International Beer & Pizza Day

The International Beer & Pizza Day is celebrated on October 9, that there is no better day to toss a pizza and a beer party than this day. When you are thinking of pizza, you’re most likely thinking of Italy, but are you aware that the first ever pizza was created by the Egyptians and Greeks and not really the Italians? The pepperoni flavor can be the most famous pizza topping from around the globe, but during the ancient times, the Egyptians and the Greeks are coating their smooth-bread pizza with just spices and olive oil.


If you are familiar with some of the best food pairings in the world, chances are, you have had the glass of beer together with the slice of pizza. It is not a surprise that one of the best combinations of the world originated from the similar class of cereal grains and foods.

Beer has been considered as one of the aged drinks being produced by mankind. It is brewed from the cereal grains that contain starch, sugars which produces ethanol and carbonation while in the fermentation process. The consumption of beer way back from 5000 B.C. at Iran and has been recorded in the history books of the ancient Egypt and the Mesopotamia before finally spreading from around the globe.

During the Middle Age, a beer brewing process was a craft being passed down as the family-oriented activity. However, during the finale of this era, the beer production shifted from the little-scale domestic business to the bigger-scale export business. The Industrial Revolution commenced the more mechanized and more controlled process of brewing beer as the technology developed in states like Germany and Britain.

Pizza dough was derived from the cereal grains too, which are being ground up altogether to make the flour. The pizza origin can be traced during the Greeks, Ancient Egyptians, and Romans era. However, the current birthplace of pizza has been the Greek completion in Italy, founded during the 600 B.C. Way back then, the pizza was a very affordable food that can be consumed quickly; the favorite of the laboring poor in the early city. Pizza was commenced in some other parts of humanity as immigrants are spreading to the US and Europe.

Pizza and beer are paired so well since they contrast or enhance each other’s flavors. It is possibly what had inspired Nick Saulino during 2016 when he signed the first ever celebration of the International Pizza & Beer Day. And since then, there are lots of people that are embracing the thought of pizza and a beer on the side as the best food group.


  • 5000 B.C. – Beer at Paper

The prehistoric Egyptians documented the brewing procedure of beer on the papyrus scrolls or rolls.

  • 997 A.D. – Name this as Pizza

The ‘pizza’ word is successfully recorded in Gaeta and then later in the different parts of central and southern Italy.

  • 1800s – Pizza Arrived in the USA

Italian immigrants introduced pizza to the Americans.

  • October 9, 2016 – The International Beer & Pizza Day

The yearly celebration of the best combo of all in the world starts on.

10 Most Famous Types of Pizza from Around the World

It is not that easy for a slice to not catch your attention. It is your go-to if you need a simple meal during an office event or at home. But do not forget that the best pie can be grand to gourmet cooking together with your perfect combination of crust, toppings, sauce, and cheese. It is being considered as one of the famous items to order, so here are the ranking of pizzas to prove it. Below are the most famous kinds of pizza from around the world.

10. The Works Pizza – when the supreme is not just enough, you are ready for your works. It is the step up in vigor from the supreme. This “works” usually involved the wide range of veggie toppings with mushrooms, onions, olives, plus pepperoni and bacon.

9. Supreme Pizza – if you cannot decide which toppings you are going to take, it’s time for that supreme pizza to hit you. The “supreme” referred to the litany or many toppings that are being scattered on the pies, from the vegetables to the pepperoni and up to the sausages. And it is the mixture of the flavors which will really make you sing.

8. Buffalo Pizza – who said that your pizza had to be just plain tomato-sauce based? You can try this buffalo sauce on top of your pie. This is all spicy, buttery and salty goodness that seems to be the natural pairing for pizzas.

7. Hawaiian Pizza – pineapple may not be the primary thing that will come to your mind when you will think of pizza. But adding some ham and this will make an unexpectedly salty and solid sweet combination for this kind of pizza.

6. BBQ Chicken Pizza – when you love pizza and so much love BBQ chicken, then you will love this type of pizza. This had been long the cult favorite of the sports fans. The chicken slathered through the top of the pie will give that sweet, tangy flavor that cannot be beaten.

5. Margherita Pizza – this is deceptively simple, a Margherita pizza has been made with tomatoes, basil, and fresh mozzarella. There is this reason why it is the Italian staple and also one of the famous types of pizza in their country.

4. Meat Pizza – when pepperoni is not just enough, and you are looking for the pie with some more heft, the meat pizza is the ideal and the famous choice of all. Pile on with sausage and ground beef for a hearty big meal.

3. Pepperoni Pizza – there is a reason why this one is another famous type of pizza. Who will not love to bite a salty, and a crispy round of pepperoni?

2. Veggie Pizza – if you wish to jazz up the cheese pizza with some texture and color, veggies are the ideal toppings. And you are only limited when you will not use your imagination. Everything like peppers and mushrooms, onions, and eggplant will make for a tasty and exciting veggie pizza.

1. Cheese Pizza – This should not be a shock that the classic cheese is the still the most favorite. Cheese pizza has been one of the famous choices of all. It’ll always be the simplest, unadorned masterwork on its own.

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