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Low Cost Remodeling Ideas Of Bathrooms

BUY USED – yes! you read it right! Buy used items and this will not only save you money with used fixtures, showers, and even toilets but you are also helping our habitat. There are already habitat stores that are specifically selling home necessities like doors, mirrors, toilets, tubs and sinks that are already used.

Another best place to search for upcycled bathroom materials and accessories is Etsy. You can try their vintage brightly colored Tupperware and transform them into a cool hanging lamp. Also try an upcycled, awesome metal shelving that will look like a checkmark.  These might funky and fun to see in your bathroom. You can simply locate upcycled bathroom materials and accessories on Etsy through searching and using the keywords like “upcycled or bathroom.”

used bathroom accessories for renovation

DO NOT BUY NEW, REDO – Changing the old shower or tub will cost you pennies, but, have it relined by experts and it is much cheaper. But, do not try this with shower fixtures and sink since it will cost more to redo them than to change them. Refinishing the fixtures is even more costly since very few people are settling on doing it unless they possess vintage, old pieces and the contractors that usually offered this service charge with a premium amount.

You can also try refinishing your old bath tub by yourself if they are made of cast iron, fiberglass or porcelain. That said it will take time and some of your investment. The basic DIY refinishing stuffs can also include added supplies like sander, paint brushes, spray gun, and face masks, and a lot more.

FRESHEN GROUT AND CAULK – this is usually overlooked, yet important details are the caulk and grout. When this gets dirty, it gets unsightly. Through simply cleaning a grout and adding clean, straight lines of caulk around your sink and tub, you may add sparkle for a few dollars. You will be surprised with what the difference this will make! Caulk and grout are both cheap, and so this is so affordable to give that fresh look of your bathroom.

GO GREEN WITH THE UPGRADES – if you are updating your bathroom, do not forget to restyle it with your surroundings in mind. Sinks, shower heads and the low-flow toilets cannot only help you save water, but they will also keep your money. Plus, the water-saving shower head and faucets usually cost the same, though, not lesser, than the traditional ones.

The buying of repurpose or used materials is also the best for the environment. Moreover, in searching sites such as Etsy for upgrades or upcycled, search for the thoughts and then do them (DIY).

LIMIT YOUR TILES – tiles are getting expensive, particularly when you are hiring a contractor that will lay it all for you. To keep some money, limit the cost of tiles and concentrate focus on the high-impact portions such as the floor. Alternatively, you might tile a horizontal strip down the wall and then painted the rest. When you have got your heart that is set of tile that is expensive and artistic, then, use it as the accent alongside the cheaper tile. The artistic tiles will not only be more noticeable, however, you can also save tons of money when you only use a few of them.

PAINTS – when you do not have that much to spend, then patching up may be the cheapest, probably, the most effective means to give that bathroom a good look.

The bathroom has been considered as the smallest room in the house, but you need to slowly paint gently around a window, the shower or the tub, the mirror, the sink, the toilet, the wall corners, the switch plates, and the floor. It will take your patience and most of your time, and so make sure that you remember this when planning the renovation.

One more thing to take into consideration is the moisture. Because mildew and mold developed easily in the bathroom, and temperature and humidity change often, it is the best idea to devote in high quality paints with the satin finish. You can also go over your ceilings with that exclusive bathroom paint that aids in resisting the mold growth.

SAVE ON COUNTER TOP – the trend now is to indulge on granite countertops. Since the bathroom counters are small, the asset is usually fairly low when compared to what you had spent with, such as kitchen counters. The neutral colors such as brown, light beige and tan are the most popular, which means they are more expensive. To keep your money, price out and consider wider swath of dyes.

Another means of saving on granite countertop is to purchase a slab containing deficiency. The more noticeable the imperfection, the more the price will be cheaper. Bear in mind that the sink basin will get lots of surface area, and so when the imperfection is placed to where the faucets or the sink will be, then, you will not see it anyway!

At the moment, one of the massive fashions in bathrooms is the one that budget the DIYers may pull off with designs. The fashion is using use dressers as the sink pedestals. You can merely cut out the peak of the dresser so it will accommodate the sink insert, slice into or take out interior drawers as needed and cut holes at the backside for plumbing. The “dresser sinks” may sell for in thousands in the retail stores, however, you may simply create your own with the budget dresser, with the right tools and some patience.

UPDATE FIXTURES – next is by looking at the small details. You may be able to update light fixtures, towel racks, drawer pulls and sink faucets for a relatively little investment. These items will be insignificant, but updating them will make the big difference in the looks of the bathroom. There are items that may be out of your price range; however, you may locate ways in replicating the look for a lesser price.

Bear in mind that you’re not forced to always have towel racks for your home improvement. The used old plumbing can be used as a substitute for towel racks and this can give your bathroom that industrial and cool feel.

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