20 Remarkable Cannabis Facts

20 Remarkable Cannabis Facts

Here is the couple of fascinating cannabis facts that will help you expand your knowledge about this wonderful type of plant. You may think that you know that much about marijuana, but there are instances that you don’t know all things around you, so here are the 20 things that you possibly not know about cannabis.

1. Bob Marley Was Covered With Grass – this musical star had been buried together with his bloody/red Gibson guitar, a Bible that was open on the twenty third Psalm and a cannabis bud.

2. Cannabis Way Back For 12,000 Years – it only means that cannabis have been one of the oldest crops of mankind, base on the Marihuana Book: The First 12,000 Years by E.L. Abel.

3. Cannabis Have Multiple Nicknames – because of its illegal status, the cannabis are considered as one of those drugs that have the most nicknames of all. Weeds, dope, reefer, hash, Ganja, pot, grass, and even sandwiches, these are just some of the slang words and codes that have been a part of a beloved cannabis society.

4. Cannabis Can Both Invigorate And Relax You – this will mainly depend on the kind of strain that you are using to consume. Indica has been considered as more sedating and relaxing, while Sativa is even more energetic and uplifting. You can choose between the two or mix or even both to have that interesting results.

5. Cannabis Has More 100 Active Cannabinoids – the truth is, there is even more, and the most popular ones are CBD and THC.

6. California Banned First – about a century ago, the state of California had been the first one in the US to ban the use of cannabis.

7. Cannabis Can Improve The Life Quality Of Seniors – from giving relaxation of being a more normal approach and a pain relief treatment, the cannabis is absolutely good for improving the quality of life of senior citizens.

8. Cannabis Can Be Applied In Construction – just and plastics and clothing, and the best side of it is that everything from these options are all eco-friendly.

9. Cannabis Has Medicinal Advantages – it includes a natural analgesic.

10. George Washington Also Grew Cannabis – US first president really grew hemp. He has farms at the Mount Vernon that used to grow hemps just in order to create paper, rope, fishing nets, sail canvas, and clothing.

11. LA Is A Weed Wonderland – LA, apart from being the celebrity’s city, it has more dispensaries of marijuana than Starbucks.

12. Modern-Day Cannabis Are Stronger – this had been discussed on the cannabis flowers and its influences in the 1960s. For one, this is purer than those illegal “hippie weeds” that were imported into the US. And this had been cultivated to boost its THC content, and so the high that you get from the marijuana now is stronger than what it was before.

13. Not All Weed Gets You High – THC is not similar with CBD, and that will only mean that the kind that you choose in consuming will have a different effect on your body. Another kind will give you medicinal benefits and relaxation, while the other one will give you psychoactive effects of being high.

14. Shakespeare Smoked Cannabis – marijuana residues were discovered in the house of William Shakespeare and that’s where thought to have an enormous aid in his writings and poems.

15. USA Grows More Cannabis – based on Civilized Life, the US is the main marijuana-fabricating nation in the whole world. Behind it were Colombia, Morocco, Afghanistan, and Mexico.

16. Uruguay Was The Next One – in the year 2013, Uruguay turned out to be the first world country to legalize the growing, consuming and selling of cannabis. 

17. Weed Was A First Ever Online Sale Product – it was illegal then, and during the early 1970, Stanford students purchase a bag of weeds from the MIT students. It means that the primary ever sold products online were cannabis!

18. Weed Is The Beer’s Cousin! – The beer hops had been in the similar clan of flowering flora as cannabis.

19. You Can Eat Raw Cannabis – it tastes even better when it is prepared with delicious edibles like cake, brownies, or bread. But cannabis is also consumable when raw. Another thing is that, when you consume it raw, it will not get you high; however, it will give you all the available medicinal benefits.

20. You Cannot Lethally Overdose With Cannabis – you can overdose with the use of cannabis, and that means consuming even more than what is recommended for you to consume. What it denotes is that, it’s practically not possible for anyone to consume that amount of cannabis that would take in killing a person.


Although the mainstream tradition in the United States has come to accepting cannabis as not an addictive and a dangerous substance of behind the school special legend, the overall public knowledge about a plant stays really down. Cannabis is one complex type of plant, and the decades of research had been capable of pulling back the curtains over fascinating secrecies behind its inner works.


Here, are some things that you might not know:

1. Cannabis can be availed in pharmacies and had been listed in the USP or the U.S. Pharmacopoeia until 1942. It was removed together with more 200 other ecological compounds such as Echinacea and St. John’s Wort, which did not come back until 2004 to the USP.

2. Although cannabis were used medicinally for many years now, it wasn’t until the unearthing of CB1 receptor in the year 1988 wherein scientists could explain a plant’s different interactions with a human body. This CB2 receptor had been discovered just 4 years after.

3. In the same manner that opiates mimic endorphin that interact with the opiate receptor, the cannabinoids located in the cannabis mimic endocannabinoids formed by a body that interacts with the ECS or endocannabinoid system receptors. There are about 113 of cannabinoids and with a minimum of about 554 known composites naturally made from a cannabis plant.

4. ECS is one sophisticated team of ligands, their signaling pathways and receptors, which are involved in modifying a diversity of physiological procedures with movement, mood, pain, memory, and appetite.

5. A lethal poisonous overdose of cannabis had not ever been documented; not like the opiates, cannabis compounds don’t depress heart function or respiration.

6. Patients’ preference for the entire plant cannabis VS. the synthetic cannabinoid-based drug is supported through scientific consensus about a therapeutic “entourage effect” made by interactions with different terpenes and cannabinoids.

7. The therapeutic application of cannabis has been supported by more than 30,000 published studies over the ECS and with more than 9,000 years of clinical testing data documenting winning use of the cannabis for the treatment of pain.

8. The neuroprotective traits of cannabis being present massive potential in protecting its central nervous system and the brain from the harm of injury and disease.

9. The States with medicinal cannabis programs did not encounter an increased ratio of teenager using cannabis or the increased frequency of the highway fatalities. However, these states have viewed witnessed with a 25% deduction in deaths with opioid overdose when compared to those states without medicinal cannabis laws.

10. The medicinal cannabis program saved their Medicare Side D Drug Plan over $165 million in year 2013 because of the cut in prescribe drug medications; and saved could reach in about $1.01 billion when medicinal cannabis had not been legal from across the nation.

Here, are some things that you might not know-20 REMARKABLE CANNABIS FACTS

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