5 Useless SEO Activities that Won’t Generate Results

To rank first in the search engine like Google, Bing, All The Web, Hot Bot, and Ask is pretty good for your website, but then if you continue to aim this goal, you are working like a robot! To draw out some confusions when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), I have prepared some pointers to review for you to give you some light on the SEO activities you should stop right now.

These are the useless SEO activities that won’t generate results and won’t increase your conversion rate.

  1. Checking your ranking status from time to time

When I say checking your ranking from time to time, it can be either multiple times a day or thrice a day. This SEO activity will absolutely not give you the best result you are aiming for. Instead of spending too much time checking your ranking status every minute, and every hour, it’s highly recommended to focus on the execution of what must be done. For instance, you only have five blogs for the month of January, and you keep on checking on your ranking, and you may be thinking, why does your website is not ranking in search engines?

Instead of checking both of your traffic and ranking every minute, keep on publishing content for your target market, the actual information they need to know from you, and your business.

2. Monitoring Keyword Density

Keywords should be incorporated into every article you publish on your website. But it does not necessarily mean that you have to use keywords beyond the suggested number of its usage. To make it simpler, writing a relevant article with the best quality you can provide is much better, rather than depending on how many times you’ve used a keyword with high hopes to rank on Google and other search engines.

To explain the simplest form on how does the proper calculation of the keyword density really works, here it goes:

You divide the number of times you used the keyword by the total number of words you have composed. In addition to that, there is no ideal percentage of keyword density to ensure your website will rank in search engines, but it’s safe to say it should be at least 1 up to 3% of keyword density.

3. Investing in backlinks

Gone are the days where Google ignores website owners buying and exchanging for links just to get rank. When Google released Panda algorithm update on 2011, it devalued and reduced some websites with thin content and too much irrelevant backlinks. Don’t be tempted when a fellow website owner offers you a backlink package, it will only lead you to get penalized by Google. This is by far, one of the useless SEO activities that won’t generate results you are aiming for. If you want to incorporate backlinks within an article, make use of other content you have on your website, if you have another related topic in your articles, connect the two of them, and that’s the only time you are safe to do backlinks.

It’s never good to trust in exchanging links and most of all buying links to other websites just to get rank in search engines.

4. You ignore the power of mobile-friendly optimization

Due to the advancement of technology, everyone now uses their mobile phones to purchase, have fun, communicate and most of all, to do research and find products and services they need. Almost 50% of the searches do not come from desktop or laptop devices anymore, but from mobile devices, this is where the advantage of having an optimized website which is mobile-friendly comes in. Would you rather stay in obtaining an optimized website for desktop alone and forget about gaining more customers at your doorstep?

You might be losing potential clients and not attracting more target market if you will still ignore the power of mobile-friendly optimization. Now is the perfect time to make your website mobile-friendly.

5. Obsessing over Google and not over your customers

As the website owner, if there’s one thing you should be obsessing about, it should be your customers and not your Google’s ranking. Learn the art of providing for your customers especially, what they need and what they love best about your business and website. The more you focus on providing what your customers want and need, the more chances you will have to generate better results.

Always remember to write articles for the users and not for the search engines simply because when users found out that your website is relevant to their queries, they will also go back to you and this is where the power of word of mouth comes in. Always provide real value to your audience, and this strategy will definitely help you to rank in a longer time than the other websites writing content just for the search engines.

Quality is always the best, rather than quantity. Google may release new algorithm updates, but throughout the years, it’s always been starving for high-quality content. For better online reputation and avoid poor search ranking signals, always provide high quality content, and do everything for the users and not only for search engines.

As a website owner and entrepreneur, your time is limited and indeed valuable. So, why spend hours of doing these five useless SEO activities that won’t even generate results for you? Learn the art of working smarter like you always do, and avoid all the activities I have mentioned on this list. As soon as you follow this friendly guide I have prepared, you will start to see the results and reap the rewards for your website.

A professional help from SEO Specialist can also help your business skyrocket your revenue and for sure, you won’t get lost when it comes to ranking and running the best website you can ever have for your business.

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