FAQs About Filing The Insurance Claim Right After The Car Accident

More than 400,000 car accidents had been reported in the year 2018 just in Florida alone, with over than 250,000 of total injuries stated. With lots of accidents happening on the roads every year, it’s not anymore a surprise that Florida had been considered as one of the top dangerous states for the drivers. With over 30 years of their legal experience, the Tampa personal injury lawyers may advise you about when to file the insurance claim right after the auto accident.

If you and also someone you know was involved in the car accident caused by a negligent driver, you can read on to know and learn about the car accident case being filed and explained by a leading personal injury lawyer in Tampa. Here the lawyer answered the frequently asked questions which can relate to your personal injury case and personal car accident.

Here are the FAQs:

1. What’s the deadline for the filing of an insurance claim right after the car accident?

The following months, weeks, days, and hours after the car accident may be stressful, particularly when you have sustained some serious injuries. And when the injury is not serious or it is life-threatening, it may be easy to become distracted and then forget to file the lawsuit insurance or the claim.

It is important to remember that there’s a deadline when it comes with the car accident case filing. The great way to make sure you will meet a deadline is by hiring the car accident lawyer, who will help you steer the challenging procedure.

Most of the insurance companies requested that the clients reported the accident at the soonest possible time, typically during the primary 24 hours right after an accident. Bear in mind, that the deadline will cover only the accident that report itself, but not filing the property damage or the injury claim. It will mean that the earliest you reported the accident and so the better it will be, because the insurance companies will be suspicious of claims which are not being reported right away.

2. What is the degree of limitations for the personal injury lawsuits?

And just because you had to report an accident right away will not mean that you have to report the personal injury lawsuit instantly. The truth is the statute of personal injury lawsuit limitations is four years. And so you will have enough time to consult the personal injury attorney in reviewing the details of the case. You can also have enough time to comprehend the legal implications in the filing of an insurance claim right after the car accident.

3. What is the standard settlement for the car accident?

There are so many factors that can affect the settlement that you will take. The most obvious of all factors will be its property damages and also the injuries you are sustaining. The average agreement for the car accident is about $15,000. However, remember that the settlement might be lower or even higher than $15,000 for it will depend on the harshness of injuries, legal fault, even also the ability of an at-fault driver in paying your claim.

Remember to get the settlement that you deserve. Navigate the complex legal systems and dealing with the insurance businesses represented by huge law firms will feel overwhelming when you decide to make it as your own.

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