10 Best Ranked Movies of Chadwick Boseman

Chadwick Boseman had been in the great number of good films. He had been definitely making waves in the Hollywood industry in the past years. This man surely got his name called from being the Wakanda King (AKA Black Panther). But, Chadwick Boseman has been incredibly versatile, and this famous franchise certainly was not the first flick. Just in case you seem to binge the best movies of this guy, here is the list made just for you. With the newly released film, some upcoming flicks, plus some more of Black Panther goodness that just finished, it is only reasonable to create a list of the highest-rated flicks of the Wakanda King.

10. 21 Bridges, 2019

It is the newest flick of Chadwick, and though it only took 50%, it still make it here in this top 10. The action crime drama artists were Sienna Miller, J.K. Simmons, and this brilliant actor Chadwick wherein he played as an NYPD detective that go aboard on the citywide manhunt for that pair of criminals – accountable of murdering cops and also part of the massive conspiracy. This movie will absolutely give you the action fill, and Chadwick here is loveable in his lead role that was totally badass.

9. Draft Day, 2014

The film centers around the NFL draft, where Sonny Weaver, the General Manager tried to rebuild the group. But, he had to decide what has been worth sacrificing when he had been considering the thoughts of thousands of young men. The manager here is Kevin Costner, but Chadwick is the next lead role. Jennifer Garner is also in this sports drama, which is certainly one of the favorites of many and his role here fits him quite well.

8. The Express, 2008

Chadwick actually unearth himself in fairly some sports dramas. The movie is about the true-to-life tale of Ernie Davis, the college football legend, who was the primary African-American to succeed the Heisman Trophy. The movie stars were Rob Brown, Clancy Brown and Dennis Quaid. Chadwick took the secondary role as the Floyd Little; but, this has been one of the first flicks of Chadwick.

7. Get On Up, 2014

The movie is a bit diverse for this versatile star. It’s still a life story, but this one took the musical turn. Chadwick took the lead, and portrayed James Brown. This movie tells the story of the rise from poverty up to being an infamous magician he was known. This role is really impressive, and he stars alongside here Viola Davis, Dan Aykroyd, and Octavia Spencer, so it is a truly musical experience you can’t really pass up.

6. 42, 2013

Of all the biography, sport dramas he played, this one is absolutely becoming the favorite of all. Chadwick is Jackie Robinson here, the first ever African-American that played in the Major League Baseball. During the late 1940s, Robinson still fight against racism, despite his being part of their team. The movie is tragic, totally inspiring and riveting. Plus, it certainly placed this talented guy in the radar and Chadwick Boseman is sincerely phenomenal.

5. Marshall, 2017

The movie is one more biography, drama, however, in this one, Boseman played as one lawyer. The movie tells a tale of Mr. Thurgood Marshall through one of his not so famous cases in his career just before he turned to be the first ever African-American Justice of the Supreme Court. His co-stars here are Josh Gad, Sterling K. Brown, and Kate Hudson. The case here is about that African-American staff that had been charged of raping his boss, who is Caucasian, and Marshall defended his innocence. The cast here is phenomenal, and here, Chadwick surely stole the hearts like this bright guy.

4. Avengers: Infinity War, 2018

Most of the great flicks is this guy as a Black Panther. The movie is absolutely still one of the all-time favorite movies of all. The movie is one of the most typical cliff-hanger of the whole MCU, and absolutely deserves the acting on this list. Mr. Black Panther absolutely confirmed his badass talents of this list, and it is not anymore a question that Boseman is the ideal guy for this very iconic character.

3. Captain America: Civil War, 2016

The film is the first instance where we meet Chadwick as the Black Panther. He sides here with Captain America, where he absolutely aids to make that one epic superhero fight in the movie history. The movie is absolutely had us definitely stoked for the solo Black Panther movie, which, we adored much, but we will remember this flick for always, as the combat of the Avengers, where the first time that Chadwick stole the hearts of many as T’Challa. Honestly, this role left us blown.

2. Avengers: End Game, 2019

Every Marvel flicks will surely take the top space in every list. The movie was quite exactly the end of the superhero era. It is the latest of the franchise, certainly the last with all of the favorite OG characters. Here, Black Panther is lunar, and everyone is falling in love more and more with this role. Everyone is just so happy T’Challa come back into the huge screen, and everyone is also really grateful that they are expecting for more to arrive from this role even if the traditional Avengers had to come to its end.

1. Black Panther, 2018

It is actually not surprising that the film blew all of the other movies out. This film made the serious waves in the industry of Hollywood, with regards to cultural, economic, and in the pretty much other ways. Chadwick Boseman alongside Michael Jordan was the iconic matchup T’Challa showed to everyone his leadership, action-awesomeness and brilliance in this flick. Though everyone loved the versatility of this actor, we are not mad that the movie took the gold medal for this list. It will always be the most popular role of Chadwick Boseman’s, and everyone cannot think of anyone that would have done it as well.

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