The Top 10 Best Airports in the World

Travelling may not be as demanding as it used to be before the COVID-19 pandemic. Armed with the new normal guidelines in safety travel, some of the airports are slowly going back to operations. Passengers may not be as thrilled as before; the airline industry may not be thriving, and airports may not be filled with the normal hustle and bustle. Travelling will be limited to essentials and in the future, hopefully it will again be at leisure.

Key Points To Remember with the New Normal

In order to proceed with the normalcy of having flights and operations on these terminals, these are some of the common safety guidelines that each passenger should remember. Again, if traveling is necessary and essential. Keep these in mind:

  • Everyone is expected to wear masks. Some airports (due to government requirements) require specific types of mask. Should passengers fail to bring, some airports are strict to not let anyone enter without it. While some will allow from some retail stores sell them in the terminal.
  • Everyone is required to observe proper hand sanitation
  • Everyone is expected to follow social distancing to avoid contamination.
  • Everyone is subject to temperature screening. Should any person have a temperature above 37.5 C or 99.5 F will be directed to consult a doctor.
  • Frequent cleaning and disinfection of high-contact areas (trolleys, counter tops, door handles, water dispensers)
  • Digital signages and utilized websites are required to display information regarding safety measures being practiced at the terminal
  • Recommended to pack lightly, arrive at the terminals early (like 3-4 hours before the flight)

The Best Airports in the World

In the meantime, let us look back and re-consider travelling (for future plans) with the top 10 Best Airports in the World as ranked by Skytrax in 2020. Skytrax is a leading organization in the aviation industry.

  1. Singapore Changi Airport (Singapore)

Situated in Singapore, this airport services 80 international airlines flying over 200 destinations in a week. Aside from Skytrax’s Best Airport, Changi is also voted as the finest Airport in Asia, the Best Airport Leisure Facilities in the World and the Best Airport having 60 to 70 million passengers.

This airport provides the best travel experience for passengers. With the number of passengers navigating through the terminal, Changi makes sure that travelling is as safely, efficiently and leisurely as possible. The Jewel Changi boasts with the facilities such as gardens and attractions which is uniquely one-of-a-kind.

2. Tokyo Haneda (Japan)

Situated in Haneda, this airport houses travels for both domestic and international airlines. Skytrax’s awarded the Best Airport: 70+ million passengers, also named World’s Cleanest Airport, World’s Best Domestic Airport and World’s Best PRM (Passenger with Restricted Mobility) /Accessible Facilities for this year. This airport caters to all types of travelers, including persons with disability. Among their achievements, they are aiming to further promote Japan as a tourism-oriented nation.

Furthermore, one of the remarkable amenities that this terminal was a place where one may stay outside, especially if the weather permits to view the runway and observe planes as they ascend and descend.

3. Doha Hamad International (Qatar)

This is found in Doha, Qatar’s capital. This airport is known to be the most luxurious and has the most significant architectural features in a terminal complex in all the airports in the world.  Skytrax’ named it the Best Airport in the Middle East, Best Airport Staff in the Middle East and Best Airport: 30-40 million passengers.

Among the Middle East countries, being awarded the best airport staff speaks volumes about how friendly and accommodating the culture of the country is. With an airport to flaunt and able to serve 30-40 million passengers with a smile, this exemplifies hospitality.

4. Seoul Incheon International Airport (South Korea)

Servicing over 1,000 flights per day with over 80 carriers, Seoul Incheon International Airport is the largest airport in South Korea. Given these stats, it is considered one of the busiest airports in the world. Skytrax awarded this terminal as the World’s Best Transit Airport and World’s Best Airport Terminal.

To be considered as the best transit airport and as one of the busiest airports in the world, connecting from one flight to another has never been more efficient.

5. Munich Airport (Germany)

This airport is the second busiest airport in Germany, averaging about 40-50 million passengers per year. This terminal house 150 retail stores similar to a city center or a walk-in airport mall. Munich airport is awarded the Best Airport in Europe, Best Airport in Central Europe and Best Airport:40-50 million passengers.

Munich airport caters to over 100 airlines and over 200 destinations in the world.

6. Hong Kong International Airport (Hong Kong)

Hong Kong International Airport serves over 100 airlines with more than 180 destinations. This was awarded as the World’s Best Airport Immigration Services.

Hong Kong International Airport offers innovative ways with Immigration services and facilities. Immigration process has become easier through Courtesy Channel for passengers requiring special assistance, Frequent Visitor e-channel for a speedy immigration clearance and the Smart Departure, a simple and secure system for travel documents automated checks.

7. Tokyo Narita (Japan)

This terminal serves over 60 airlines and flies to over 110 destinations. The award for World’s Best Airport Dining was given to Narita airport.

There are numerous food choices and different cuisines that passengers can sample from. It is a feast with gastronomical proportions.

8. Centrair Nagoya (Japan)

Central Japan International Airport also known as Centrair. The terminal is a combination of both domestic and international that services over 60 airlines in over 60 destinations. This was awarded the World’s Best Regional Airport and Best Airport: 10-20 million passengers.

9. Amsterdam Airport Schipol (The Netherlands)

Schipol airport is the international airport of the Netherlands and awarded the Best Airport in Western Europe.

Schipol services over 108 airlines and 317 destinations. It is considered the best airport of Western Europe due numerous facilities that are very beneficial for the passengers.

10. Kansai International Airport (Japan)

Kansai International also flies both domestic and international routes. For a time it was considered an Asian hub with numerous flights transiting from Japan to connect to another destination. This terminal was awarded the Best Airport Staff in Asia, World’s Best Airport Staff and World’s Best Baggage Delivery.

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