Top 10 Mother’s Day Gifts

There are several special events to welcome to the month of May but what matters the most is the celebration of Mother’s Day. During the second Sunday of May, it is being celebrated in the U.S.A and this year, it falls on May 12. The main purpose of this event is to give honor to all mothers who took care of their offspring in their womb for nine months up until their child became a full grown man.

As known by the many, mother is not just a mother. Each and one of them are queens and heroes. When you open your eyes and faced the reality, you can see that every mother plays an important role in this society. There are females who stay in their house doing her responsibility as a mother and a wife, a female who earns a living to support her family, a female with a child, but no partner, a female being slave by his own husband, a female being shamed by her loved ones, and a female who sacrifices her own enjoyment for the sake of her child. Every mother has different heroic stories to tell and to be proud of. That is why you are very blessed to have a mother beside you as you grow up.

Since it is their special day, this would be the perfect time to thank them for all the sacrifices they have made for your own good. Also, this is the perfect moment to make her realize that she is a very special woman and that you owe a lot to her. By doing this, you should plan to surprise her even in a very simple manner. Try to give her simple gift or bring her out and treat her for a dinner. What do you think about it?

For you not to be stressed out thinking about the best gift you can present to your first queen; here are the top 10 mother’s day gift that will surely make your mom smile.

1. Handwritten Letters

One of the best old-school gifts that you can give to your mom is handwritten letters. Nowadays, the trend is posting long sweet message online which is way easier than writing letters. The problem is, it is already a typical way of expressing your feelings towards your mother. Since it is their special day, why not try something extraordinary? Their special day happens only once a year, try to make an effort in writing a message for her. Make her feel like she is being courted again, but this time, by her angels. By composing a letter written on a piece of paper, your mother will surely feel that she is one of a kind. Do not just settle for something good, give her the best that you can do in return to all the hardships that her encounter just to raise you up.

2. Home-made Cake

Buying cakes in the near bakeshop show less effort. You are just spending your money for a flop gift. Instead of buying an expensive cake, why don’t you try to make a personalized cake for your mom? If you are thinking about making an effort, this idea would be great and truly one of a kind! If you do not know what to do, there is no problem because there are various video tutorials you can find on the internet. You should also make the cake meaningful by choosing a flavor that she really loves and by putting special symbols that describes your mom. For example, drawing her into the surface of that cake when you were still in her womb, that would be a great idea right?

3. Book of Life

It sounds unique right? But book of life simply means album and this will surely be a good gift your mom. All you need to do is compile all of her maternal pictures in a very creative way. Your mom will definitely miss all of her memories while she was still carrying you in her womb.

4. Bouquet of Red Roses

Female teenagers felt lovely when someone gives them a bunch of red roses, so does the mothers! It is widely known that roses symbolized beauty and love, but not just that! Red roses one of the most adorable flowers, is strongly associated with sacrifices and it perfectly suits to all the moms out there. Go now to the nearest flower shop and buy a bouquet of red roses for your fabulous mom.

5. Chocolates

Almost all mothers feel frustrated because all of the burdens that they were carrying. Moms are not moms if they are not stressed. Thinking about the thing that could relieve that kind of feeling? It’s chocolate! It was already proven that sweets have the ability to relieve the stress that a certain people are feeling. What are you waiting for? Go now to the market and get her the most delicious chocolate she can ever have.

6. Jewelries

Among all of the gifts mentioned, this one is the most expensive one. Your mom may not admit it, but she also fantasizes to have dazzling jewelries. Since it is her special day, try to spoil her with the accessories that she wants.

7. Beauty Products

Mother’s Day means a lot to our beloved mother that is why she should look stunning during this event. By giving her beauty products, she can use it to make herself presentable. After her makeover, she will definitely own the night!

8. Coffee Mugs

Majority of moms love to drink coffee or tea. In line with this, you should give her a personalized mug with her name printed on it. When she’s relaxing and drinking coffee, she will surely remember the day that you gave it to her.

9. Dress

Every mom loves to have a new set of clothes which they can be used when there is an important event to attend. Try to consider buying them set of clothes in which they will look pretty and presentable. Also, make sure that it is suitable to her.

10. Cook Book

Every mom loves to lurk around the kitchen. Since it is her task to cook food for her family, try to give her a cookbook with special recipes. In this way, she will learn something new and she will be able to improve her cooking skills. What do you think?

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