The Significance of A Woman’s Equality Day

Are you aware that August 26th is the momentous day in the gender equality history?

The Women’s Equality Day has been celebrated on August 26 in the USA to remember the 1920 acceptance of the (Amendment XIX) 19th Amendment to the US Constitution, which forbid the federal government and the States from denying their right to choose and vote for people in the US on the foundation of sex. This was initially commemorated during the year 1971, designated by the Congress in the year 1973, and was proclaimed yearly by the US President.

History to understand better the Women’s Equality Day


The gender difference is a problem that women have fought with, and in as far as the history goes. It is an issue because equality is the economic, political and social imperative and must not be an unsettled problem—it must be something we have already been granted upon, as it’s our right as human beings to be regarded with decency. And still, throughout history, the inequality between men and women in all façade of life remains horrendously alarming.

However, August 26th became a day to celebrate and be merry. This day in the year 1920, the Sec. of the State Bainbridge Colby marked the petition that granted the American women’s entitlement to vote, closing the century-long fight over women’s equality within America. This happening then leads Bella Abzug, the Congresswoman of New York, to declare the Women’s Equality Day on August 26th.

Why is this Women Equality Day really important? What makes it one epochal event that is to be commemorated yearly?

For starters, the Women’s Equality Day had been considered as the beacon of hope. It is a ray of positivity amidst the dark past, a lighthouse shining by a haze of injustice and oppression that says, ‘We’re here, and you’re not by yourself in this fight.’ Even though the hard battle for women’s fairness is still really far from over, and this day mean a tremendous leap to the more inclusive society wherein women and men may stand equally, as we are meant to be.

Identifying the substance of the Women’s Equality Day allows the younger generation, to honor the women that fought before us. This eternalizes the reminiscences of our predecessors’ fought as they secure the brighter future and the form of gratefulness as we realized that we would not be wherever we are right now without them.

What does this imply to us?

As the generation of youth now, we have the duty to keep the battle towards equality. Commemorating this special day is a sign to the past heroes that we’re appreciating their efforts and that we will persist, accepted the torch that they passed to us, and carried on with whatever they started, and we can’t let their obstacles be tired-out in vain.

With everything that has been said, here are some ways to celebrate the women’s existence and then take another step towards gender equality. You can do this in honor of Women’s Equality Day, but given that change comes with constant progress, I encourage you to do this year-round, too!

Recognizes Women’s Accomplishments

How often have the women invented something really remarkable, and yet her name were unnoticed in the history? There are too many examples of women’s exemplary accomplishments being swept under a rug just because of their being a woman. This is incredibly harmful, as it diminishes the women’s achievements and dims the women’s representation from our humanity.

You may help decrease the issue by allocating your female colleague’s or friend’s achievements! Support the work of your friend’s and highlight their strengths, post your colleagues milestones on the social media. Give them that recognition that they ought to have. Let their voices be discovered and let their presence be a witness.

Uplift Your Girl Colleagues and Girl Friends!

Men and women need to band as one to fight the mutual enemy: the patriarchy. As a patriarchy is a system that would not be easy to eliminate, we can gradually destroy the foundations, one by one, through uplifting the women in our lives. This may be done through empowering fellow women then looking out for one another. Practice compassion, hear what they will say and embrace each other.

Educate Yourself

After all, changes will start with you. When there is no accessible formal training or education works on this matter, you can be able to educate yourself through reading books about gender equality. It is amazing for anyone of us to have that outlook on unlike women’s lives and encounters.

For Those That Are Being Identified As A Man: Be the good ally

For those women who are privileged enough to not be affected by the gender inequality, we beseech you to become the best ally. Protect the women, and not just because they are your sister or your mother or anybody that is close to you, but simply protect the woman because she is a person, that is above of whatever role of a woman she may hold in someone’s life—she is a living human being who has a soul who is worthy of treatment with respect. When you spot of anyone that is making the sexist remarks and showcasing predatory attitudes, call them out on it. Do not just stay silent and use your voice well.


Happy Women’s Equality to all of you that is being identified as a woman and today is your day! The world we are dwelling in at the moment is not a perfect utopia that we all dreamed of. There is still much work that needs to be completed. But it is believed that one day, we will get that and be there. No matter what is our gender identity, it is believed that we can stand altogether and fights this inequality, even one step every time.

Let us end here by sharing a quote from a wonderful author. The quote will surely rattle your bones and will inspire you to get up, fight this patriarchy even with bare hands, and move you really well. The quote says:

“I know that lots of men and women are angry and afraid when women speak, due to this barbaric society that if a woman spoke truly, she’s speaking subversively—and she can’t help it: When you are underneath, when you are kept down, you will break out, and you subvert. We’re volcanoes. When the women offer experience as the truth, as the human truth, all our maps changes. There are now new mountains”. —Ursula K. Le Guin.

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