12 Best Father’s Day Presents For Your Coolest Dad

You have got what the children called as a “cool dad,” and that is a very rare breed type of father. And not that he does not allow an occasional father joke slip through, and wear the rare cringe-inducing shirt, or occasionally mumble aloud to him regarding the state of a world while he scrolled by the Apple News. But your guy got good taste, for he is more seemed to turn you to a nice whiskey, a nice gadget, or the life-changing sound than vice versa.

And before you even finally get the opportunity to pat yourself at the back for searching the perfect gift for your mother last Mother’s Day, it is time to begin thinking about your father. With the Father’s Day right just the corner — it’s on the 20th of June this year — and here are the rounded up best presents for all the dads out there. Whether your dad is a beer fan or a golfer fanatic, the outdoorsy kind or one designer dad, we are sure you will find something here that is just perfect for your dad. In making things a lot easier, most everything that is cheap can be availed on Amazon — but we have found something elsewhere, for those who would like to shop all-around. With a big day lesser than one week away, we have made sure that, on Father’s Day, all your chosen stuff can be found either through online or mall shopping. Here is how you may switch things up: Buy him that equally cool, really thoughtful gift for your Father’s Day celebration.

Below are just the 12 choices prepared for you, from the least to the best present but you can still prefer other suggestions out there that you think will fit to your father’s taste.

12. Levi’s customizable trucker jacket

Customize the classic denim staple just for him with some hits of embroidery. Your cool dad may dress it up to a night out and may dress it down with that laid-back type of Sunday; however, the best part here is that, it will be exclusively for him!

11. Ridge Wallet – Aluminum wallet with money clip

This will not only make your dad ditch his over-packed wallet, he may also totally ditch the wallet. The aluminum card carrier is able to hold up to twelve cards with plenty of cash, although you had hardly able to tell. It is minimal and is dead helpful, just like what he appreciated.

10. Theragun mini best fitness stuff

This compact-sized and new of Theragun can aid the father’s out there to recover from injury and soreness. It is like the deep tissue massage where he does not need to pay or wait for.

9. Solo stove of the Ranger fire pit with a stand

For those adventurous dad that adores to sit beside the burning fire when he gets in the evening, get that high-effective bonfire pit he will take along with him.

8. RC Drone HS110D FPV

For your techy dad, this is the type of drone from the Holy Stone that had the altitude-hold task for stable hovers, rolls and 3D flips and the 1080p camera. Even when you did not comprehend most of that, your father will surely appreciate it.

7. Meater with Wireless Thermometer

There is that regular grilling, and also there is smart grilling. Own this gadget for your dad that wields his barbecue gears with confidence.

6. Night USB-C toward Lightning charging cable

The charging cable has been useful enough, however, this one happened to be longer (around 10 feet long) but is pretty much unbreakable.

5. Subscribe to a Beer Club

When your father is the type of dad that always have his favorite beer in every week—and likely with the style that you have not heard of—then the monthly club just like this is one that is tailor-made for your dad’s beer fridge is the best gift for him.

4. Sanitizer with charging station from Oblio Wireless

This one is the double whammy of one techie gift: It is wirelessly charging smart phones, just like when it cleans those invisible germs off from them with the ultraviolet light.

3. Expensive lunch cooler bag

For a dad that packs his lunch has been considered as a dad that is fiscally and healthy responsible. That is cool and there is a gear that appears great while still being sturdy, and this lunchbox type is not an exception.

2. Ukeg GO

Should your dad wants to take that freshly, ice-cold carbonated beer wherever he may be, like in a campsite, picnic or just in your backyard, this may be the best way to complete it and many of his colleagues will wish that he shares it with them.

1. “The Champions Edition” of Dewar 19-Year-Old

Dewar’s just introduced The Champions Edition at the Torrey Pine Golf Course. It is a 19-year-old bordered edition blend is ended exclusively in first filled bourbon casks to make the Scotch whisky which is as complex and as rich as the finest game of golf.

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