Car Models That Has The Most Accidents Last Year (2021)

Car accidents are considered as some of the serious and the gravest incidents to take place on the road. Sad to say, car crashes had been significantly even common over the previous year. Based on some data, fatal accidents in every mile driven were until 26% in spring from last year (2021) when being compared to just 2 years earlier, even whereas Americans drove the same number of the sum miles.

Even the greatest drivers are liable of making an occasional mistake; however, some motorists are even more prone on a slip-up than others. It turns out that these drivers are half done to some car models. Curious to know which cars have the biggest fraction of crashes, the data was from the database of more than 4 million vehicle insurance applications to recognize the vehicle models with the top accident-prone drivers during the year 2021.

10. Hyundai Ioniq – the car’s reputation is described by its realism. It is a compact-size hybrid that is ideal for drivers that concerned both their wallet and the environment. However, these drivers are prone to an occasional slip-up at the rear wheel, as evidenced by Ioniq’s 14.45% accident rate—this rate is over 34% over than the state average.

9. Lexus CT – having the hybrid engine, the CT certainly stays up to its list as a comfort hatchback. It was a nice thing that this CT was a Top Safety Pick also in 2017, last year release since the drivers more accident-prone are 35 percent than the normal motorist. While the Lexus CT takes the top marks for shielding the drivers and passengers in a crash (an only blemish on the record came from the poor headlight performance), the vehicle drivers score lesser than ideal when it comes to safe driving performances.

8. Toyota Prius V – This Prius V is considered a third hybrid among those car models that have the most accidents. Typecast as attracting the well-mannered owners that are not known for their reckless behavior at the back of the wheel, the hybrids nonetheless had drivers that are even more accident-prone when compared with the standard motorist. About 14.72 percent of the Prius V drivers reported being at-fault accident over the record, the rate that is 37 percent over than the state average.

7. Mazda CX-3 – The Mazda CX-3 had been one of those cars being considered as the most reachable subcompact SUVs that you can avail in the market. The critics laud this CX-3 for the stylish design; however, getting distracted about how good they appear on the road may be an issue for most of the CX-3 drivers, since 14.90 percent of these have their at-fault accident as per record. This share is about 38% higher than the normal, and this places the CX-3 on the 7th list as the most crashed-prone car models of the nation.

6. Infiniti Q60 – The Nissan’s Infiniti lineup had produced high-end, quality cars for decades now and this Q60 is undoubtedly the fast and the finest piece of machinery. This appeared for the Q60 drivers, but, let this model’s 300 HP engine car get’s out of control seemed too often. With around 14.93% of the Q60 drivers that caused at-fault accident within the prior 7 years, this Q60 had the sixth-top accident rates in the country. It is hoped that the drivers that can afford this Q60’s steep price will also cover their insurance and repair cost premium hikes that unavoidably followed the motor vehicle accident.

5. Subaru Impreza – This Impreza offer the drivers the top standards of reliability and safety typically connected with the brand Subaru and it had the most reasonable MSRP among those top 10 car models that had the most accidents. The Impreza is one of the secured cars on the road. The optional crash-prevention methods earned its superior rating from an institute. Even the highest in-line security features, but, these are not sufficient to prevent the Impreza drivers from having accidents at the rate of 40% higher than the standard rate.

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4. Hyundai Genesis Coupe – Although the Hyundai discontinued their Genesis Coupe in the year 2016 this model is still creating its own presence felt when on the roads. With the 15.29% of Genesis Coupe reported at-fault accidents, with the share of 42 percent higher with the national average. The pair with about 350-horsepower engines, this model appealed to drivers with the need for pace. It just so happened that the drivers are a bit more accident-prone when compared with the standard motorist too.

3. Subaru WRX – Owning this Subaru WRX will come with a specific reputation. WRX drivers had been identified for racking up the speeding tickets and with reckless driving violations, that it must come as a not surprise anymore, since they also cause even more than the fair share of mishap—43% more than the average, to be exact. True with the Subaru brand, although the drivers do not always exhibit their most secured behavior when on the roads, but this brand has still rated as one of the safest cars.

2. Kia Stinger – This Kia Stinger is one stylish, powerful sports sedan for those drivers that are looking to capture that feel and look of having a German car, specifically a sports car on an affordable budget. This Stinger’s 300-hp had turbocharged engine surely packed a punch, although it can also encourage the drivers to float too far beyond the comfort zone. The Stinger driver is placed on the 2nd most-accident prone cars on the road; and their report causing the vehicle crashes 46% more usual than the normal cars.

1. Scion FR-S – On top of the list whose drivers reported at-fault accidents of 47% more usual than the average cars is this Scion FR-S. The company originally promoted their brand for the younger demographic through emphasizing its accessible price and sporty performance. Given the FR-S drivers’ of 15.87% at-fault accident rates, it is very possible that the model is still attracting the younger drivers whose experiences leads to an even more vehicle accidents. Whereas this FR-S garners a satisfactory overall safety rate, it still remains at the lowest-rated car with regards to security among the top 10 car models having the most accidents of all.

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