Best Pandemic Movies To Stream This Quarantine Period

Horror movies are always the perfect place for exploring our fears inside the safety of our own homes. And so it just stand to reason that ever since we are all stuck and self-isolated in our homes we still want to explore that abject terror of this COVID-19 virus that is driving ordinarily sane individuals to stockpile toilet paper and booze outside.

Probably it is the fascination with the films that predicted how the pandemic could play out and maybe it is watching characters that you can relate in dealing with the brand new diseases in a tale that is ultimately fiction which has landed Outbreak within this Netflix top 10.

It is not surprising that we suddenly seemed to have that appetite for quarantine and infection movies, and so below are some of those best ones that you can stream from your roof.

10. Blindness, 2008

It is about a highly communicable illness renders a great deal of the population blind of the world in this movie of director Fernando Meirelles from the base of Jose Saramago. None of the personality with the cast headed by Mark Ruffalo and Julianne Moore is called as the movie follows the metaphorical nature of the book while not being shy away from the slaughter that take place as the civilization collapses. It is more about the human nature and lesser about science, Blindness suggested that humanity may want to adapt distinctive perspectives to endure the global catastrophe — this is a lesson that is worth remembering since we are working all our way through this COVID-19 crisis.

9. Cabin Fever, 2003

Eli Roth’s present introduction was this horror comedy that saw the group of kids having a vacation in the cabin attacked by the flesh eating virus. It is totally gross and gory, but it is also quite sharp and funny in how it played with the horror tropes.

8. Carriers, 2009

This post-apocalyptic path movie Chris Pine leads that sees the virus wiped-out a great number of the population. The uninfected foursome goes out to the small resort that they believe is still plagued-free where they’d plan to wait for the pandemic to be out. On their way to the resort, they met desperate survivors and risky factions and finally eventually turn on with each other, although this is not really the most jolly of the lists of movies.

7. Children of Men, 2006

The director Alfonso Cuaron’s recent classic could well be its most frightening movie in so many ways — since both hyper-realistic style of Cuaron in the filmmaking and also because the world is so clearly in their own in so many ways. With the not known malady that is preventing the beginning of any current children that is under 18 years old, following the worldwide flu pandemic, the humanity is on a brink of societal crumpled. Only a lone young lady that is somehow pregnant gives that beacon of hope next to the storm of despair. This movie’s final theme of faith anti all odds will end up being the balm in these unsure days.

6. Contagion, 2011

The realistic depiction of Steven Soderbergh about what will took place at the wake of the pandemic sees doctors fighting to identify the reason of the deadly virus and tried to develop the vaccine while the cities are under the quarantine, false reports had been causing the panic buying, and the supplies of the vaccination are not enough to treat everyone that are at risk. Presenting the all star cast with Kate Winslet, Laurence Fishburne, Matt Damon, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jude Law, and it is a slightly terrifying and classy look outside our personal window.

5. It Comes At Night, 2017

Regardless of what the deceiving trailer recommended, this is not one zombie movie, however, it is one infection movie, of sorts, that sees the couple and their adolescent son self isolating within the woods due to the not seen threat that is taking over the world. However, when the young couple and the child arrive looking refuge the domestic stability of the family is shaken. Scary, metaphorical, intelligent, is a bleak quarantine movie.

4. Pontypool, 2009

Some sort of the zombie movie, infection movie, and some of the quarantine movie this clever Canadian terrifying movie from Bruce McDonald saw Stephen McHattie as one radio DJ relating the unfolding outbreak of a thing taking place in the exterior of the studio. McHattie carried the film, which is the smart means to simulate the pandemic and make the panic feeling on that very low budget, through the movie that takes place almost totally in a room.

3. Quarantine, 2008

This is an American remake of the [REC] that stars Jennifer Carpenter is just fine, however, it removes some of those ambiguities and strangeness of the original one. Here the origin and the effect of the virus are explicitly said instead of being in the background. It is still efficient enough, and some of the best shocks are the ‘shock for shock’ by [REC].

2. [REC], 2007

It is less interested in the universal infrastructure and even more in alerting the living crap not of viewers, this snappy Spanish terror movie of Paco Plaza and Jaume Balagueró saw the cameraman and the reporter go on the ride-along with the emergency services group who are phoning to the apartment constructing during the disturbance. The moment that they are inside, they realized some kind of infection has been spreading rapidly and they are abruptly quarantined inside. Things are on to getting weirder. The discovered very effective footage movie with the nerve jangling finality, [REC] inspired the three serviceable sequels; however, none is as mighty as the original.

1. Train to Busan, 2016

It is an excellent Korean movie of scary zombies is a depiction of how rapidly the virus may spread. The out father, Seok-woo, boarded the train starting from Seoul going to Busan with the daughter while that one infected lady boards the different carriage. Then soon each passenger in the carriage became infected and then Seok-woo should work with the other commuters to attempt on keeping the strong cars separated from those that are infected. The movie is thrilling, emotional with a breakneck pace.

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