Best Tree Home Designs

When we heard “Tree house” we often think that this place is just for kids to play around. But in this article we will discover the places with the Best Tree Home Designs and realized that Tree House is not just for kids to enjoy but for adult to appreciate the simplicity and the nature’s beauty.

Here are some Best Tree Home Designs

Three Storey Tree House in Canada

Since most of the tree house has a one storey. The Tree House in British Columbia, Canada has built a three storey house in a tallest tree

Invisible Mirrored Tree House in Sweden

This four meter glass tree house cube is almost invisible in the forest. It reflects the trees, clouds, the sun and even the birds around the tree house. Despite the unusual designs of this tree house is also an eco-friendly resort.

The Bird’s Nest

The Bird’s Nest is another Tree House built in Sweden. This is like a massive nest in the forest that may confuse the birds. This camouflage Bird’s Nest interior is very relaxing it has rooms and a toilet that can enjoy by a small family. Despite the compact space the designs and lightings will give you comfort.

HemLoft Tree House

This egg shaped Tree House was built in the forest, hiding in the forest. This Tree House was built by a 26 years old software developer with no skill in carpentry and yet he build this wonderful egg shaped HemLoft Tree House. The materials mostly recycled and found in the woods. This Tree House is very minimalist and aside from that no water and electricity supply.

Tree House in Muskoka

This Japanese lantern like that floats in the air in Ontario, Canada. You will appreciate the latern like Tree House at night because of the brightness.

Minister’s Tree House

This Tree House is located in Tennessee, USA. This is the tallest tree house in the world. It was built by reclaimed wood. This Minister’s Tree House has a 90 feet tall with 80 rooms and up to five stories. It has church and a bell tower on top of the tree house. This Minister’s Tree House Hotel has been closed by Fire Marshalls last 2012 due to some violations of local fire code since the whole hotel was made only of woods.

Yellow Tree House

This Yellow Tree House is a Restaurant located at wilderness of Auckland, New Zealand. This is designed by Pacific Environments Architects and Yellow Pages. This Yellow Tree House has a 32-ft high restaurant. A cocoon shape that wrapped around the tree and has a capacity of 18 guest.


A TreeHouse or a TreeHouse Point is in the East of Seattle, Washington. It has a breathtaking beauty of the Pacific and minutes away for the Snoqualmie Falls. This TreeHouse of TreeHouse Point offers overnight retreat, event center for weddings and  more.

Free Spirit Spheres Tree House

Free Spirit Sphres is located at the West Coast rainforest of Vancouver Island, Canada.  It also a first and only manufacturer of this type of tree house. Free Spirit Spheres is the practice and principle of Biomimicry. This is the approach of innovation and solitions to human. The main objective is to medidate and reconnect humans to the enviroment to remove all the negative vibes in the city. They have three spherical treehouses for you to medidate these are Luna, Eryn and Melody Tree House. The interior focus on the mantra of functional, simple and elegant.

Takashi Kobayashi Tree House

This Tree House was built in Harajuku, Japan. Kobayashi is the architect and designer of the tree house with no background technically and just a self taught. But due to his spectacular designs, constant attention and including the environment to his consideration. Takashi Kobayashi make a place for the people who needs relaxation and retreat of the mind and soul. The combination of repect of people to nature will give positivity.

UFO Treehouse

After Swedish Tree Hotel built the Bird Nest Tree House they also built another kind of tree house and that is UFO Tree house. This tree house has the lightest materials but the design structure is durable. This UFO Tree house has a modern designs and yet comfortable. This tree house can accommodate three to five persons.

Finca Bellavista Tree House

This Tree House is located at the rainforest of Costa Rica. The word “Finca Bellavista” means   beautiful view farm. This is close to the Pacific Ocean, you will discover here the exceptional lifestyle that more people to adopt. You will definitely enjoy and appreciate the nature since Finca Bellavista has a diverse geography of mountains, valleys, rivers, waterfalls and rainforest. The facility has eight kinds of different Tree houses, different designs with 360 degree forest views.

Over the years, Tree Houses can be evolved from the tribal people’s house to the play area of our kids. But for those who live in the busy cities, still, this is the happy place to relax, enjoy and appreciate what our nature can give us.

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