Since a house is one of the basic needs by humans, it is always available in the market. Due to that fact, real estate photography does not get old. This job is always in demand because the photographers are responsible for taking up a stunning photo of a certain house, office, or even a hall for it to be purchased by the customers. Since agents are aiming to get the attention of buyers, of course, what would they do is that they will try to release attractive advertisements through the use of real estate photography.

Sometimes, making a photograph for properties can be a little bit tricky. But if you will have these tips, you will surely come up with an attractive and consistent photograph that your clients will surely love. Presented below are some of the tips being talked about.

1. You should have a list of your standard shot for every property – Before the shoot you will need first to have a list in order for you to finish your plans for that day. It will also help you to avoid distractions because you will surely get back to reality when you see your plan list. Moreover, you can pass this to the agency that you are working for, in order for them to know what are the things that they should expect from your work. Another thing is that, it will serve as your blueprint for that day as it will tell you about what are the necessary things that you should cover from your shoot.

2. You should prepare all the necessary equipments that you will be need at the shoot– One of the worst problem that a real estate photographer might encounter during the shoot is having a drained battery or forgetting a stuff that is really important. If you have forgotten some of your equipment or something is not working, this will totally reflect on your final output. Since no one wants that to happen, what you should do is to prepare all of your important stuff right before the shooting. Make sure that all of your things are packed together and all of these are working. Once you have finally prepared all of the needed materials, you will surely have a successful shoot.

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3. Decluttering – One of the most important tasks that you should do on set is to remove all of the unnecessary things that have nothing to do with the photography. It is mainly because it has a high tendency to ruin the good scenery. Some of the unnecessary stuff will stand out on the photograph which is quite unpleasant. Before you completely start shooting, make sure that the home owner cleaned the areas that are exposed in the camera. But this does not literally mean that stuffs are not allowed during the shooting. In fact, you can place at least three objects on the scene as it serves as your design. However, you should take account for that thing. Make sure that it will look good in the photo.

4. You should observe first the interior and the exterior of the house before you start– Before you pick up your camera and start clicking the button, you should take a look first on the house. You can walk inside and outside of it in order for you to easily determine what kind of shot you will use during the shooting. By observing the appearance of the house, you will easily identify which item should be moved in order to have a good shot. You can also take down notes in your mind on what is the best angle to use in that certain area. Once you have already finished examining the house, you can now start up with your work.

5. You should decide whether to use lights or not– Deciding between lights on and lights off do have certain valid reasons. If you choose to use lights on, the positive effects are the following; the space of the area will become warmer and it will feel more delightful. However, the light will have a negative effect on the initial photo. If the light is turned on, the tendency is that the temperature of the lights in every part varies. If that is the case, you will need to put extra effort in order to balance that light through the use of your post-processing skills. On the other hand, if you choose not to turn on the lights, the effects are; the light in the area are spread evenly and the temperature in that area feels cold. Whatever your decision is, what is important is that you will need to be consistent with your decision. If you have used lights in the bedroom, make sure that you will also use lights on the other part of the house.

6. You should use flash and bounce it on the wall to diffuse light– One thing that you should always remember when using a flash on your camera is to bounce it off the wall for it to look soft. Do not directly point the flash into the space as it would result to a terrible luminous area at the center and a shadow around this area.

7. You should keep the camera straight when shooting to avoid distortion– One of the most important tips in doing the real estate photography is keeping your camera straight even if you are capturing different angles. It is mainly because it helps to lessen the distortions that can only be fixed using the lightroom.

8. You should fix the distortions through the use of lens correction and transform– In order to make your photograph more polished, what you will need to do is to correct your lens as well as the verticals. After that, go to the Transform Module and select the box with the text “Constrain Crop” then click “Auto”. Once you have done that, you will notice that the box darken which indicates that it worked.

9. You should move the basic adjustments up– The common basic adjustments are highlights, brightness, clarity, and shadows. When you adjust one of those options, make sure that it will look good in the photo.

10. You should fix the temperature of varying lights– As mentioned above, if you use lights on your photograph, make sure that you will balanced the varying light temperatures using some editing apps.

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