Being a parent is as hard as having multiple jobs. It seems like you need to lift up the whole world just to make sure that your kids are safe and at the same time are having fun. Fortunately, there are various things out there which can make your parenting easier. Below are some of the life-hacks that you should learn to lessen up your stress once you have finally entered parenting life.

1. Use a shower caddy to organize all of your items in the car– Going out with your baby and thinking all about the mess that she can bring when she stayed up in your car? Worry no more because you can now recycle your shower caddy and store up all of your little angel’s things here. Stuffs like diapers, milk bottles, and snacks can be stored here. All you need to do is to clean it up and let it dry. In this way, the mess in your car will lessen up because of your recycled organizer. Hassle free and stress free right? What do you think?

2. Use an inflatable pool to serve as your baby’s safe play ground– Seeing your baby’s genuine smile while playing is the one that makes your heart melt. However, playing is sometimes unsafe too. There are times that your baby’s head is being bumped into the floor or wall which results to wound or bruise. Because of that, certain problems may occur. And of course every problem needs a solution. Since you are a parent, you need to think of a way in which your kid will be safe and at the same time having fun. Worry no more because there are actually lots of solutions out there, but the best one is to use an inflatable pool. You can now breathe freely without worrying about your kid’s safety.

3. Make DIY laundry soap to keep your kid’s clothes free from stain– One of the hardest part of being a parent is washing the clothes of your family, especially the clothes of your kids because it is more prone to any kind of stains. It will take time for you to remove that stain which is quite tiring. In order for you not to suffer removing that stain, try to make a DIY laundry soap which keeps your kid’s clothes free from any kind of stains. All you need to do is to mix up all of the following ingredients: dishwashing soap, hydrogen peroxide, and baking soda. With that materials, worry no more with regards to your kid’s clothes. You can now proudly say “Goodbye stain!”

4. Put your baby’s pacifier to a clean container– One of the most essential thing that a baby should have is a piece of pacifier as it gives them satisfaction. However, infants do not suck it all the time that is why it needs to be kept in a clean container to avoid bacterium contamination. Of course, you don’t want that to happen that is why you should avail a small container for your baby’s pacifier. If you don’t want to spend money for that, you still have one more option. You can use sauce containers that you have recently availed in a fast-food restaurant, but make sure that you have washed it well.

5. Use a glue stick to prevent your kid from slipping on the floor– Your attention does not always lie to your kid that is why you need to make sure that she is safe even though you are busy doing other chores. In line with this, you need to put glue on your kid’s slipper to make sure that she will not slip on the floor. Once you have finally done this, you will not get nervous anymore about any accidents that are in line with slipping.

6. Use a cupcake liner when your kid is eating an ice cream on a popsicles stick– During summer, most kids love eating ice cream, which is a little bit messy especially when the ice cream started to melt. In response to this, the melted part of the ice cream flows down to your kid’s hand which results of a sticky hand. If you don’t want that to happen, all you need to do is to attach a cupcake liner to your kid’s popsicles to avoid having sticky hands.

7. Use a bed sheet to cover your child’s crib– One of the most common disease which involves mosquito is dengue. For your child’s immune system is not that strong yet, you need to be extra careful when it comes to this matter. To do that, cover the crib for your child with a sheet to keep her free from mosquito bites. Through that, you are rest assured that your child is safe from any disease carried by mosquitoes.

8. Use a plastic cup to enjoy fireworks without being harmed– During New Year’s Eve, kids love to light fireworks, which is quite dangerous. In fact, there are multiple reports about kids being wounded because of these harmful things. Due to this fact, you need to exert extra effort to make sure that your kid is safe. You will just need to put a plastic cup in her hand and stick the sparkle on that cup. As simple as that!

9. Use cookie cutters with different shapes– Most of the time, kids refuse to eat vegetables which are quite alarming. In order to make them eat this, you need to turn that food into something new. Try to use food cutters which come in different shapes in order to catch their attention. In that way, they will surely eat what you have prepared for them.

10. Use an empty bottle to make your faucet longer– Kids are having a hard time reaching the faucet to wash their hands. And to solve that matter, you can use any empty bottles that you have and attach it in the faucet to make it longer. Your kids will now reach it easily.

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