10 things you must know about plumbing

10 Things You Must Know About Plumbing

Plumbing is usually one of those overlooked systems, both within the residential apartment blocks and the high-rise buildings. Fixing the leaky faucet or that running toilet inside the house is just a thing, but when you run a company that works in the sector of property management, the plumbing issues may have grave outcomes both from the business standpoint and the financial.

Whether you are managing schools, office buildings, healthcare facilities and apartment blocks, you cannot be spared by those occasional plumbing issues happening and filling your emails with complaints.

Below are the things you must know with regards to plumbing.


Automatic Leakage Detector

Sinks, pipes, taps, and some other items will not last forever, thus, will eventually weaken and will start leaking. Some of the property managers let the pipes stay for that long after they had been proven in disrepair, and so finally installing the new ones in some area is important. Assess the damage that the sinks and pipes had suffered and, when the situation calls it, change them with the new ones. From the business standpoint, it’s cheaper to change old pipes than totally modernizing the interior of the aftermath of the water-related accident. Anybody can ask the expert plumbers for the inspection of the water system and then upgrade it when necessary. Consider putting in the recent systems that will detect leaks in your property. Furthermore, bear in mind that those piping infrastructures in the US are rapidly aging. During 2017, the standard maturity of most pipes within a country was about 47 years old. In Philadelphia and New York, the situation is even worse, where the pipes had been push 70. Thus, making sure that the building had that working plumbing that is vital.

Chemicals (do not just fix water problems)

There are some property managers that purchase chemicals and then pour it down drains for cleaning them. It is very important to remember that compounds will fix the problem, however, with a cost. The chemicals weakened drain pipes and then sinks and will finally cause damage. The sewerage lines and the underground pipes usually rot after being exposed to chemicals. It’s good now, the experts have been operating on the new water cleaning machineries for years, so it’s safe to presume this scenario might be obsolete sooner than later.

Consult the Professional Plumber

When the water system is encountering persistent troubles, reach out to the group of specialists. The plumber can be costly, but will indeed collect the industry’s thousands of dollars through repairs. While teaching your employees to repair minor problems might be a lot cheaper in the short term, contracting out the task to external businesses might prove to be even more profitable as time goes on.

Oils Block Pipes and Large Food Particles

Be sure to instruct your employees, office staffs or tenants about not flushing any grease to your kitchen sink. Grease and oil will clog the pipes. Cooking oils must be placed in the cartons and disposed it straight into the trash and it also applies to any food waste that will slab the sink.

Plumbing Appliances

Every toilet or sink in any chosen construction had the shut-off valves that permit the supply of water to be stop. Tour the house, find the flaps and discover how to switch off the supply of water in case toilets explode in the evening when there are no employee to attend to this situation. Furthermore, identify the place of the major water valve, and also how to control it. For instance, you need to cut off or control the supply of water, knowing just how to control it will shun from further damages to occur.


Taking preventive measure is always cheaper when compared to handling the problems just after they take place. One means of preventing any plumbing accidents are making sure that everything is properly installed. Improper installation or loose pipes of plumbing trap for urinals are considered as the two most common reasons of break to the building. And that is why the regular checkups and retightening are so important to perform. It is the same with the toilets. When you are taking complaints regarding broken toilets, it’s cheaper to just replace it than doing those shoddy patches-up acts.

Routine Maintenance Helps

Inspect the water lines on its normal basis. Keep your eyes on the heater, toilet, wet walls, and those drops from your sink. The routine maintenance will decrease leakages and the property damage from scattering any further. Don’t ignore any water troubles, no matter how they may seem minor in your first glance. The tiny leaks can degenerate to bigger ones, which will require the total remake of your plumbing system.


When it deals with the bigger buildings such as high-rises, a study ordered that sub-metering has been considered as the most realistic approach. The sub-meter is one intricate system that permits the landlords, condominium associations, or any other legal entities who are managing buildings to charge the tenants for solo consumption.

Water Pressure

This is one more plumbing aspect that the experts should notice. Normally, in the average household, a water pressure must be below 80 psi. A situation will change when it deals with the bigger structures, like the high-rise public and private buildings. The buildings that are higher than 8-stories require pumps that transport the water to the water tanks at the highest floor. The system is styled to be sure that water has been equally allocated among all floors without the need to sacrifice water pressure level.

Alternatively, the high water pressure has been one of the major reasons of water-related incidents in all kinds of buildings, particularly in smart homes. Furthermore, since construction technology and plumbing has advanced, the damage caused by flooding had been even more costly to repair.

Water System

Each building has turned off valves that are tactically spread around to give simple access to them. Through instructing and teaching the employees about the operation of the water system, lots of accidents in the future can be prevented, and that would be potentially pricey from the business standpoint. Furthermore, recognize the limits that concerns plumbing repairs that your employees will handle and hire beyond the experts to do that job that you cannot do.

Final Thoughts

Preserving running water system within the house will help handle emergencies if they arise. The expert plumbers may quickly identify and will fix leakages matters in the water systems just before they expounded to become costly disasters.

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