You are warmly welcome to Area 51, a place full of secrets and mysteries. Below are the reasons why.

1. There is actually a basis behind the area’s name – If you are thinking that the name “Area  51” was just selected randomly, then you have missed that point because there is a rational reason behind its name. In fact, it has been the 51st area in which the Atomic Energy Commission Nevada Proving Grounds has been situated. In addition, Area 51 is the place for the examination of atomic bombs that is why it is a restricted place. Aside from this, the main purpose of this center is to provide as the training ground for spy planes and reticent operation that is why people find this place as strange and mysterious.

2. The site was once a facility for nuclear weapons – Widely known as one of the strangest place found in America. This Area 51 was once used as a secret facility for the storage of nuclear weapons. This was  proved when a certain report was dropped saying that there are hundreds of events wherein they tested the nuclear weapons and other machines such as the spy plane known as U-2 during the Cold War. Furthermore, Area 51 is an isolated site which is located in the Northern part, 65 miles away from Las Vegas.

3. The news about the flying saucer  captured in Roswell Region may be a false statement – The public is not yet satisfied with the information that the government have provided that is why they keep on searching answers to satisfy their curiosity. Year 1947, a broadsheet known as the Roswell Daily Record released a news with a headline “RAAF Caught the Flying Saucer on the Ranch” which is mainly about the delusion of selected people who believes that that thing was actually an alien spacecraft. Right after the dissemination of that controversy, the government contradicted the overflowing theories of the public and stated that the strange and the weird flying object that they have seen was just a weather balloon. But according to conspiracy theorists, this object has a lot of resemblance to a UFO or also known as the spaceship which came from the other planet. Whatever the truth is, people came to the area and immediately made an action.

4. The mysterious area is a restricted site and does not allow visitors to enter within the parameter – If you are a curious cat, thinking to travel in this place and make investigations on your own, then you will need to read this. People can actually find out where the area lies on the map, but the thing is that when you have tried to look for it in real life, it is quite hard to find. Aside from this, the absurd place covered by secrecy and mysteries is also a restricted place being guarded by multiple armed forces which is known as the Camo Dudes because of the uniforms that they are using when patrolling within the controlled area.

 5. The very first moon landing was believed to happen in this controlled area and not on the moon itself – In July 10, 1969, there has been a record all about the human’s first landing on the moon. Apollo 11 was the spacecraft used to successfully deliver humans, such as Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on the moon. But do you believe that this fact is not considered as a fact at all? According to the conspiracy theorist, Bill Kaysing’s book, that NASA astronaut did not really make it on top. He said there that the astronauts did not actually landed on the moon because it is rare for astronauts to reach and survive in the space. This basically delivers to public that the first landing on the moon did not actually happened to the moon, but in an odd place called Area 51. 

6. Area 51 was once a dreamland way back – It is hard to believe that the very strange and mysterious place was once became a dreamland in which people could work in peace. But, just like some stories places does had joyful or unfortunate ending, and in this case, the known dreamland became a spooky place which falls on an unfortunate ending.

7. There is a road sign which says “Extraterrestrial Highway” in Nevada near the Area 51 – Most people do believe that there are really strange things occurring in this place such as the existence of the extraterrestrial entities. In lined with this is the road sign in a highway located in Nevada where Area 51 lies. The road sign simply says “Extraterrestrial Highway” and believe it or not, that sign is really intended by the officials in response to their guesses about aliens and UFOs. Moreover, the SR-375 highway is also covered with strange things and is considered as one of the most mystical highways in Nevada.

8. Area 51 is protected by the law – Most people are wondering why this place was given a special protection by Bill Clinton, a former U.S. president.  If they were not hiding anything from that area, then why do they need to file an executive order? For your information, the executive order is a law that should be obeyed and the said former president’s order is to keep the area guarded and protect from any investigations. Because of this, the public’s curiosity got to its peak and the more the government hides the truth behind this place, the more the public investigates and gathers information.

9. There are cases that cracked up in this area – If you are thinking that this area is as safe as the other workplace, then, you do not have the idea what is actually its capability. Wayback then, there is a controversy about the two men employees who unfortunately died due to the high exposure to high chemicals in Area 51. The wives of the two contractors made an action after that incident and they have filed a case against the military force. However, they have lost the case and what’s bothering them the most is that they are not sure if this is the first time that this incident happened.

10. The former U.S. president does not have enough knowledge about the place – It is quite unbelievable that the former U.S. president himself does not have enough information about the said mysterious area. It seems like most of them are not aware of the events that are happening in their motherland. And the question is how come the president does not have much information about Area 51 if he is the one who controls the whole country? Up to this moment, that question is still left hanging and there is still no clear information about the true activities inside the restricted area.

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