The Top 10 Reasons of Deaths for Kids Around the Globe

In the US the day for The Child Health raises the awareness of people about how they can develop and protect children’s health. The event is yearly celebrated every first Monday of the month of October.

Even though Child Health Day isn’t considering a public holiday, schools and businesses may be closed since it will fall this year (2022) on the similar date as the Day of Frances Xavier Cabrini, which is a real public holiday in the state of Colorado.

Child Health Day aimed of helping people to discover more about how they’ll develop and protect their children’s health consideration.

What People Will Do?

As a part of the yearly presidential proclamation for a day, all organizations and agencies interested in the child welfare are requested to unite on the Child Health Day for observing exercises to increase or stimulate people’s awareness of their need for one year-round plan develop and protect the kids in the US.

Health organizations and professionals from across the US take part during this day through different event and activities. Like the Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA) get on the active role of giving educational resources for children, schools and parents about the problems like healthy choices, child obesity prevention and fitness. The HRSA also called for each surgeon general from across the state to create a pledge towards giving a healthy future to the children.

The Maternal & Child Health Library actively participates in this Child Health Day also by activities that concentrated on the physical activity and healthy eating habits for the kids as well as the guardians or parents. The library provides facts on nutrition for adolescents and children, the importance of nutrition for those who are pregnant and the significance of physical activity.

In many areas of the world, the illness of the child like diarrhea can be a life-threatening one because of lack of resources in fighting it. A pregnant lady’s access to nutritious food will rescue her and her kid’s life. The deadly instance of pneumonia can be cured with the prescription for antibiotics.

This world has the tools already to prevent lots of childhood deaths; however, it can take concerted efforts in coordinating improvement of nutrition, sanitation and access to the best healthcare to attain it. Growing up in poverty shouldn’t signify that the child is in danger of a preventable death or a shorter life span.

Below are the top ten reasons of death for children from around the globe and the figures of lives they claimed based on a survey from 2013.

10. Road Injuries – 220,000

The kids are in greater danger of traffic accidents since their cognitive functions and mobility are not operating yet at the same pace with the adults. They have softer bones also, including their heads that make them more open to fatal injuries than adults.

9. Energy / Protein Malnutrition – 250,000

If babies are born unhealthy and malnourished it will make them susceptible with the number of fatal infections. Increasing access to the proper and nutritional foods for the mothers of newborns or pregnant mothers will help ensure that the babies are taking the nutrients they needed from their mothers.

World Health Organization had started giving RUTF or ready-to-use beneficial or therapeutic foods, made up of paste the same with skim milk and peanut butter and will not require water, in helping babies to quickly gain their weight without placing them in danger of diarrhea or water contamination.

8. Other Newborn – 280,000

The other infections, like meningitis and lower respiratory infections are responsible for one more share of infant deaths and can be assuaged by accessible and prompt medical attention while giving and after birth.

7. Newborn Sepsis – 370,000

The infections are considered as one of the main causes of baby’s deaths from around the globe, and the neonatal sepsis is the chief among them. This disease is treatable when the families and the new mothers can get sick infants to train the medical professionals quickly, however, too often, nurses and doctors who help deliver the babies missed the symptoms based on the records of the WHO.

6. Congenital Anomalies – 530,000

Congenital anomalies or birth defects lead not just into child’s death, but also with the lifelong disability for whoever survived this disease. Some of them may be prevented by better maternal nutrition and vaccines, including increasing the iodine intake and folic acid of the mother, something that may be attained with just an addition of iodize salt.

5. Diarrheal – 540,000

Poor hygiene and sanitation pair with malnutrition are the one to blame for this death, which affect far many children in the low-income areas from around the world. Unclean water for drinking will make kids sick first, leading to dehydration and malnourishment that can further weaken and even kill kids struggling with this disease. Even after the infection, the kids’ lives could be rescued with proper nutrition and rehydration salts.

4. Neonatal Encephalopathy – 640,000

A condition that is caused when the newborn does not get sufficient oxygen going to the brain, and at times can caused by asphyxia through the umbilical cord, that is more usual with those preterm births that may be prevented by medical care and better nutrition for the pregnant moms.

3. Malaria – 650,000

The mosquito bites should not be a death issue for the children in the world. But in Africa, one child will die every minute from this disease that is transmitted from the mosquito bites, having fever, chills, and then vomiting before it will progress. While death rates had been dropping, the malaria vaccines and the treatments will help to prevent any more needless deaths from malaria.

2. Preterm Birth – 740,000

Year, one in every 10 babies are born preterm, or even before they are allowed to gestate during the 37 weeks, instantly placing them at risk of death and also a lifetime of disabilities. For the low-income places, half of these babies that are born preterm will die because of the lack of accessible medical care, the care that is available in the high-income areas. The increase in maternal and infant medical care in the low-income areas had been critical for saving these children’s lives whose deaths can be preventable.

1. Pneumonia – 980,000

From around the world, about 15% of kids’ deaths are because of pneumonia, although the lung infection may be treated through antibiotics. Kids that are malnourished and has a weak immune system is at risk from this disease’s danger, together with any pre-existing disease like or environmental factors or HIV like high pollution which weakens their ability to combat the infection.

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