What are the top 10 car myths?

Over the past few years, myths became widely-spread in every corner of the world. At first, it was just all roaming in the Greek’s area, but now, myths can be found anywhere and what’s worse is that the public’s mind are already engaging in it. 

There are various kinds of myth all over the world, but what we are digging in right now is all about the false beliefs about car engines which will surely make you scratch your head after reading it.

During these days, there are a lot of car myths roaming across the globe which is considered non-sense at all if it would be based on the science behind vehicles. If you are a car user and want to be enlightened with regards to your car, we presented below the ten most common car myths that are mostly believed by the public.

1. Police cars are faster than the other normal cars. Have you ever thought, what is the truth behind the Police cars speed in the movie that you are watching? Usually, the police cars that can be seen from the movies possessed a super speed in which the impossible things seem to be possible. Even the car that the bad guys are driving went ahead of time than the police cars. It is possible for the policemen to trap the car of the bad guys and caught them after. It seems like the police cars have its own supernatural powers that nobody can explain. In a one certain situation, the kid suddenly asked his dad why do the police cars have a high level of speed. The father then answered that it is mainly because of the microchip that the police men installed in their car. The kid grew up with that concept in mind not knowing that the information that he got was not based on facts. In real life, there is no such thing as super speed and police cars are just like the other cars.

2. SUV means a safer and small vehicle means danger- Most people believe that the bigger your vehicle is, the safer you would be and the smaller it is, the more you are prone to danger. That information is absolutely wrong because there are no valid reasons and facts about that certain state. In fact, your safety lies on your hand. It all depends on how you will manage the different parts of your car as well as the road itself. If you are thinking that once you have had a bigger SUV, you are now free to any kinds of danger waiting on the road, then you must remove that thought in your mind because that is totally non-sense at all.

3. Cars can function by using water as a fuel- Water as a fuel? If we are talking about the human body here, then it is indeed a fact! But what we are discussing here is all about the cars and it is impossible for a vehicle to work with the use of water only. There is a lot of information disseminating around the world that there is actually an existing technology wherein vehicles can work with the use of pure water only. With that concept in mind, it is impossible for it to work because the water is dependent to other external sources in order for it to be converted into other energy sources.

4. Warming up cars during winter is a necessity- Since the temperature during the winter is so low, the tendency is that the car inside your house’s garage will also get cold that is why most people tend to warm it up first for a certain period of time before using it. For your information, this belief is already out of date because it was only applicable in the past due to the lack of technology that time. As of now, cars are already modern and improved that is why this belief is already considered as a myth. It may be a fact from the past, but time does change and so do the car engines.

5. Use of phones while refilling your gas tank at the gas station can result to explosion- A lot of people are victims with this belief. Some of them missed important calls due to this false belief which was implanted in our minds. All this time you are fooled that this activity can actually cause a blowup. Even the man who manages the gasoline station is also fooled because of the sign that can be seen at the gasoline station. According to some reliable sources, this idea has no basis in science and there are also no evidences which can pinpoint this activity.

6. An explosion occurs after the car had been crashed- Another belief that can be seen from the movie is that the car will explode after it was hit to another hard object such as a wall. Based on the movies from the television, cars usually explode once it crashed. But the thing here is that, this kind of statement is incorrect at all. In fact, the explosion of cars after it was bumped to another object is rare that is why we should stop thinking about this kind of accidents as it may bring nervousness to the drivers.

7. It is cheaper to fill up your gas tank in the morning – In the morning the temperature is colder than the other remaining time. In line with this, people do believe that when the temperature is low, the density of the gasoline is denser. Thus, larger amount of gas can fill your tank up, but that is not true at all. The temperature underneath the ground is consistent and the external temperature does not have any connection with the temperature in the ground that is why the density of the gas remains unchanged.

8. Engine oil must be changed every 3,000 miles- Another example of car myths is about this. If some gasoline companies advise you to change your engine oil every 3,000 miles do not listen to them because they were just doing that for the sake of their businesses profit.

9. Cars need to be tuned up from time to time- In order for your car to keep working over a  long period of time, performing specific maintenance is needed, but this does not literally mean that you will need to tune up your car regularly. Cars today are already modern that is why certain parts of the car was improved.

10. The insurance of the owners of the red cars is bigger then, insurance of those people who uses other colors- The main reason behind this false belief is that red cars are more prone to road accidents that is why owners of this color needs to pay a larger amount of the insurance fee. But that reason is not true at all because   there is no evidence behind that thing. Besides, the government will surely ban this car color if this myth was true.

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