called.

4. Persian Cats – Known for their laid-back personalities, gentle, round eyes and sweet faces, and Persian cats are beautiful creatures, affectionate, quiet of habit, making this cat the famous breed among cats.

Persian cats aren’t just the famous breed, but they’ve been the longest to live. In fact, the hieroglyphics reference that their origination has been since 1684 B.C. It is thought that they have been originated in Persia that is now Iran, these cats were named from they believed “origin country.” Although this breed had evolved over time with their color and the body type, a thing still remained: its full fur and thick. Ideally, the Persians must be groomed even at least once every day to prevent matting and knots of the fur. The Persians must also be bathed in occasion, to maintain a healthy and clean coat.

3. British Shorthair – It’s believed that Romans brought this British Shorthair to the land of England during the 1st century, in which time a breed co-existed, then a bred with the wild kitten native of England. After many years, the British Shorthair had been crossbred with the Persian cats, slightly altering their appearance and improving their fur coat thickness.

Not only it’s one of the famous breeds, it’s also a commonly chosen one to appear in movies, TV’s and books. You may recognize the cats in lots of Whiskas brand ads being a British Shorthair and also in the movie “Pet Sematary”.

2. Ragdoll Cats – Loving and easygoing Ragdoll cats take their name from the tendency to go limp and relax in an arm when picked up. It is one of the biggest breeds, and Ragdolls are also the most affectionate, usually referred as the “puppy-cats” due to their dog-like personality.

The Ragdolls are totally friendly and mild-mannered, and usually look out for human companionship, like following people from around the house, flopping or sleeping in their owners lap. This breed is mainly good with other pets and the kids and is simply trained to learn similar tricks like dogs, such as rolling over, begging or playing fetch.

1. Exotic Shorthair Cat – For the 3rd year in the row now, an Exotic cat had been identified as the most famous registered cat in the US, knocking a Persian off a podium once more after 31 years being the reigning number one breed. An Exotic named as the Exotic Shorthair of some cats association is the cross between American and Persians Shorthairs.

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