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6 Scary Horror Movies For The Kids That You Can Watch This Coming Family Day

Ask anybody about a memorable movie of their early days, and chances are there’ll be at least a single one that had left some lasting trauma with them like scary horror movies. We can all remember those movies that we have watched at a vulnerable and tender age that have scarred us all our life. In some instances, it is because we have watched “grown up” films when we were really young; typically, it is also because we have watched a PG movie that ended up having something terrifying, heinous horrific that gave us some nightmares for days. 

Whether it is a horror movie that adapts the beloved kids’ book or a thing that is original these movies have left us with enduring images that are being burned in our brains, we still cannot shake them. That is actually a healthy and a normal part of us growing up!

Here is the list of the top 5 horror movies that is arranged according to year:

A Series of Unfortunate Events, 2004

The book series of it is about the depraved Baudelaire orphans — Klaus, Violet, and Sunny that are at the mercies Count Olaf, their uncle an actor who frequently disguised himself in trying to steal their inheritances.

The film and the books were both exceedingly bleak. Its gothic styles have a lot in connection, but it’s underlying theme — the adults may always allow the kids down and aren’t to be trusted — this really makes a movie dark. While a hurricane scene in the movie final scene is packed of peril, it is probably the scene wherein Olaf outright abused the kids that carried the most fear. Although the Baudelaires are extra ordinary kids, they feel alone and powerless when being mistreated by the adult with so many influences. They have already lost their own parents; they have misery upon a misery piled on them. This is a fun movie for the entire family!

Monster House, 2006

The movie is an animation style made that made it stand out from the rest and bringing most of the similar uncanny valley vibes.

As the Nebbercracker, a cranky custodian of the possessed house that at times came alive and tried to eat kids, Steve delivered one of this all-time best voice-over performances and Nebbercracker was initially a terrified character himself, frightening kids who came near his lawn and with the menacing grimace, but eventually, he joined forces with the children to try defeating the evil abode. 

Its imaginative ways that the home is personified are being ingenious; it has “uvula,” a “heart,” and different other “body parts” which a kid must defeat. While the backstory about the identity of the house is a bit rough, “Monster House” had been a really scary film that the family can watch together and makes it a perfect match to watch this coming family day.

The Spiderwick Chronicles, 2008

This movie is from the book series and it features griffins, ogres, trolls, sprites, and many more. Freddie Highmore played as the twins Simon and Jared, who move into the new house, discovered the magical book, and realized that a house is being enclosed with magical creatures, and most of whom had evil intent. Mulgarath is the main villain, a shapeshifting ogre; there is also the army of child that snatches goblins led by the creature named as Redcap. 

A scary scene in the movie involved the kids being chased by the underground tunnel of a gore-like troll with yellow eyes and a forked tongue. At the end, this house was under attack by a goblin, who reached-up from beneath the floorboards and then grab the ankles of the people. Finally, Mulgarath himself gets in the house and on the roof. Overall this, it’s a divorce and drama, and Jared was an angry, dark character who resented his mother. It is terrifying, but the chaotic time following the divorce is really something that lots of kids can be able to connect to.

Coraline, 2009

Coraline finds the secret door in the new house that heads to the alternate version of the world where the Other Father and the Other Mother live. The Other Mom in particular is the one that is the most sinister concept ever put into the kids’ film — her blank button eyes, cheery countenance, fixed smile, is evocative of “A Stepford Wives.” This Other Mother charmed Coraline with the delicious feasts, but then soon trapped her, planning to stitch buttons on the eyes of Coraline too.  As the movie progresses, the Other Mother became more spider-like and skeletal, with the claw-like hands which terrorize Coraline. 

This output of Laika had been consistently of high quality, and makes it appear like a studio will keep terrifying the kids for the time to come.

scary horror-coraline

Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween, 2018

Goosebumps books had been scaring teens and kids for decades now and there are some film and TV adaptations about his work that had brought the chilling from the page up to the screen. For the Goosebumps sequel to become scarier than the initial installment, it only had to concentrate on a thing: Slappy, the ventriloquist’s dummy.

From their first movie up to their ventriloquists’ dummies that had been terrorizing the viewers for years now, there is really something inherently creepy with regards to them, particularly when it happens that they are sentient even when the ventriloquist is not controlling them. The Slappy in the “Goosebumps 2” is not an exception, with the high-pitched voice, possessive tendencies, and commanding ways. Add in the scene wherein the costumes and the masks in the Halloween store came alive, and there you had a very spooky kin-oriented movie.

scary horror-goose bumps 2: haunted halloween,2018

The House with a Clock in its Walls, 2018

The cast Jack Black appeared in this scary 2018 family movie. Lewis visits the titular home that was owned by Black, the Uncle Jonathan, but the previous owners — Selena and Isaac — have left the clock on the walls. 

Lewis was forced into moving up Isaac from being dead, which means MacLachlan was wearing some great undead of make-up, whereas shape-shifting Selena takes some gnarly transition scenario. Isaac intended to turn back the time and then erase the humans from existence. There is a scenario with vomiting pumpkins, plus the other one wherein the baby that has Jack Black’s head crawled by the diversity of massive cogs. You have to believe that the movie is unsettling and deeply weird on some levels, but it is brilliant.

scary horror-the house with  clock in its walls

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